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Good Housekeeping’s rich editorial tradition embodies a commitment to the modern home and to a woman’s quality of life. The Good Housekeeping Seal is an American icon of consumer protection and quality assurance.

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  1. I have been your customer for 61 years and good house keeping has been my favorite magazine. Every time I received a notice to renew my prescription I did so immediately. For the last 2 years your book keeping dept. has been sending me 2 magazines per month. You billed me twice in 1 year for 1 year prescription that’s why I was getting 2 magazines each month. This happened 2 years in a row. Therefore you owe me 24 copies. I never knew how to contact you until I got your recent note. Hope you can correct this matte. Kindly respond.

  2. I keep receiving invoice from subscription service that my good standing is at risk. My subscription does not expire until 7/17. Please stop this harassment.

  3. Called customer service to obtain renewal rate per their website for new subscriptions. Customer service rep was very nice and helpful. Finding the telephone number to call was not easy.

  4. Like many others, I keep getting renewal notices, yet I don’t anything. This is very frustrating. Then to find a telephone number is even worse. Once I found the number I was on hold for approximately 45 minutes.

  5. 11-9-15

    I just called customer service for an address change. I was pleased that not only did you change the address for my Good Housekeeping magazine, you also automatically changed it for my Country Living magazine. Thank you for your excellent service. I wish you had a section to just post onto for address changes.

  6. (I sent the following letter via Certified Mail/return receipt that it was signed for/received 2/8/2016.)

    February 5, 2016 I received your correspondence (dispatch date 01/28/16) stating that my

    “…order for Good Housekeeping (GH) remains unpaid.”. Further, it states:

    “Unfortunately, we will have to discontinue your service if we do not receive your payment immediately. However, if you pay promptly, your service will not be interrupted.”

    Payment to renew my existing paid subscription is indicated due — 02/25/16 — in the sum of $15.97. Upon scanning through your most recent magazine, no Customer Service telephone number is indicated; none is advertised on your web site, thus this Certified Mail letter.

    My current subscription for the print edition of GH (monthly) is paid in full through April 2017.

    This is the second notification by mail that you threaten to discontinue service unless I pay promptly.

    To stop this ongoing harassment, please consider this my formal notification to you that I am now cancelling my paid subscription for this publication, effective immediately, and wish to be reimbursed for the remaining balance of my paid subscription through April 2017. Thank you.–

    Now, May 16, 2016 GHK mailed a “Rate Adjustment” invoice/statement for $7.77. I finally located an actual PHONE NUMBER and called near 12:11PM (CST) 1.855.552.5590 — spoke w/ a “JAMES” who stated he was located in Washington, D.C. After being on hold a few minutes, he explained he would have his Supervisor return my phone call within 10 minutes. It’s 12:31PM and I seriously doubt I will receive a call from anyone, much less a Supervisor in CS. I cancelled my magazine subscription via written correspondence, via return invoicing and simply want to be reimbursed for the remaining balance of my subscription (paid through APRIL of 2017). This is fraud.

  7. Good Housekeeping magazine, So hard to get through to you,why is that? All I wan’t is to cancel my subscription,I’t shouldn’t be that hard, now should I’t? anyway that being said, I would like to cancel my subscription and I do not wan’t I’t to be renewed with out my consent,If you can do that I would appreciate that very much. Thank you so much for taking care of this,

  8. looks as if we are not the only ones getting multiple mags……………cancel account # 88888 for Lytton library…………….CANCEL IT PLEASE! what is the balance due on acct #8888 for Lytton library? you would think with all this “great technology” it would be easy to see if more than one copy is going to the same address…………please………………….just another rip-off. Lytton public library.

  9. I received a renewal letter. It shows my subscription expires July 2017. I don’t intent to renew this subscription so

    please cancel the subscription. If the paperwork is correct, I should be receiving this magazine until July 2017. I am not sending any additional monies. I called your 1-800 number, had contact only with a robot non-human. After going through all of the “Press This or Press That”, I finally hung up. I have no respect for a business that uses the robot non-human, instead of humans.

  10. Your continuing subscriptions and sending billing when you were notified by via telephone that I did not want to renew the subscription to Good Housekeeping is dishonest to me. I do not want this magazine and will not send any payment period under these conditions. The account number is GHK1436855918/1#.

  11. Please CANCEL my pending subscription to your magazine. You sent me an offer of a two-year subscription for $11.98 which I thought was quite reasonable. Now you sent me another invoice for $7.77 more. I don’t get it???? Please REFUND my $11.98 immediately. I think you are guilty of FALSE ADVERTISING.

  12. All my magazine subscriptions with “continuous service” will be cancelled. This is a shoddy cheat. Especially when , initially, it was not part of starting subscription! Then why is it that “current price” that Corporation wants it renewed at is gouging, and a few times over the original price. No longer ready to pay for the advertising that takes up most of the printed paper. By the way…on the insert cards, as well as online, price is $7.97 not $19.97 that you say is “now due”, as there appears to be a few months left until experation. I think customers will rethink any and all magazine subscriptions going forward.

