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Music phone support an order number from Google Music is required.

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  1. I was charged $9.99 on my checking account for something I never ordered. I don’t even know how they got my checking account information.

  2. I initiated a 30-day trial membership in Google Music. I tried to cancel the service just before the 30-day trial was up. I called a number I found somehow online to make sure it was canceled because Google did not respond online. The man on the other end assured me that it was cancelled. (I should have written a date, name, and phone number.) I was billed anyway. I put in a dispute with my bank. This month, they billed me again. My bank usually posts a phone number when they post a charge to my account. There has been no phone number on my bank statement. They don’t have a number for me to contact Google Music, either. I would like to have my funds returned to my bank and my account for Google Music closed. This is ridiculous!!! I would not recommend them to anyone!!!

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