Groupon is the internet coupon site for local deals. Once a certain amount of people purchase the Groupon, the deal is active.

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  1. Hello I really need help from you guys cannot talk to anyone live I put in an order and only receive one of the items and the other item was sent to Port Ochard, Wa and I live in CT Order#1095618741 please if someone can contact me on this matter I paid for that someone else has!

    1. I keep receiving items from your company and I don’ t have an account with you and did not order these items. Please take my name off your list. I am NOT a customer. I already forwarded something at my own expense of about $9.00 meant for someone else. Please reply and let me know this has been done.

  2. My item shows that it shipped on your website but FedEx says shipping label created but not shipped. It’s been this way for two weeks but there is no way to talk to someone to ask them to check on it. Please check on it or give me a way to contact you. I am referring to the mattress topper that I ordered.

  3. cannot contact a human rep. live chat does not work . did not receive all my order .
    poor communication , will not use groupon again I
    does not show how to have a v call back from groupon.
    poor poor !!!!! service poor

  4. I called the customer support number, no human interaction. I emailed my complaint, no response. Groupon owes me money for my purchase because the company could not deliver services. I need to cancel and get my refund back. Poor customer service can lead to many customers never wanting to come back and law suites. Not sure how to make Groupon get to call you or answer your complaints. Too bad for the company!!! ??

  5. Good morning Team.

    I purchase one bluestone automatic upper blood pressure Monitor. You charged me for two items.

    Item 288371167.

    Please put the money back in my account and charge me only for one.

    Thank you.

    Jeanette Cobb

  6. I cannot seem to get a human to answer my question nor can I navigate the support section from my desktop computer. I think this marks the end of my use of Groupon. Sorry

  7. I haven’t used Groupon in a long time. Got an email with deals, so

    I decided to order something I liked. It wouldn’t let me sign in even though I had the correct user name & password from before because I had written it down. Error saying incorrect, so I changed

    the password, via link sent to my email. It continued to say incorrect user name or password. Tried every thing I could see on the website to get help, nothing!! Then tried looking up a # said it was disconnected. After reading the comments on here, maybe it’s for the best, although I don’t remember having problems before, but only ordered a couple of things. Groupon YOU NEED TO LET PEOPLE KNOW HOW TO GET IN TOUCH WITH YOU !!! Everybody other on line company does!

  8. Seems there IS a customer service SOMEWHERE FOR GROUPON but I and others can’t find it!

    If they made one available they would be a decent corp! as is they’re a jyppo outfit

  9. The purpose of using Groupon was to get a price better than the hotel would give me. I actually paid $70 more with Groupon. There is NO WAY to get in touch with anybody. This service is HORRIBLE! I won’t use it again.

  10. I took a pharmacy tech assistant course online and still have not rec or can print a copy of the completed certificate.

  11. There is a charge of my bank for $20.31. I did not order anything from on 4/30/18. I would
    like to be contacted in this purch.

  12. Cannot understand why there is no way to contact anyone at Groupon. I have been trying for the past two days to change my credit card number, and there is absolutely NO WAY to speak to an actual person! I did do the live chat, but then was informed I could have a customer service rep call me back. No way to figure out how to do that on line! I am giving up!

  13. i want a refund for a set of 12 -ml Bottles of Essential Oils I bought for $15.00. When I tried to redeem this they wanted almost $12.00 for shipping. I would like to speak to a live person to know this is off my credit card. Thank you.

  14. I bought Lynyrd Skynyrd tickets in January, 3 ea.and had it in my e-mail but accidently deleted it. Now I can’t get in to concert on May 11th. Could you please send it back to my e-mail so I can print it?

  15. never rec order 201802210001 your chat person was rude and no help your customer service should be renamed custer non service

  16. I was charged 7.00 on my debit card and have no idea why I have never used your service I just signed in today to try and find out why I was charged. The charge was taken out on Feb. 27th My wife says she did not buy anything either.

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