  13. Talk about rude people and a conniving business. I sent in my renewal for the year and received a letter saying I needed to send in my payment ASAP. I sent the payment stub back saying I paid and to check their records. Got a letter back saying I didn’t pay. Sent a copy of the returned check and was told it was for a neighbor (Oh, now I did pay???) and I should send both sides of the returned check which my bank does not do-only a photo copy. (Now I’m not only a thief but also a liar.) Sent a copy of the returned check (3rd time) and said I was DONE and to send me back my $7.47 and a copy of their record on my account—AGAIN! Guess what???????? I got neither a copy of their record, a name of whom I was dealing with nor a phone #, but lucky me, I got $2.66 back. What an insult to a PAYING customer. Good Housekeeping should definitely do an article about consumer fraud and use their magazine as a prime example. By the way minus ten (-10 )stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to put the customer first and make good on your part of the deal! NOT!


  15. My mom had ordered Dr Oz magazine and ended up receiving Good Housekeeping magazine as well. She never ordered it and has been charged for it for the second subscription. Last time I sent back the payment slip with CANCEL THIS WAS NEVER ORDERED all over it. Now mom has received another subscription for Good Housekeeping magazine and she told me to tell them she “does not want the F_____g magazine, don’t send her any more or she is calling a lawyer”

  16. Good Housekeeping magazine is usually good never a problem till now. I did not renew my subscription, they had the nerve to send me a notice that my account had been suspended for non-payment. Well duh if I wanted to renew I would have sent the check in. Now this notice says to settle my obligation with them. Well, Good Housekeeping there is NO OBLIGATION to you. Obviously, no payment means I didn’t want to renew my subscription this year.

  17. I use to love getting my magazine in the mail every month.. loved everything about it . haven”t read it for a few years when my sister gave me a new subscription.. Was I ever disappointed… all that was in it was ads.. I know that is how you get your money .. but my gosh, every page ? where is the short story? where is the story about the front cover person ? I couldn’t find any thing in the whole magazine that held interest for me. I’m sorry you changed. I will ask my sister not to renew it for me again. waste of her money

  18. I am a subscriber and am getting two of the same good housekeeping magazines. can’t find a phone number to correct the problem. I heard others have that problem also I will not subscribe again goodbye.

  19. Your so called customer “service” is a joke. You do not give a phone # and one must be a detective to find it. Once I called I sat on “hold” forever.. I guess you figure people will just give up and go away. I was trying to a get a subscription fixed. I paid for two years but when it came, I had only received credit for one. I do not think this is an accident since almost every magazine I subscribe to tries to get away with this. I guess you hope customers won’t notice and you’ll just get twice the money. I want it fixed.

  20. I didn’t order this magazine but received it as compensation when LHJ folded. I never wanted it and still don’t. I am 87 years old living in a senior nursing residence, nearly blind and have no house to keep so the magazine is useless and yet you keep billing me. Cancel please and stop dunning me.

  21. I had been subscribing to Good Housekeeping for a couple of years but decided not to renew my subscription this year to any of the magazines I’ve been receiving. So, I did not renew my subscription. Once my subscription ran out, I received a bill in the mail with an invoice for a subscription renewal that I did not order. The following month, I received an additional invoice in the mail with no date that the invoice was sent, no phone number to reach customer service, no start date of the invoice nor an end date of the invoice. So, I returned the invoice with a note that it must have been sent in error as I did not renew my subscription. The following month I received another invoice and at that time, I sent a letter attached to the invoice stating that “I do not want to renew my subscription. This is the second time I’ve notified you of this. Please discontinue sending me invoices.” Today, I received another invoice stating that when I renewed my subscription, I agreed to the CONTINUOUS SERVICE PROGRAM, which I did not. Again, no date of the invoice, no customer service number, and no dates of the invoice timeline to which I supposedly signed up for. I am returning this invoice to you again tomorrow with another letter stating I did not sign up for this nor do I want any further magazines sent to my home. I will be returning any future mailings from Good Housekeeping that I receive via RETURN TO SENDER. I have the benefit of legal representation through my employer, and if I receive another invoice or magazine sent to me, I will be contacting my attorney and the Better Business Bureau to make them aware of what I believe to be a very fraudulent method to increase your sales.

  22. Thank heavens for this website! I had been looking for quite awhile for a phone number to talk to this company about my renewal status. I have been getting notices in the mail saying I owed them money and I clearly had not renewed or requested to renew this magazine. I looked at my label and it showed an August 2015 expiration date so I could not figure out how I owed them any money. The phone number provided a quick and easy way to straighten out my problem. They had auto-renewed my subscription in March! I canceled my subscription and they were very nice about it.

  23. I somehow ended up with a subscription to Good Housekeeping. I paid the bill, but still have not received one issue. I ordered your magazine before and only received every other issue, so I canceled the order. I decided to give you another chance, but I see nothing has changed.

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