Green Dot MoneyPak


MoneyPak works as a cash top-up card. You can use it to reload prepaid cards, add money to a PayPal account without using a bank account, or make same-day payments to major companies.

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  1. Are government let’s them get away with this an wont do a thing all the stores that sell them no most people are getting ripped off An there as much at fault An are also steeling by not giving a refund . They all should go to jail but there all making money off hard working people trying to pay there way . Let your attorney general know

  2. this company sucks. i put my rent money on the card and cant get a response from anyone my money was not loaded on to my card. every time i call i get hung up on 3 days of this crap. if my money is not there tomorrow i will be contacting my lawyer. how can this company even be in business you are STEALING FROM PEOPLE.

    1. All people need to be aware of this scam because I got a moneypak card from Fred’s 978 E Broad Street Metter Georgia 30439 912-685-3934 and every time that I try to call the customer service about their card they just hang up and will be reporting this issue to the better business people about this about this issue

  3. I wish I would have read this first. I have had a long weekend because of this company. With all of these complaints and the government still allow this company to exist. I purchased a money pay card when I didn’t need it to load to my green dot card. Now I am stuck two weeks in the whole waiting on a refund. craped, The customer service sucks, these women don’t have a clue and at as thought you are the dummy. But I think that’s the role they have been hire to play, because they don’t help. Someone please Investigate. these two companies, Green Dot and Money Pak.

  4. now the new thing is, green dot and moneypack are two separate entities, which is total bull (even their webs sites are all but identical) they are both run by the same FDIC banks: go bank, greendot, Bonneville bank, all of which ARE all one bank, Greendot bank run by GREENDOT CORPORATION. Green dot refused to give me a number to moneypak cust. serv claiming they do not have this info. Moneypack does not provide any type of customer service. now my money is tied up a some useless paper card and to top it off because I have called greendot one too many times they are no longer allowing me to speak with a live representative. I did their “chat” service, the person behind that all but told me I just need to follow directions on the money pack site, like I’m some idiot who can’t follow simple directions. I asked why two companies that are clearly one would not provide me with a number where I may speak to someone; she closed chat on me. I know there is a good chance I may never see my money again, but, I’m going to make sure I tell everyone I know what a scam and headache this all is. maybe I should pull them all off the shelf and hide them behind some useless product in the stores that nobody ever that’ll show ’em.

  5. Run never buy a money pack from this company run. I purchased one for 140 dollars and I am still waiting on my email to reset my password so I can load my card. I kept putting in the right password and it kept telling me incorrect password and telephone number, even though I change my number as it instructed me to it still lock me out. Customer service is a waste of time.

  6. I need to talk to customer service I am a bed fast disabled veteran and I bought a 50.00 money pack and tried putting it on my green dot card after I done it I waited 30 to check my balance nothing extra on it yet 1 day latter several attempts still nothing but money pak says it has been used I can not get a phone number to call money pak and I need the money to pay for my heart medications I half to buy my self I guess they don’t care if a person dies or not all they want is the money for there money pak and what money you put on it

  7. To anyone who reads this post …

    The Green Dot MoneyPak card is an instrument used by criminals and scam artists regularly to steal from good people.

    Customer Services is essentially non-existent. The whole platform is designed to benefit Green Dot and is tuned to enable crooks to employ it. It is nearly impossible to reach a live human @ the company. This is no wonder, since they literally “bank” on dropped claims and unserviced complaints.

    STAY AWAY from Green Dot MoneyPak !!! You will get burned either by a scammer or in the end Green Dot itself.

  8. Trying to load my money on the card, this is the message I’m getting

    We are still processing your ID verification using the photo you’ve uploaded. After we successfully complete the ID verification, you can attempt to reload this card again. We will notify you when the ID verification process is complete.

  9. How can you get in touch with customer service, they say 24/7 but I never get an answer. I need a refund, the card I bought for someone they could not get the money on their card so I haven’t anyway to get my money back that is setting there. Does and one know who or how to get in touch with them? I would appreciate it very much.

