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53 Replies to “Guideposts Customer Service”

  1. I thought I ordered the 2019 Daily Guidepost early in the summer but I continue to get tenewal info. Can you let me know if you have my original order? Thank you

  2. I submitted an article to enter for the October writing workshop. When with the 12 persons chosen for the workshop be notified? Will notification be made? Will it be made by U.S. mail or by e-mail? Thank you.

  3. thank you for your patience & kindness. I evidently did not pay or it did not go thru when paid which has happened too many times, not only with you but others as well due to changes with the supplier of my cp & other locations the same company servces????. pls. except my apologies. I have taken Guideposts for many years & always enjoy the stories.

    I still remember some of them & usually pass them on. many years ago you had one wth 2 womens stories of different races that I remember parts of it today. the African lady had pictures lined up a wall of her family & their achievments. I gave most of those to the church I attended at that time. I wish I had still had that one. both ladies were in a medical center with a loved one. a very touching story & one the current generation would do well to take a lesson from. thx for many prayers over the years. by the way, I just happen to be a young senior citizen that still finds something to be happy about almost daily if only in the news whch strikes me as sounding much like the revelations.

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