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MoneyPak works as a cash top-up card. You can use it to reload prepaid cards, add money to a PayPal account without using a bank account, or make same-day payments to major companies.

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  1. i wouldnt give your company a rating i purchased a greendot money pack to add money to my paypal acct DIDNT HAPPEN I BET YOUR COMPANY IS THRIVING from all the scams you pull off. taking money from people is a crime. your company keeps telling me to contact paypal and i did twice and both times they said nowhere in their system is there any moneypak transactions in the history of my paypal acct. ITS A SCAM

  2. my grandson who is a diabetic was stranded I Newark nj he uses a prepaid card when he is out of town working when he needs to have his card reloaded I either go to krogers or cvs pharmacy I went there today 5/13 2014 and sent him funds to buy his insulin and also to purchase gas to get home I came home to try to reload his card I got the message cannot reload at this time after several tries my grandson called on his cell phone from New Jersey and they told him he could only have one transaction in a twenty four hour period ..I sent 150.oo to him on 5/13/2014 however nothing I have seen green dot money pack that states this I will never use money pack again I think this a big rip off by them would advise anyone think twice before using them

  3. I have the same trouble, i bought the card, loaded it and then when scratched the last digits cam off….i am trying to get anyone human on a call, no luck, any help advise ?

    tkx H

  4. I have the same trouble, i bought the card, loaded it and then when scratched the last digits cam off….i am trying to get anyone human on a call, no luck, any help advise ?

    tkx H

  5. I recently purchased a moneypak greendot card for $4.95 at a local store in the area that I live and loaded the card with $400. I had problems using the care because it was long paper care. I took the card back to the store where I purchased it and I was told that I needed to get a Visa or another kind of plastic card. So I did but the cared cost me $3.95 thus I had to activate the card with $10 and you can only use cash. Needless to say the I didn’t have $10 on therefore, I had to use the cash station to retrieve the $10. The cash station charged me a $3 surcharge to get $20. All this total out to $18.10 that I had to spend to get a greenDot moneypak. Once arriving home to transfer the money from the moneypak card to the visa greendot card, I had trouble doing so. Now, I have to search the internet to find help, once I found help, the person on the end of the phone asked for my number off the moneypack card so they can “help me”! Needless to say, they never came back to the phone. I had to figure it out because I wanted it connected to my cellphone so I could give it to my daughter in school. When I put in the pin number to add to the visa card, the balance said “$0”! Yes, the Tramp on the other end of the phone stole my $400 and not I can’t get in touch with anyone! All in all, the cost me $418.00. I’m mad as hell at myself trusting people on the other end of the phone with my money. Still there should be something that could be done about practices such as this! Please help.

  6. I went to the market lastnight to load $260.00 on my visa debit card (greendot card) and it wouldn’t allow it. this is my permanent card. my understanding is that this is the only card i need to upload cash on to. the cashier said i might need to buy a separate reload card which means another $4.95 to load your money onto, just to load it on your visa greendot. the policy i read and understood said I don’t need any other card except my new card that was sent to me. just take it to the cashier and upload cash. WTF greendot? and yes I did activate my new card. It is good to go, at least I thought.

  7. I also have been scammed. I got ahold of greendot one time and submitted a claim. I cannot get ahold of them anymore. They are awful. I don’t know who I am madder at the guy who scammed me or greendot.

  8. We have purchased 2 green dot money paks in the last week, one for 200, and one for 500…neither was loaded to my prepay card…where is my money, I can’t speak with a live person…this is crazy!

  9. greendot sucks and i would never use them agin i have been waiting on my refund for over a month and i cant even talk to anyone. they keep sending me the same email saying wait 7-10 days Sad take pleople money and they make it hard for them to even get it back.

  10. How do I check a money pack balance and how many tractions can be made in one day when trying to transfer? When it says unable to process at this time has the card already been used?

  11. you company is helping con artists like us financial lending steal money from unsuspecting people by not keeping track of all your customers and I will let everyone know NEVER to use green dot EVER AGAIN

  12. Itried to contact them and got no answer as to what to do ,so I WENT ON LINE AND I want to know how to get to talk to someone in the phone, I GIVE MY PHONE NUMBER BUT ONLY GOT A E-MAIL INSTEAD. Please cal so we can get my money back from the fraud that Iwas done on me .