  10. Same thing happened to scratched silver strip to hard now can’t recover my money and for sure can’t get anyone on the phone. As designed by green dot , now I have $ 220.00 floating around in ciber space. My attorney is looking for them. I have 3 green dot cards that have lots of money on them that need to be tended too.

    1. Hey John I just had the same thing happen to me (scratched it to hard) Can you tell me maybe to how to go about getting my money back…Thanks Tina

  11. I am having the same trouble as others. I loaded $60 on the card. MoneyPak shows the $60 balance, but every time I try to transfer this money I get an error message. There appears to be an endless number of MoneyPak customer service numbers, but none work. PalPal needs to drop MoneyPak and find a prepaid card that works. Never, never, never again will I use MoneyPak or Green Dot services.


  13. Where did you cash that check if u don’t mind Me asking. Please because i also recived a Check and i really dont wanna be dealing with any nonsense i need that money and now not days or weeks from now. Please thank You.

  14. Hello Ladies, The exact thing happen to me and I had not way of talking with someone, this is a rip off. I just wanted to order some boots and placed $25.00 on my card but who has money to give away. Never again Customer service stinks

  15. my stepmom sent a moneypack for Christmas– bummer, I don’t want to buy a greendot card and even with a receipt I cannot get the money back. Might just have well dumped the cash in the garbage and there is no way to talk to customer service—I hate green dot —what a scam.


  17. I dont want to make any comment on greendot right now, but I purchased a crad from cvs on 12/27 and I have been struggling to activate the card and it is not working. If I dont get it activated by the end of 12/29/13, I will come up with a statement

  18. ok first off all I’m not rich I am a single mom who for Christmas has to take my last paycheck before Christmas to shop well I loaded $200 on a money pack card and when I went to load it on my card all I got was “this card is non reloadable you will get your check refund whithin 7 to ten buisness days” I am after a 45 minute drive to shop sitting in the parking lot and these people take my money..Today is friday and wednesday is Christmas..Of course I am very upset…I can hardly talk from crying and the suppose to be manager offers me a deal..for a fee of $19.95 I could get my money that they took from me in 3 to 5 buisness days!! I told them that was the biggest con job i have heard of..they take my money and then charge me to give it back and i still won’t get it before christmas! I work in a store that deals alot with greendot well I promise to spread the word about what they did to me and I hope i get my money back if not it’s lawyer time!!

  19. My daughter was scammed with the NSA virus. They have Moneypax on the pop up screen. I called the same day to try to get you to dispute the charges. I was told that Moneypax knows about the problem and even have the Microsoft link to fix it. Why would you send money to someone you know is stealing. Why??? Since you knew of the problem, I feel you should send her $300.00 back. She is a college kid with very, very limited funds. You knew a scam was going on, and permitted it. I am sure you made money from the transaction. Maybe that is why you continue to let people get hurt. The Georgia Attorney General office should investigate why you are doing this. Please e-mail with your intentions on this matter so I will know what steps to take next.

  20. your company are scum bags,taking pepoles money,how can you do this on the holidays,do you think were all rich and let you keep are money?iam going to call my layer,stick that were the sun dont shine scum bags.

  21. I purchased a greedot paypal card on nov 26 2013 when I scratched it off 4 of the numbers are missing. Walgreen does not refund and tried to contact customer service and could not get any one. I have been trying over and over again. They are asking for a number that is not on the card. how can I give to them when it is not there. can not get in contact with anyone for help.

  22. i got one for you…i load my card with moneypak about 3 times a month. i do this for a few months then all of a sudden they tell me my activity is suspicious so i cant use moneypak anymore….lol. do you believe this crap? im paying them a fee to use their service you would think they would love me reloading multiple times and these suckers tell me i cant use it because im being suspicious. terrorists can run around blowing crap up in america and im being suspicious…fking clowns!!

  23. I’m having the same issue. I went back to the store where I purchased the stupid card from and was told I had to call MoneyPak as they are their own separate company. Being that I don’t have a card number or can’t even read the numbers on the back, I only get disconnected on. I sent an email which is the only option available. UGH!!! Worst experience ever!!!

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