H&R Block Advisors


H&R Block Corporate Office Headquarters
One H&R Block Way
Kansas City, MO 64105
Corporate Phone Number: 1-816-854-3000
Fax Number: 1-816-753-5346

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33 Replies to “H&R Block Advisors”

  1. I have had my taxes done by your fairfield PA office for the last 2 years/ This yeay I found a provider that did them for $60.00 less then you. I needed a copy of my last years taxes your office charged me $10.00. I paid $203.00 to have them done and you rip me off for another $10.00. I will never use you services again and will let everybody I know about you money grubbinfg ways

  2. ya I think h&r block should be regulated mine said 2 weeks to do taxes well now its been 3 months and his computer has been down for 28 day WOW why cant we fix this problem all u can do is type a complaint I just wanted to say to h&r block lets do a ustomer review once a year so your name doesn’t look so bad ya know. it would be a smart business move !!!!

  3. I got audited from 2010 and got a letter a few days ago saying I owed $75.00 to the Dept. of Revenue. I took the letter to where I had my taxex done. She told me the person who did my taxes didn’t check box 27. and she no longer works there so I have to pay it.I will never go back to H & R Block and I will spred the word on face book so others don’t have this happen.

  4. I have been a customer of HR Block for years, but after this year, I no longer will be. I was hospitalized the day I was suppose to come in to do my taxes. I was in the hospital a few days and had forgotten about my Emeral advance payment that was due that friday since I was in the hospital. That following Friday, my pay check was deposited, and HR Block took the payment, the entire pay check. I found out when I went to make a purchase and my balance was zero. The reminder of my payment being due….came a week later. When I tried to call customer service about reversing the payment they took, I was transfered 3 different times, told there was nothing I could do. I asked for supervisors, never got one, was told I couldn’t speak to one, and no matter my situation, I wouldn’t get the answer I wanted. I filed my taxes that day, which cost me $400 because I had an addtl form, then they payment they took already was still showing a balance. Now HR Block was going to take double the payment. Again, tried calling HR Block customer service, only to keep getting “floor supervisors” who sound like a teenager with braces, tell me the only thing they can do is “elevate” the call, and I’ll get an email 24 hrs later. Never have I gotten a call back from a Manager or any thing resolved. My income tax has since been received by the IRS, and I should’ve had my refund today according to the site, but HR block is saying it will be another 21 days. They didn’t take any time taking away money. Customer service sucks. I’m still waiting on a call back. I work in customer service and we do not treat anyone like this.

  5. I had my taxes done on January 31 at H and R Block; and at the end of the session the tax preparer could not get the American Opportunity tax credit information to submit. After asking several other employees they finally figured out it was because the IRS had postponed the availability of the AOC. So I submitted it and was told to come back and amend my return. I went back February 15th and tried to to an amendment and it took four people to finally guess why I was going to get $3,000 less than I did last year. I am a full time student with a dependent and head of household, my AGI was 26,616 and I was told it was probably too much to get anymore back. I don’t even itemize anything and even still half of the staff put together did not really now the answer. I was told the IRS must think “there is no way a person can be a full time college student and make that kind of money.” Really? 26k is just rolling in money when you are paying tuition and have a 7 y/o and get no child support. When I am not working or going to school I am usually traveling exotic locations and experiencing fine dining or brushing up on my golf skills at the country club. Seriously!! I paid nearly $400 to do my taxes too! Why would a 1040 that was not itemized cost $400? What a joke! I will use a real accountant next year and to top it off the real ones cost less than $100 around this area and you can just drop them off. Why did I not start doing this sooner? Well in about 5 years I would say since they do not do the refund anticipation checks and people are getting less money they will be out of business- hopefully anyways!

  6. I recently got my taxes done at our local h and r block the manager could not tell me what my charges were. They are advertising free ez well when you go in the office she said that I was unable to file this way because I have two dependents. False on line it is free to do so to anyone who reads this THEY FU…… SUCK! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME TO GO THERE… UN-EDUCATED AS.-H….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I had H&R Block do my taxes last year and I too was charged way more than was estimated!!

    I was stiffed for almost $400 last year. If they think I will ever return or recommend them, they are mistaken. I also noticed that NO WHERE on their website is there a CONTACT US button. Figures…too many complaints!! They should save their advertising money and put it to use helping people instead of vastly overcharging them to make money!!


  8. I filed my taxes and I need copies faxed to a place with my application how do I go about getting copies of my taxes my contact number is

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