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  1. Golfbuddy sent me a RA return number I sent it back to golfbuddy and they sent it back to me. Now they don’t answer there phone number you have to leave a message that’s a joke. they so many complaints they don’t want to talk to you.

  2. My golf Buddy Voice 2 stopped working. Do you have a repair service to which I can mail the item for repair. I think I am out of warranty.

  3. My WT6 golf buddy watch died while I was on the golf course. I followed the warranty instructions to receive a Return Authorization Number and I have yet to receive a reply. How do I find my golf buddy ID number.

  4. My PT 4 will tell me to hook up to a usb cable when I get to the course. Of course I can’t. It will not allow me to reboot, shut it off or do anything it is useless until I get home and put the usb cable on it for up dates. Why can’t I bypass this until I get home. I played two days in a row put it on a charger when I got home. Went to a course the next day turned it on same thing. What is wrong?

  5. i have a golfbuddy world – turning on the unit i get a message ” the application Golfbuddy (processcom.decasys.g3) has stopped unexpectedly” unit will not turn on- any known fixes

  6. I am having an issue with my Golf Buddy Platinum concerning distance. I have called 3 times. My case # is 6201331. I have given 2 e-mail addresses to you to forward instructions via e-mail to resolve the problems with the GPS. Somehow they are not transmitting. Both my PC and I-pad have since received other messages. My spam and junk mail also show no messages from Golf Buddy?

    Please advise.


  7. I dropped my golf buddy and now all I get is fragments of the course I am playing. Is there a repair .? I am trying to recharge the battery. Is there anything I can do?

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