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GolfLogix, Inc. Corporate Office Headquarters
Suite 100A
15685 N. Greenway-Hayden Loop
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

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37 Replies to “GolfLogix”

  1. I am still trying to learn my golflogic app! Do I enter when I am in greenside or fairway bunker? How do I enter chips? When do I enter track club and number? when does it record club distance and accuracy? How do I get access to videos? It is 10:40 on Thursday and I get voice recording your offices are closed, what is up?

  2. I have the same problem. Upgraded my smart phone and Logix app didn’t transfer.

    Now, I’m listed as a new customer. Can’t get any help from Logix. Don’t remember password

    from first joining.

  3. Would like to know if the 50% deal for 9.99 is a monthly service or a one time deal.I have your free app allready installed, would like to upgrade.

  4. I tried to download a course on my GolfLogix Garmin gps and it said I had too many courses loaded or my subscription ran out. I’ve had this gps for many years and I don’t ever remember paying or getting a subscription. What is the problem??????????

  5. I have a GolfLogix Garmin 12 channel and it holds 10 golf course maps.

    I need to substitute 3 courses. I do not recall my membership password

    or how to get into GolfLinx on my Imac 10.7 to download the courses.

  6. My Golflogix unit by Garmin could not locate satellites this season. A rep from Golflogix assisted me in resetting the unit. I was told to turn it on and leave it in a secure area for 6 hours. I was THEN told that if it didn’t work then, it was useless. I was told they would give me a special deal. How do I contact them? No phone number to talk to a live person is a bummer.

  7. I have a GolfLogix account and have changed my cell phone to an iPhone5. When I try to log in and add the app to my new phone, the golflogix system doesn’t find my e-mail address. When I try to register as a new account, it tells me that the e-mail address already has an account. I also want to change to a champions member. Please help me.

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