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Google voice is by invitation only while it is in beta. Their customer service is by help forum only.

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  1. i am trying to get ahold of gvm people ive had this gvm for months and it still isnt working right i cant play the voice mails and half the time it dont give me a chance to answer i would like this service noton my phones ive tried to shut it off but my husband keeps trying to use it how can i or you delete our numbers from gvm 8019202916 and 3854051801 its getting very irratating please help

  2. Someone has used my cell phone number to set up a google voice account. I don’t want additional charges to my cell and I can’t delete it myself. What can I do.

  3. can you explain what you mean by this? i called them to find out why i am not getting calls to my google voice and they tell me there is suspicious activity? i cannot understand a lot of what she says to me and i don’t know if i am calling a legit place so i ask what i legally have a right to- to talk to someone in the US. she hangs up on me. is this company legit? how could there be suspicious activity with a google voice number? or maybe my email, but how can she look into my email?

  4. not able to receive google voice calls on phone. When I’m on the computer I can check the numbers but no text or voice messages. When I dial out it is using my other number not google voice number that I have. This is very frustrating.

  5. Why are my calls going to google voice-voicemail when I haven’t received any calls? My husband needs to know about his father’s health. Please allow my number to receive calls again. Please fix this!!!

  6. Use google voice because my underlying # is considered long distance from the jail.. My bf is doing some time. Unfortunately, the calls are so staticy with my google voice # that I can’t barely hear it. He’s constantly having to repeat himself so I can make out what he’s trying to say. GOOGLE, fix this!!!!!

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