GTL Customer Service Contact Information For GTL

GTL Inmate Phone Service: 1-877-650-4249

GTL Pre-Paid Calling Card: 1-800-483-8314

GTL Advanced Pay: 1-800-483-8314

Connect Network: Customer Service: 1-877-650-4249

Trust Fund Automated Payment System: 1-888-988-4768

PIN Debit Automated Payment System: 1-855-706-2445

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23 Replies to “GTL”

  1. I got GTL connect for my grandson in Melbourne Florida, for $30.00 now some company call INMATE CALL SAVINGS claiming a fee for nothing. GTL Connect has got two payments. If anyone else also have this SCAM Company riding the back of family members frustration. They try to use a around about way too scams us so be aware.

  2. Hey Trish. Call them and ask to talk to a supervisor. They will put you through. The the supervisor they are trying to charge you a fee. The supervisors always tell me that there is NO fee and I get reimbursed. It’s just a scam. Don’t fall for it. I’ve been doing this for years. Believe me, there is NO fee.

  3. Hey Trish. Call them and ask to talk to a supervisor. They will put you through. The the supervisor they are trying to charge you a fee. The supervisors always tell me that there is NO fee and I get reimbursed. It’s just a scam. Don’t fall for it. I’ve been doing this for years. Believe me, there is NO fee.

  4. Called on a Wednesday to get the country jail number unblocked. They said it would be done within 24-48 hours it has been 6’days and i have had no phone calls. My boyfriend calla me twice a day and tells me every time he writes me that its a invalid phone number. Sick and tires of not getting my phone calls after i put money on my account almost a month ago. Took 8 different people to tell me that the number was blocked.

  5. I absolutely hate this service!!! They are pieces of trash.My calls went from 1.58 to 4,now 6 something this mess is ridiculous i HATE that I’m even going though this trash now I’m being robbed like really?? This company is a scam.I feel like the more i call to complain the more they boost my rates stpd forgein ppl can’t even speak English.

  6. Hey people. Ask immediately for a supervisor. They will give the fee back to you. The supervisors told me that there is NO feel. Don’t fall for it. I think the customer service pockets the fee. I had gotten every fee back since I’ve signed up with GTL. Plus, just call and reload on your account by auto service. That’s what I do. I’ve been doing this for years. Just ask for a supervisor. Hope this helps.

  7. I have used GTL, connectnetwork. com for over a year now. I have 4 different cards registered on the account to cover 1 offender line, 2 land lines and a cell phone. I used 1 nine days ago for a commissary fund and now all are being declined. Trying to get a customer service person is almost impossible and when I did receive one she told me they were being denied on their end but she didn’t know why and that was the end of her explanation. She gave me a phone number to try and add funds via phone and it wasn’t even the state that I needed.

  8. its horrible that they can profit off the love we have for our incarcerated family and friends. its also illegal but they profit because they can. why are the rates so much higher then the average phone service. someone needs to put a stop to this maddness

  9. Damn this is crazy they took my money from my debit account but said the card was decliened but its bs cuz i had just goten paid n had over 1200 in my acct so how it’s gona say that !!? I call my bank they say they approved the amounts the four times i did the so-called denied-transactions my stupid ass kept trying thinking it was just a computer error, but now they did that crap to take my money n then not give me my phone time. Another funny thing is they ask for ur 3digit security code in back the card n its like why if they run it as credit they shouldn’t need it. We are at their feet cuz we got our loved ones in the system n on top of all the money we spend to support them we get ripped off. I was tripping thinking someone was tapping into my phone n dropping my calls with him so we won’t talk then he would not call back saying the phone would not let the call thru i was thinking yeah right u calling some side lady! I feel bad cuz i heard another guy get his call blocked cuz his lady thought the same thing n i heard him telling my man it won’t let my call thru. Needless to say i felt like an A/H*% oh yeah our calls still get dropped every day just so he calls back they got us by our a$$!!

  10. Unreliable… And a very difficult system to understand! They charge 7.98 per transaction .. I added $5 not knowing this and had a neg account! Also my phone number had been used by someone else so had to fax over my phone bill to verify the phone number mine. Felt like I had to jump through hoops!

  11. My son Kenneth Raybourne inmate # A721190 . The 29.99 was supposed to go on his phone.. His mother is very ill and she is on her death bed and this was the only money she had and he didn’t receive any of it…. Can you please make sure you put it on his phone … This is urgent!!!

  12. This company is just taking folks money,and inmates are not getting their calls we pay for.I just talked to rep(Jorge)

    he tried to tell me my son was using ph card from commissary.I refuted his words.then called the jail and was told they do NOT sell ph cards..They take your money and will NOT give your money back.Inmates would be better off using ph cards,than the way they have the system set up.

  13. I just got ripped off by this damn system. My daughter is trying to call me, they tell me I need to pay, I pay, no call goes through. Great system you guys have. Based on what I’ve seen so far with our great legal system, this is just about right. Pay in, nothing out. One more scam run by the state.

  14. When I put $25.00 on my account for my husband to call me, it says my balance is like $16.00 ????

    Is there a fee to put money on over the phone? what a scam this is. half the time he has to call me 2 or 3 times because as soon as I hit 0 to accept the call the line goes dead.

  15. I mail in money for my son to call home, once a week, (No service charge by mail), so I don’t get charged the $6.nchange for the luxury of paying over the phone or doing it via computer.

    We can’t get through a single call without getting cut off. Sometimes he has to call 3 or 4 times just to get connected, we get cut off as soon as I hit 0 to accept the call, 1- 2-10 or 15 minuits, it varies. We never know when it will happen, there is no warning, the line just goes dead. We haven’t gotten a single full 20 minute call for months!! That is all the jail allows him for calls. This doesn’t just happen every once in a while, it happens on every single call.!!!

    I kept hoping it was just a fluke, and they would fix it, but it’s been going on since before April. Therefor they charge me $4.50 for every try, so I’m getting ripped off for half or more of the amount I pay this company. I’m calling customer service.

    Unfortunately I haven’t written down the dates and times this has happened, because it happens so much, I plan to from now on so maybe I’ll get credited for all the lost calls and $’s. I’m not expecting anything to be done about this problem besides excuses. I guess I will see, and update this review IF it is resolved.

  16. I have put money on my husband account. it been over two mouths now and he still never got it. I called and they still never sent me the money or gave it to him. I want to know where my money is.

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