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  1. my subscription does not expire until 2020! your letter said it will expire 2018.Account GFMOO232086638,gift to Stuart k Garnett. You had no problem cashing check on 8, 1,2017!!! Can not reach anyone by the phone no. listed,busy busy! Very poor service

  2. Have not received my Golf Bag. Order was placed on 19 Nov 18. Renewed. Address: 124 Trailer Street, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428.

  3. Sent me a bag instead of a Golf Distance Finder when I signed up for the magazine!!! What’s up with that!!! Phone is busy when I try to call. Pathetic!!!

  4. I have moved my address and wish to have my subscription sent to my new address. Please contact me to have the subscription changed. jerk.

  5. I have a question for a pro . I have read several articles that say to move your ball up half a inch for the iron that you are using . Normally I center my ball in the middle of my stance for all irons .Which is the correct way of using your irons.

  6. I cannot buy your magazine any more. I have read it for years. Last one had 122 pages ,including the covers. I counted 97 pages of advertising. Maybe some readers don’t mind , but I do.

  7. I just received my Golf magazine for this month (2-6-2014). The front cover had a warning that I was about to lose my subscription. I paid by check on 1-6-2014 for and annual subscription. What gives?

  8. I think I know where one of your guy’s subscription went. I’m receiving two now. and I’m not sure if they didn’t add on to my account’ and instead, started another account with my wife’s name. so now I’m trying to get it straighten out.I’m also not having much luck, but reading your comments, I seam more incline to just let my subscription run out, and not to renew. !!!

  9. Thought has golf enthusiasts you might appreciate a little golf humor.

    Tee Box Fever A Study by Dob Steckelberg

    In the cold country when spring arrives and the weather starts turning warm there looms the danger of a serious disease that affects a certain part of the population. By appearances this group is somewhat deranged anyway so it is difficult to establish if the problem stems from the weather, a virus or something demonic.

    The onset of the symptoms present when these people go into a daze as if they are dreaming of something they cannot quite grasp. They imagine a greenish haze spreading out before them and experience little white spots dotting their vision. Some of those spots appear to be perched on little posts while others are flying off into space; some to the left, some to the right. The few that fly straight down the middle of the haze cause great excitement.

    As the sickness worsens these people commence to hallucinating that they might be capable of controlling the trajectory and direction of those white spots with a bag of strange magic sticks. Some convince themselves that by swinging mightily with those sticks that they can move the spots great distances forward, but soon discover that effort usually results in incredible right or left arching trajectories of the spots.

    They envision those little spots landing and rolling in the green haze before them. However, sometimes the spots land in a bluish haze creating little concentric circles before disappearing forever. Others burrow like clams into something that looks like a great sandy beach. Still others disappear into a thick forest that cleverly hides the white spots or deposits them at the base of a tree trunk with the white spot nestled snuggly between root mounds. Some white spots seek shade under the low branches of an evergreen. A few spurt off to either side of their vision – lost forever.

    The fevered picture themselves on a smooth green carpet, standing motionlessly over a white spot with magic stick in hand and delude themselves into believing that with a single stroke of the stick the spot will roll forward and disappear into an abyss. They become quite agitated when that does not happen as planned and discover that sometimes it takes two, three, four, or more attempts with the stick before the spot disappears into the abyss.

    They become so deluded that they mathematically deduce the number of times they believe their stick should strike a white spot before they awake from their dream state. They picture themselves meeting, or even more incredibly, falling under a special “target” number. More often than not they discover it takes more strikes of their magic sticks then they had contemplated. Sometimes the number of strikes becomes almost incalculable which greatly distresses them.

    This disease intensifies as the season progresses, but interestingly the symptoms start to lessen as leaves start falling from the trees. Once the winds turn bitter the symptoms begin to disappear all together. It seems the fever goes into dormancy during this time. However, be warned, it will come back as powerful as before once the snow melts and green haze appears again. People living in warmer climates seem not to experience the severity of these symptoms.

    One should be encouraged to avoid Tee Box Fever as the stress it creates on one’s system is quite severe. However, for those already stricken there is not much that can be done except endeavor to temper the hallucinations and spend time with the wizard of the green haze who will attempt to guide them in proper techniques for accurately waving their magic sticks. In the new season ahead delusions of unparalleled success will once again ensnare them.

  10. I order the subscription to Golf Magazine with a card that offered a free distance finder with paid subscription. I have just received my third copy of the monthly magazine, but have not yet received the distance finder. Please up. My name is John Bardoni, zip code 29909. Thank you.