  13. Stay away from Green Dot and moneypak (same company), Now even Wal-mart has dropped them because of the complaints. It’s not just a handful of crazy people, it seems one out of 5 people get money snagged waiting upwards of 45 days for refund if any ever arrives. In my case not only did they ask for a long list of ridiculous info. they requested copies. I had it all so no worries for me. 2 weeks into the claim ($400)and after submitting the same info twice (per their request) they send a third request for the same info but this time it must be faxed. Are you stupidg kidding?? it is a stall tactic or at the very least an attempt to catch you unprepared and unable to resolve the claim. What kind of bullcrap artistry is this? Don’t the one in fave that gets toyed with. Notice there is never a direct number anywhere and all calls take on average 20 minutes to get a response. By the way all seem to ring in stupidg Pakistan or India or some other strange accent place. Nothing wrong with the people, I love Indians but that doesn’t make them any easier to understand on the phone!!

    Below is my last/most recent conversation with these useless idiots.

    We understand your concern. We are unable to complete the review without information needed. In order to better address this matter with you, please send us your attachments to our fax number at 866-963-6220.

    Kind Regards,

    The Email Support Team

  14. I trying to put money on my card it keep tell call back later it been doing this about 3 days know what’s the problem is the system down

  15. fraud is the issue. Persons, using pchprize patrol text and called my home number. at first this person asked for $100.00, then the next day a call was placed using Tod Sloane”s name and Danille Lam, another person called the following morning(which my spouse overheard this conversation), at that time we were asked to purchase another card for $200.00. I told these people that we live on a fixed income and the monies we put up was for rent and food. My spouse is a disabled Veteran and I am also disabled. They led us to believe if we didn’t put up the funds that we would forfiet are chances of winning. I was given sec. codes and conf. #. Again, I recd a call from a man named Jack Rosingberg, apparently the $100. and $145., He has in his pocession. I was very leary with my conversation with him. He said that today at 3:36p.m, a delivery of cashiers check and a car would be delivered today. I called Pch and reported the fraud. I will go to the police and file a fraud report tomorrow after my Drs appt. I would like to know if the $200. card was activated by these thieves. Thank you,

  16. This company sucks,I truly believe that they are part of these scams that are being ran.If someone is using my company’s name to run scams I would be trying to find out who it is and how can they do this,but green dot doesn’t seem to care because if they did they would be able to help us as customers retrieve our money I would never suggest anyone use green dot money pak cards for anything, now how in the hell am I supposed to get my money i’m a single parent of 5 trying to make ends meet with easter and birthdays coming up I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place and no money for my children.

  17. where is my money what Email that I got to send my pic dostuffents out to get my money can somebody call me please

  18. My name is dolanda chatman i was scammed out of a hundred dollars on april the 8,2014 around 2-3p.m and when i called customer services they said that the money had already been used and told me to go on the web and file a complaint and stating thatcit will take up 5-7business days before i recieve my refund but thatcmoney is money that i need today and there was this guycnamed anthony from facebook saying how he could helpcme save by just giving him my money pak number so i believed him and he said thatcis was legite and his contact number is 8708301947. But please i have three kids and just moved in my own apartment and i really needed that money so please send me my refund and please investigate these scam artist please cause they are jipping people out of there hard earned money

  19. My complaint is the same as those above. There is no way that I can find to speak with a live person, again, as you’ve all said. I lost $300.00 plus the $4.95 to purchase the card. I purchased it from CVS and I understand it’s not their responsibility to refund the money. Besides this problem, I truly believe I was being scammed. Even though I have heard it on the news, I fell for one of the “loan” scams. I am a poor woman in my late 50’s. I have worked with the same employer for almost 23 years, a non-profit org. and with donations being low, due to the economy, I, nor anyone else in the company, has received a raise in years! With the $300.00 GONE, I can’t pay my rent either. My landlord is not understanding of late payments! I am so upset, past angry, plus my own stupidity and I’ll be living in my car, I suppose. This happened to me on Monday, 3-31-14. Today is Friday. I’ve cried all week.

    I do not know what to do. I need my $300. back, and quickly. Also, in the future, I will NEVER do business with a company that has no human person to speak with or any type customer service. GREEN DOT IS BADDDDDD! Please, others, do not buy this card for anyone for any reason. I NEED MY $300.00 TO PAY MY RENT! HELPPPPPP!

  20. also purchased a card from Wal-Mart numbers scratched off. cant get a hold of a human to talk to.sent e-mail they said they would get back in touch in two days its been three and no word yet.this is B.S. IM going to call local news station to see if they can help

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