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MoneyPak works as a cash top-up card. You can use it to reload prepaid cards, add money to a PayPal account without using a bank account, or make same-day payments to major companies.

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  1. Bought a Moneypak card, gave the numbers to a family member over the phone to load to their PayPal acct., and found there was no money. I’ve been trying to get in contact with a real live customer rep, but there’s no option to speak to one. I know they have it in small print that they aren’t responsible for lost money. I just want to speak to a person to know where my money was loaded to. They keep sending me emails telling me to contact the police and they will cooperate. I really don’t see how the police can help, when these people will not give me the information. I feel I deserve to have them at least trace/track down my money, like you would a money order. I need to know if the cards were bad, or if someone was eavesdropping on our conversation. I feel they should at least give me the info since I have the original cards and receipts to prove I’m the owner/buyer. This has happened to me once before in the two years I’ve been buying these cards, which I buy on a monthly basis. The last time this happened, I was able to talk to a person and get some info about where my money went to. I don’t understand why they are ignoring my request now for assistance. Moneypak & Greendot gets two thumbs down and two middle fingers up. They are the scammers in my opinion.

  2. Got a money card yesterday the number was wrong i just put three hundred and sixty dollars card wounldnt work at all customer services called me giving me a refund hope i get the check after reading comments about green dot make me not want to buy dint want to have my money taken or another wasted card please fix the problems you having with cards cause i work hard for my money and to not have a card working is .bull crap mad as hell

  3. Call 626-765-2000 and select option #8. They will look for you faxes of required dostuffents and attach to existing claim for review.

  4. I wish I would have read this first. I have had a long weekend because of this company. With all of these complaints and the government still allow this company to exist. I purchased a money pay card when I didn’t need it to load to my green dot card. Now I am stuck two weeks in the whole waiting on a refund. craped, The customer service sucks, these women don’t have a clue and at as thought you are the dummy. But I think that’s the role they have been hire to play, because they don’t help. Someone please Investigate. these two companies, Green Dot and Money Pak.

  5. you can;t reach a live person. everyone that they have on there list refuse to take a GREENPAK[greendot] card BBB gives them a minus D

  6. Greendot moneypak is a big scam I lost 230.00 plus 4.95 twice by purchasing these cards. The 1800 number you are to called is answered by foreign people and they do not do what they say they will. Does anyone know how you can get your money back?

  7. I know its a scam it happened to me you need to go on the real website and punch in your card number and request a dispute in order to make an attempt to get your money back, I was skeptical at first hoping I didn’t get my card emptied. Make sure the site says secure at the bottom frauds do not have the a secure website, I was careless

  8. I think greendot is a scam all around. I bought a preloaded card ad when I scratched the number and tried to use it I was told that the number had already been used. I think I willcal a lawyer and bring a law suit against them since i can not talk to a live representative.

  9. Same thing as evetyone else. Numbers arent readable when you scratch off and “customer service” said he couldnt help and hung up on me 4 times. How any legitimate company like walmart or paypal has anything to do with them is beyond me! DO NOT BUY GREEN DOT

  10. now the new thing is, green dot and moneypack are two separate entities, which is total bull (even their webs sites are all but identical) they are both run by the same FDIC banks: go bank, greendot, Bonneville bank, all of which ARE all one bank, Greendot bank run by GREENDOT CORPORATION. Green dot refused to give me a number to moneypak cust. serv claiming they do not have this info. Moneypack does not provide any type of customer service. now my money is tied up a some useless paper card and to top it off because I have called greendot one too many times they are no longer allowing me to speak with a live representative. I did their “chat” service, the person behind that all but told me I just need to follow directions on the money pack site, like I’m some idiot who can’t follow simple directions. I asked why two companies that are clearly one would not provide me with a number where I may speak to someone; she closed chat on me. I know there is a good chance I may never see my money again, but, I’m going to make sure I tell everyone I know what a scam and headache this all is. maybe I should pull them all off the shelf and hide them behind some useless product in the stores that nobody ever that’ll show ’em.

  11. I cannot add money from the money pak card to my debit card for my husband to b able to eat he is a truckdriver and I cannot get to him

  12. I recently purchase a moneypak for $140, when I tried to load it it kept saying the text code was invalid, so when I call a number of a webdite(800-491-9735) the lady said that the card had been block from so many attempts. She ask me to purchase another one for the same amount and don’t scratch it off, call her back and then $280 would be put on my card. REALLY- how stupid does that sound. I then call number on the back of the card and it same the money had been used. So be careful about these different websites that is not the real moneypak. I then did a dispute online and now I’m waiting for an investigation. I’ve used ml Eula’s for years and have never any problems, so I’m really hoping that this is worked out soon.

  13. Green dot Money pack Wal-Mart Visa is nothing but a scam. The bank took my money and refused to give it to me. They keep telling me to wait until the 11th or the 15th in order to receive my money. I’m craped you try to put your trust in these banks but all that they do is scam you and tell you that your transaction is on hold bulls!! there is not money on hold there scamming the consumer’s. I will never use this card again ever!!!!!! stay away people please because the foreigners cannot help you they coach them to brush you off with lies. There need to be laws against this and someone to help all innocent consumers.

  14. Same thing as evetyone else. Numbers arent readable when you scratch off and “customer service” said he couldnt help and hung up on me 4 times. How any legitimate company like walmart or paypal has anything to do with them is beyond me! DO NOT BUY GREEN DOT

  15. I would give a negative rating but you can’t here. I got scammed out of $2200.00 dollars and when I reported it their so call customer service said it was my fault and there was nothing they could do. The sad thing is that they stated they try to get the offenders all the time and when I told them that the site I got the phone numbers to Green dot were right below another green dot add that looks and has every thing that the first one had. Again its my fault because I didn’t know how to tell the real and the false Green dot, yet they could not tell me where the people who stole my money cashed the money paks I had purchased. Wow and they wanted to help thats was a joke. So I have told all my friends and I am posting it every where I can not to but the green dot cards.

  16. After I gave them the number that was showing on the internet, and apparently this was a scam and they sucked up the rest of my money. The representative told me to purchase a 300 card and she would replace the money I was scammed out of 350 on 63924964653442. I cannot find a number for Money Pak anymore, and she never replaced my money even though I called her with a new card. I am not wealthy and have had to use the card since, but I think its pretty bad that they pull their number as well as their 800 number from the screen so that we can call them, and follow up on these types of things. I was the one who told them the number was on the internet so that they could have it removed

  17. Green dot moneypak is no good

    I purchased one , trying to place $50 on prepaid card and i couldn”t i need a phone number that allows me to speak to a human. I need my money.Never trust green dot money pak.

  18. trying to get a refund of money paid for a green dot card, getting nowhere. Moneypak site has all kinds of information about ‘partnering ‘with Paypal, but paypal says they quit doing business with moneypak long ago. anyone have any suggestions about how to get a refund from this company? I’ve had nothing but a run-around so far. I can see why they won’t let you speak with a real person

  19. I have tried to call every damn number I can find on all the different web sites I found for Green Dot. the first card I bought was fine the 2nd one I bought is saying the money is not on there. how the hell do I talk to someone and find out where the money went?

  20. I do not like green dot. It is impossible to speak to a live customer service representative. I would never recommend this card to anyone. I have disputed 2 transactions and have yet to get a response from green dot let alone being able to speak to someone.


  22. When I try to register my green dot card it won’t take the last 4 of my Social Security when I called the 866 number then online when I tried it won’t take the security code on the back I need to be to be able ton use this card asap please help I”m tired of having problems with these green dot cards

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