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Good Housekeeping’s rich editorial tradition embodies a commitment to the modern home and to a woman’s quality of life. The Good Housekeeping Seal is an American icon of consumer protection and quality assurance.

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543 Replies to “Good Housekeeping Magazine”

  1. I have requested at least 3 times for this magazine to be cancelled .

    Please cancel subscription #0515286326. I do not have time to read the magazines.
    Thank you ,

  2. I paid my subscription of $15.00, on 12/18/18 for my next 2 year subscription for GoodHousekeeping with Check #9614. This has not cleared my bank yet as of 12/31/18?
    Today (12/31/18) I received a invoice from you for $15.00 which has been paid as mentioned above. Please credit my account # 1275584504. Maybe the mail is slow or your processing is behind but take care of it. Thank you
    John Strick

  3. Comment after comment says you are committing fraud, so many customers being charged illegally, including me and no way to reach your customer service by phone or otherwise. You should be ashamed. You did not credit my account like you said you would and now I have an overdue account with late fees. I hope everyone wakes up to your fraudulent ways and your book goes bankrupt.

  4. I have received a magazine I have never ordered. Do not send me any more.This Good Housekeeping Mag.must belong to someone else.Please do not bill me.

  5. On page 132 of the nov goodhouskeeping magazine your food editor states to discard the giblets of the turkey recipe. WHY ? You can either put it in the stuffing or just roast in the turkey. Such a waste.,

  6. I have not received a copy of Good Housekeeping Magazine since May 2018. My subscription should be good until May 2019. My #GHK0225378090. can you please inform me of what is going on. I enjoy your magazine.

  7. I am very frustrated with your phone service! I have been trying to contact someone to change my address because we are going to Florida for the winter, and I can’t seem to talk to a person. they keep telling me that my number is not valid, but thats my number for years. I will cancel if this is going to happen everytime I call. My Number is until next Friday!!

  8. I do not want these magazines. I sent in my payment and wrote cancel!!!! I never ordered these magazines. So DON’T SEND ANy MAGAZINES Or BILLS!!!! Account number 1001755766

  9. Please do not send me any more Good Housekeeping magazines! I have tried to cancel several times, but

    they just keep coming. Cancel immediately!

  10. I notice a charge of $34.97 on my bank transactions and I did not authorized that charge. TAKE THAT CHARGE OFF MY ACCOUNT ASAP. I will contact my bank regarding this charge. You people cannot do this and I will be reporting this behavior to NC Attorney General.

  11. I entered a contest on Facebook to win a kitchen makeover and found out it was a scam to get subscriptions for your magazine. I do not want a subscription to Good Housekeeping, don’t bother sending me a subscription or a bill because I will return it to you via the post office at your expense. Again, do not send me a magazine and shame on you for tricking people into ordering your magazine.

  12. I did not want to renew my subscription but see a charge for Good Housekeeping for $34.97. Please cancel my subscription and refund my money

  13. please cancel my subscription, I have sent you a cancel my order last year dated 8-23-2017 and I still receive the magazine…. I hope you do not charge my acct.

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