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Good Housekeeping’s rich editorial tradition embodies a commitment to the modern home and to a woman’s quality of life. The Good Housekeeping Seal is an American icon of consumer protection and quality assurance.

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  1. AT this point I won’t even give you a rating. I paid my bill on August 9th and have the cancelled check to prove it. I even sent you a copy of my cancelled check. I am still getting bills from you. I refuse to pay anymore and I really don’t care if you send me any more copies of your magazine. I will NEVER purchase it again.


  2. I paid my subscription bill of $24.95 in September and am still getting bills. However, the latest one is for $7.77 for a years subscription! Big difference. This happened last year also. I have been getting this magazine for over 35 years and it is ridiculous to me to be charged $24.95 if I pay early and $7.77 if I wait a couple of months to pay it. Makes no sense to me. And why am I still receiving bills 2 months after I renewed? This may be the last year I subscribe if they can’t get this billing issue resolved! Interesting to see that others are having similar issues with billing.

  3. reference your e-mail, October 14, 12;36 PMI had previously reported that I had received two copies of he same magazine. ou stated that the matter had been referred to customer service. Apparently they have not aken action to correct the matter, as I received a mailing today (2 copies) of the current magazine. When will customer services take action to correct this matter? Lewis (Lew) Purcell, lewpurxcell@ The magazine is addressed to

    Mrs. Lewis

  4. I sent letters twice canceling the Good Housekeeping magazine and they sending me a bill for a new subscription. I regret ever subscribing to the Good House Keeping.

  5. I have just talked with a representative from Hearst magazines, for Good Housekeeping, and was informed that if you renew via the internet, you automatically agree to be put on the auto renewal list. I have twice told them that this is not what I want. I just want people to be aware of this. They say to read the small print! After 60 years, I will end my subscription when this new one expires. How sad!

  6. I requested the one free issue. I received it, cancelled it, and then started receiving collection notices. Now mind you, I sent each collection paper back stating I cancelled it and did not owe. But GH kept sending collection papers. They never included a phone number on the papers. I finally looked up the number on line and see a ton of reviews from other people who had the same problem. They finally cancelled “my so called subscription” (that I never agreed to),but I will never recommend GH to ANYONE! What a joke!

  7. I enter you sweepstakes dily. However, I can’t find two of them: “Treat Yourself to a Makeover” and “New Year Cash.” Have they both ended?


  9. I am getting invoice notices which I do not understand. On the invoice for 39.94 you only list Amy Gartner. There should be two additions, Nancy and Sue Davis. Once the names and the amount is clearfied, I will submit the payment. I hope you can take care of this immediately, as I do not want to miss a issue. Thank you

  10. I have received several notices that I owe Good Housekeeping, only I never ordered the magazine. They say I marked something and said “bill me later” but I don’t do that,

    so now they send me a bill marked credit and collections department for 14.97. I am

    not sending any money. I hate the magazine is having such financial problems.

  11. I did not renew subscrption and still getting threatening letters to pay the bill. I Did not renew this and you will never get another penny from me.

  12. How do I get an address that is not mine off your mailing list? I have asked before and was told it would be taken care of. Still the letters keep coming to my place of employment which is not good. I will be waiting for an answer.

  13. I have received two copies of Good Housekeeping magazine. I called 1-800-888-2665. It was automated but quickly connected me to a person who could help me. I told my husband to renew it when he filled out the bills and the computer put his name in as a new customer. Becky was pleasant,professional, helpful,and took care of the problem. Try the above number and hopefully receive the help I did!i

  14. I mailed a check for two year subscription plus a tote bag, on 5-31-13. I received the tote bag, but no magazines yet on 9-12-13. Looks like I’m another who paid for nothing.

  15. I seem to be one of many above me that are unsatisfied with Good Housekeeping!!!! What is going on? Why are you billing me for a subscription I never agreed to?

  16. I am very disappointed in an article in Goodhousekeeping’s July,2013. Never would I have expected to see such trash as “BAD” by Val Frankel in a magazine that I had always respected. I feel very sure that I am not the only person who feels as I feel.

    The things suggested in her article are not only disgusting, they are suggestions leading to sinfulness. Never should a person think only of how to make one’s self feel better.

    Maybe I have been mistaken to expect better from Goodhousekeeping. I hope not.

  17. All the above is happening to me also.Sent letter telling them that I see the check that was cashed by them in my online banking,but still getting notices to pay again.

  18. I tried the promotion subscription well over a year and a half ago. After that I Called and cancelled it, as I did not like it. Now I get a letter from a collection for a $7.00 pmt. In the past year I not only cancelled, but have not received any more magazines. so why are they sending a collection notice.. I have no intentions of paying for something I cancelled. and will not only call them at tell them that , but will report them to the BBB and FTC. if any more notices hit my mailbox. NICE DISFUNCTIONAL Company GH. Best get your staff to take a 101 coarse on keeping proper records..

    and please don’t email me.

  19. I order Good Housekeeping in July 2013. Check dated, 7/28/2013 Good Housekeeping cashed my check on July 30th, 2013. Still have not reieved a magazine as of yet or the tote bag that I was susposed to get when I placed the order. And the deal was buy 2 years of the mag for a cheaper price. Which I did! But, what good is it if you don’t get your magazine? What a rip off. And have not heard anything about when the magazine will be coming. If they cash your check, they could at least let you know when you will be getting your magazine and tote.(or if you will?) Wouldn’t you think?

  20. to Good housekeeping magazine: attention!! I received a bioll for $13.97 for magazines that I did not order. If you do not straighten this out, I will contact the attorney generals office to report this FRAUD.

  21. I received an amt. of $35.00 in my checking account for a renewal for Good Housekeeping. I am paid up through 2016…how and why are you charging me this amount? I want you to credit this amt. back to my acct. Otherwise, I will cancel my subscription.

  22. Do not get involved with Subcribers services.. They are ( to me) very

    Unreliable rip off Co . Don’t order they do not send magazines that

    You order !!!

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