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  1. Your marketing leaves much room for improvement. The “add a friend” was very misleading. Please remove me from your mailing list !


  2. any luck changing your address?. We need to change ours and have not been receiving the magazine at all. Our subscription is supposed to be good until June 2017 !

  3. Why do you keep sending me e-mails and letters threatening me with this is your last chance, this is your last chance to subscribe. STOP ALREADY, or this is your last chance to keep me as a customer.It is March and I’m paid up until June. I will renew in April or May at my choosing not yours. An be advised we have spoken last year at this time because of situations where on two different occasions I never received my monthly magazine. I didn’t really blame your people because mail around here is sometimes slow. So please stop treating me like I’m an idiot. I am well aware of my status.


    Gibby Lewis

  4. I appreciate the constant mail asking me to subscribe to other magazines. Even though I do not want any of them it is becoming increasing difficult to pass up the inducement of a $1.32 watch.

  5. How Joe Passov could publish a list of the 5 best golf retirement locations in the US (September 2015) and omit Pinehurst is absolutely bewildering. I understand that this is subjective by definition, but, come on. Austin, Texas not Pinehurst or Palm Beach, Florida not Pinehurst. Surely, you’re kidding. Pinehurst is probably the very best golf retirement spot in the country. Nine courses associated with the Pinehurst Resort, plus Pine Needles, Mid-Pines, The Dormie Club, Southern Pines, Tobacco Road; the list is unending. And, an almost no crime environment, great restaurants, local culture and educational facilities and proximity to Raleigh and Charlotte. What were you thinking, Joe?

  6. I renewed thinking all those tips on my device would be great. First time I try to use it, I am told it don’t work with windows 8 devices. Why not make something that works on all 3 platforms not just the 2 currently most popular ones??? What a way to discriminate.

  7. I downloaded the Digimarc app, but the pictures won’t work. what am I doing wrong? Is there a certain part of the picture that has to scaned?

  8. I am very disappointed that Golf Digest has decided to allow sex to sell their magazine! I hope that you will consider the young boys who are receiving your magazines. Stirring up sensual desires is defrauding to both men and women. I hope you will consider the negative, long term affects seductive pictures of half dressed women can have on men and not just care about making money.

  9. Stop sending the threatening “last chance” to subscribe notices. I have already renewed, three months prior to my subscription expiration date.

  10. One of the main reasons I subscribed to your magazine was the best golf courses state by state. You did not have that this year. You had the best in the world, and the best in the country, but i liked comparing state by state. Will you be bringing that feature back? If not, I probably won’t renew.

  11. I wonder if the infamous Tiger Woods Masters ruling can be in part blamed on golf’s arcane rules. Why is it that his drop, i.e. the rule, has to be as close as possible to the previous shot when the player has taken a penalty shot? In all other cirstuffstances when there is a penalty shot the ball can be dropped either within two club lengths, or taken further back from the previous shot on a line between the ball and the pin. What is the reasoning that the ball has to be dropped as close as possible to the previous ball position?

  12. Just wondering what the odds on getting a hole in one on ones birthday??. Happened to me yesterday on a 170 yard downhil #6 East at Nemadji in Superior Wi. with an 8 iron. Had a couple before but its been likwe 25 years since the last. Technically I was 62 turning 63 later that day as I recall my time of birth?!?!?!

    Don’t know if this is where to ask but thought I’d give it a shot. (no pun inteneded)

  13. Question: has there ever been any serious discussion about having all players use the same ball? It seems to me kind of strange that a player has to go out there and compete under conditions that allow each player to select and use his own equipment (clubs, balls, etc.) unlike just about any other sport.

    Soccer, baseball, basketball, football (except the Patriots) etc etc. all use the same equipment especially the same ball.

    Baseball bats and hockey sticks are perhaps the most notable exceptions and comparable to golf in that respects but shouldn’t there be some consideration for making it a more even playing field?

  14. I have not received my February issue. It is January 16 and the issue has been on the newsstand eleven days.

    If I do not receive it by tomorrow I will buy the magazine and hope that you will extend my subscription one month.

    t recently renewed my subscription after a series of increasingly strident reminders and am now sorry I did unless subscription service improves dramatically.

  15. I sent in my $20.00 to renew my subscription on 8-5-14 for 9-14-14. GM closed my subscription and lost my account number. If I ever get this mess straightened out- I’m canceling everything with you people. What kind of business are you running?

  16. My bucket list is to play golf in all 50 states I have played 45 states, leave Sept. 24 to play my last 5 MT, WY,ND,SD, and WI. I am a 69-year-old women. Could this be a story for you?

  17. Comment on golfing at the Kiahwa island south carolina. we have golf there 1 year ago like it and made plans to get married there returning in april 2014 to finalize plans.while there i lost my Check book at Cougar point golf coarse call them looking for it they had not seen it told us to call the Santuary Hotel and resort lost and found policy is anything lost is turn in to them we where told. they didnt have it we continue to worry and look for it for another day. No luck we left headed bacck to Mich. to handle the lost check book and cancel accounts on monday.tuesday we recieve a e mail fromthe PNC bank in S.C. that the guard shack has by check book and to call them. calling them we question who turn in and when and employee from Cougar and Saturday night the day was lost. Ask why not turn into the Santuary they dont work for them or with them. Ask why not call number on check book couldnt find a supervisor to ok. ask to mail back they said no i need come back with I/D only way. Ask to turn into PNC bank said no they need my I/D after calling several people looking for help to recieve nothing happen .return Mid May for wedding at Ocean coarse took 3 days to still get check book which was cancel.Wedding at ocean coarse was the worst service very bad under staff Dinner was so late Band was worry if be serve before 11 pm when they stop. Guess where going inside to purchase food .wedding cake was drop and destroy by cake maker got money back. ocean coarse didnt stay with there agreement flowers from the santuary not what was order and agree on did recieve money back for them. Bride was so upset the entire evening after taking 3 trips there to be sure everything was right using thwere wedding planner we check out first thing the following morning to never return there again.Sent them letters and they ignore all no response.

  18. I paid my subscription in full with a credit card, but never received the travel bag that was promised with full payment. When do I get the bag?

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