  11. Every year i get billed for he following years renewal many months in advanced, at least six months. I have in the past and again this year told you I will my subscription due in March 2014. I also tall you I will NOT pay until probably December 2013. You continue to mail me notices to renew.

    Yes you computers send notices, however YOU can tell the computer NOT to keep sending me notices. Again I am telling you on account 0730969417 I will renewal but not to bill me until December 2013. This is a plain as I can make it. Stop sending me notices I will pay in plenty of time for renewal and I have told you I will renew so you can keep printing my issue.

  12. A recent article in one of our local newspapers caught my eye. The article states that one of the four Canadians(first name-George) on the international selection panel for GOLF Magazine’s “Top 100 Courses” rankings in the United States and worldwide contacted the Niagara Frontier Country Club in Youngstown, NY by email to visit and review their course on behalf of Sport’s Illustrated GOLF Magazine.

    The article, written by the grounds chairman at the course, went on to say that this panel member raved about the course calling it a “hidden gem”.

    Having played the course during the last 20 years, I find it interesting to understand how a panelist picks out a couse to “visit”. Will a future article in GOLF Magazine mention this visit or do these visits happen all the time with no future mention in the magazine?

    I would love to hear from somebody to confirm this visit/story.

  13. I love your annual top 100 review and the wrap up on architects. One criticism is that the photograph you show for Harry Colt is actually of Willie Park, Jr. who has 3 courses on the top 100.

    Colt designed the new course at Sunningdale, and was the Secretary of the club when Willie Park, Jr. designed the old course. So you may be heavy on the cudos for Colt on that one.

    Having said this, the tally for Colt without credit for the Old course is stll correctly stated at 7.

  14. AS a long time subscriber.I was just wondering why i have to let my subscription expire and then start it again to get the free items that you offer new subscribers? Why not just send one for being a long long time subscriber?

  15. There suddenly appear to be many “Swing Analyzer” devices on the market at very reasonable prices ($100~$300). Is Rob Sauerhaft (Equipment Editor) working on any kind of review of these devices as he does for clubs? It would be very useful if your subscribers knew more about these devices and which (if any) are actually useful. A testing format similar to that used for clubs (i.e. Golfers of different handicaps try out the devices and provide input on ease of use, value of information and ultimately, the score-reducing potential of using such a device).

  16. InyourMay issue you have an ad for and a phone number. Attached is a $750.00 gift card that is stated to be prepaid and to be used as a debit card. However the web site is not available and neither is the phone number????Would like to receive an explanation or cure for the problem. Thank you for your response. Will look at my Email for a solution.

  17. You all probably have’nt received your paid subscriptions because I keep getting golf magazines that we never requested! I send back the post card with BIG BOLD PRINT stating, not interested, never subscribed, not even golfers! But the magazines still keep coming! I’ve tried calling and end up w/a language barrier! Going to attempt an email today. But I don’t have time for opening accts and setting up another password! What happened to simplicity! The cover on the renewal magazine states that we need to activate the acct to renew the subscription, but I know better because it has been coming for 2yrs along w/ESPN and Mens Health. We never read magazines!!!

  18. I wish you would have people from the USA take calls and have answers ………there must be people from the USA, looking for work ,that can speak good English, who can do this for you……I have paid for friends, to receive golf magazine, and they call me to find out where and when, they are going to receive it and it’s a pain, to call somebody for the answers, who can’t speak English good enough for an 83 year southern boy to understand ……….

    all I want to know is when ( what time of the month should we expect our magazine to be delivered )…..I’ll even take a week on one side or the other of a date ……..or ………..hire me for a short time to straighten out your problem ……..thanks .

  19. Just received a notice that my subscription has been canceled. My subscrition has been paid up till Jan. 2015. What gives???? I never have received a range finder.

  20. Response to PGA and Brandlee Chamblee

    Regarding the anchor putter and the long putter for that matter, the USGA is right and the Board of Directors of the PGA and Brandel Chamblee are wrong. They are wrong for several reasons and one of the most important is that advanced by Mr. Chamblee a double standard. Chamblee advocates the use of the anchor putter for amateurs. A double standard by it’s very name is abhorred across the board in all we do because it creates and implies unfairness. This is the opportunity for the governing bodies in golf, the USGA and the PGA, to standardize the game of golf and maintain the integrity of the sport. Everyone knows and identifies golf as a club held in one’s hands to hit a ball that is stationary. That is golf. Those that use the “cheater club” do so because they can not compete with holding a club with their two hands. Contrary to the opinion of the PGA board of directors, the use of the club is an advantage for those that play with the anchor and long putter for without it, those individuals can not compete.

    Submitted by Paul Yamin

    Daytona Beach, Fl 32124

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