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  1. I have been using Gucci Envy for a long time and now it has been discontinued….a saleslady convinced me to purchase Gucci Envy Me, it is God Awful!! The company will do nothing for me and has told me to go back to the store where it was purchased, however I bought it a month ago and tried to like it to no avail. I am stuck with perfume that I really can’t stand. So much for customer service. No longer a GUCCI customer!! Nancy Haase

  2. Left my watch with Gucci for a new battery – over 6 weeks passed and silence. I phoned the number on the receipt. Snooty woman tells me that I have rung the WRONG number and she will give me the right number. I ring the new number, no answer but a voicemail message tells me that my call is very important and please leave a message. Then the voicemail says the message store is full and cuts me off. I ring 4 more times – never get an answer. I ring the number on my receipt again. Explain problem. Snooty woman tells me that I cannot keep ringing the store. After sales is not the stores problem and cuts me off. I ring again and ask to make a complaint. She goes off to try to find an email address. I hold for 3 minutes – she forgets to mute her phone so I can hear her scrambling around asking colleagues for an address. Se returns and says I have to write a letter – yes a letter.I ask to speak to a manager. She tells me that it is not possible. When I ask for her name, so I can quote it in my letter of complaint, she suggests that she could take my phone number and have someone call me back….24 hours later and I am still waiting. No idea if I will ever see my watch again!

  3. Veru unpleased with the quality of Gucci to say the least …. I work in the service industry and work hard for my tips I saved up for a Gucci bag wallet and sunglasses… Well I spent a total of 6000 dollars US which is a lot for me however; it was justified by the High quality I placed on Gucci

    The bags strap made from leather is falling apart and the G that hold the strap to the bag has also ripped and is not unattached how…. This happens to a 3000 bag with very lught use blows my mind. I have jessica simpson bags that cost like 100 at tjmax that are older used more and still holding up very well , whats going on Gucci????? I also have a pair of glasses well 2 pair that the lens seperated from the screen if that makes sence I brought it to a reg store to get fixed abd they said that from the sun… What… There sun glasses!! The wallet Ai have no problem with but come on I am never buying Gucci again and def not promoting anyone to buy the over priced Junk so they can feel superiour to others with crapty name brand products. Gucci lost yet another customer really not sure how they are getting away with this crap

  4. I bough a $700 Gucci watch from a London Gucci store. There, I was told that the warranty was international and that should there be any problems, I could get it fixed anywhere in the world (because I live in Canada) They failed to mention that the watch needed to be locked somehow to prevent it from falling off (which makes absolutely no sense)I wore the watch for 4 months then suddenly it fell apart. I took it to a Gucci store and they said that it was not covered under warranty and that it would take 2 weeks to fix. That was on July 7th 2013. Today I have received an email from Gucci for the FIRST time telling me the watch is ready (Sept 16). In these past 3 months I have tried endlessly to contact Gucci and speak with customer service to be brought up to speed on my watch’s situation. Not one rep was able to help me, nor did they apologize for the extremely long wait period. I did not purchase my watch from Wal Mart or a local mall stand, I bought it from a Gucci store, under the Gucci name. I was under the impression that when you pay $700 for a watch that you would get a decent amount of customer service. I am extremely disappointed and unsatisfied and will never purchase another Gucci product again.

  5. I purchased my purse about a year ago and since then the ring that holds the logo has stained my purse. I sent my purse in and they said that they could not clean it and that the purse must have gotten wet. I have called, e-mailed and I have not received any responses. I finally called today and talked to the customer service. She then put me on hold and then my call ended up going to the recording again. The total call lasted an 1 hour and 13 minutes and I only spoke to the representative for 2 minutes. Very poor customer service. I can promise you that I will never purchase another gucci product.

  6. i bought a gucci bag for my wife and it had a blemish on the bag,So i called customer service to exchange the bag and the customer service representative was rude and had a cocky attitude and acted like they did not care if i got the bag or not.For a lugaree bag company i thought you would have better customer service and be willing to please the customer.I will never buy anything from gucci again, and i will spread the word on how horrible gucci is……..Gucci sucks.

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