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Great Call was created by people with real lives just like you, we understand the importance of being connected to friends, family.

Great Call USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

10935 Vista Sorrento Parkway Suite 200

San Diego, CA 92130

Corporate Phone Number: 1- 858-720-7500

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42 Replies to “Great Call”

  1. still no service or real help in activating ne smart phone 2
    last contact Brian D with no real contact email address to respond

    NEED Help or at least reactivate old flip phone so I can make calls to customer service

  2. I just got this phone for my husband, who sometimes wanders off. I was hoping the 5-Star feature would help locate him in an emergency, but from what I’ve read, he needs to press his 5-Star button to be located. I’ve read that an authorized person can call to initiate the GPS, but there are a LOT of different numbers listed as the one to call in case of an emergency. Can I get the ONE number to call to locate him? In an emergency situation I will not have the patience or time to dial all the numbers or rely on him pressing the button on his phone. This was supposed to be simple, but….

  3. Too “easy” to say you did not get mailed check. Once had check cleared 3 mos. later. two days until next bank statement. We sure got off on wrong foot.

  4. I bought the Jitterbug for my wife who has Alzheimer’s. She dialed the 5 star 4 times the first day by mistake. Is there someway to shut down the 5Star and just have the other phone services?

  5. I am requesting that my jitterbug phone account be cancelled. I requested this about 60 days ago and again about thirty days ago.
    Since then I keep getting harassing phone calls from jitterbug as
    well as annoying emails. I have a hearing problem and stay off of
    the phone as much as possible. Please respect my request and
    cancel this phone. Customer ID 1. The phone # to Cancel is

  6. My Great CAll device is not working. It will not hold a charge for an entire day. I have quit wearing it. Do you have one that fits as a bracelet or something smaller than the heavy one I wear around my neck. It is many years old. Surely you have a new design you can suggest for me. I am now 86 years old and really need to be weaing it daily. I have been paying for it each month and not getting any good out of it. Please suggest something better for me.


  8. I would like to know what to do I had one of your phones and it got gone and so i quite paying my bill i would like to have another phone if I can get one

    Thank u

  9. My cell phone is frozen

    The display screen is blank so can;t t charge

    mycell phone is frozen at 10 am..”””””””’

    my cell phone is frozen. at 10 am

    screen is black so I cannot try yo fix it

  10. I have a GREAT CALL

    All at once they cannot locate me.

    I call them the system was reset 4 times


    Should I try another company???

  11. my cell phone went dead with the blank white screen, and with it charging it still didnt do anything. what’s that? I am elderly and not too familiar with the programs very well. Need help asap.

  12. I called grear call after multiple x’s ….1stt when I got the phone ,As I was getting multiple calls for prvious user of the # .suggested I call all those calls and tell them I was NOT the person they were trying to contact.continued to do this for 6 months ,calls finally stiopped .every time I turned my phone on ,it would take 3-5 minutes to get reception. SOO finally decided to change services ,agent tried to convince me to stay .Replied no thanks …just want to get acct # to pass onto new company. I paid my bill up to date and she told me for being a loyal customer , I was to receive 1 month free.service would end on july 12th .I thanked her and said That would give me time to have my son replace the sim card as I was not sure how to do .once I received it the sim card from the new company .she agreed .Today after waiting several hrs waiting to have a relative call me for transportation from a hospital stay , I tire to call hospital and was told I needed a credit card to use the phone as my service had been terminated. called Great call and was told …could not do anything for me as my service was terminated !!! asked to speak to a manager ….none availabile, would have to make an appt with one .seeing as I had tto leave form hospital ,asked them to call me inn 2 hrs NOT possible .I would have to go the same route again to request a manager.and I was no longer considered their custumer. I am outraged at their lies ,indifferences and condescending attitude . I would NOT recommend this company to my worst enemy !!!!!! Be warned ..stay clear of them . I end with absolute disgust at their attitudes , condescending tones and no be allowed to talk to a manager !!! soo very sorry I ever got involved with them !!@!!

  13. my cell phone is out of order. I have people yelling into my phone to stop it. Someone got into my phone and calls keep coming . They are very impolite. I would like to turn it in and ask for a replacement.

    1. My cell phone shut down at 10 am. It is frozen at that date and time

      The display screen is blank and it will not charge


  14. I have had issues with the units I purchased for my parents. My Dads unit never properly held a charge and after returning the third one was charged 70 dollars plus 10 bucks for shipping. On top of that my moms unit was deactivated by me because she went to a nursing home and it was a day or so after the billing cycle and they didnt give any credit for the unused time. Nothing but trouble on this. I Cancelled the whole thing and feel they are CRAPPY! Try to call and get fowarded from person to person and have to explain all over again. Terrible when all you want is to help youre parents, The only reason I give one star is because there is nothing lower.


  15. I need advise how to get hooked up again The travel charger was involved in a accident & needs to be replaced. information for replacement:model k68-050100 ; input:100-240v-50/60 Hz

    150mA Max


    how much?

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