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  1. I am trying to connect my HERO 3 to my laptop via the WiFI link.

    I keep getting a message looking for a security key.

    Where do I obtain this number from?

  2. I just bought a hero 3 white camera and need a user manual which wasn’t included in the box. Would you please send me a user manual booklet that I can carry with me. My address is PEWAUKEE, WISCONSIN 53072 Address to Frank Thanks and let me know if this will happen.

  3. When I connect my GoPro2 to my lap top is plays for a couple of seconds and the screen turns blue. Was told this was very bad for my computer. What should I do? Racing season starts in a month!

  4. I recently got the Hero 3 for xmas. I spent hours trying to educate myself how to use it, load the updates and learn what I could from utube videos and such. I took it with me on the trip of a life time to Zermatt, Switzerland skiing in hopes of getting some awesome footage. I got absolutely nothing. It kept freezing up on me. I would have to take the battery out to get it to respond, but it would repeat the same problem. I don’t know what was causing the problem. The cold? Anyway being out the country made it dificult to find a solution. I don’t know what the fix is and I don’t want to spend hours again trying to figure it out. Help! So dissapointed.

  5. I still need to update the firmware for my new Hero #. I’m on a mac with OS 6.5.8/. The firmware won’t download as the GoPro site says I need a Java update. But the Java site says Macs with the operating system just use a java from Apple and directs you to the Sofware Updates. I ran the software updates on my Mac but that didn’t fix the problem. How do I proceed with updating the firmware which the GoPRo literature says is requried before using.

  6. I bought my gopro and love it so I bought the wifi bacpac for the remote control I film my fishing and thought it would help me turn the camera on quicker but to my suprise I nor anyone else I’ve had help me can get it to work the updates are unbelievable hard to install finaly got the camera updated but thats it no luck with the wifi whats the deal does anyone know if gopro will update the camera for me If not i wasted a 100 bucks and would not recommend anyone buy this addition for your camera

  7. the wifi bacpac and remote is ridiculously hard to get set up,just to be able to use it. i am truly disappointed in this purchase from gopro. i warn everybody thinking of buying this product due to the complicated hours it takes to try to get it to work. i havent even gotten mine to work yet.

  8. I received my go pro as a gift for Christmas 2013, the case had a scratch on it, which after several complaints they finally sent me a new piece to replace it. Now after 8 months of using it, the unit will not turn on. I have tried everything that was suggested on youtube, etc. I emailed customer service and got a generated email saying I would get a response in 1 to 2 days. It is now day five. I am out of the country and planned on using this many times. I am so disappointed in customer service and my camera shutting down. I have spent a lot of money on accessories and now what to do?

  9. i have a new hero 4 eilver that wont charge. bought ne cord still nothing I feel like throwing it aginst the wall to get over it I’m so disapointed Is there a number I can call for help with this

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