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  1. Haband is not a company you want to do business with. I wouldn’t give them a rating of one, if I could use a negative rating. My mother ordered and paid for 3 items in August, none of which were shipped. The company deducted a partial amount for slacks they did ship but has yet to refund the remaining payment. On Sep 29, I phoned customer service and they explained about the partial payment and that a check refund would be sent for the remaining payment since the items she ordered had not been shipped. I called again on Oct 21 when the refund had not arrived. The first customer service rep couldn’t help – she couldn’t even find the account or the information that the initial rep found. She then referred me to billing. That rep said she would open a case to a “higher” level – she couldn’t find any record of the refund check being sent either. It is now Nov 3 and I still haven’t received any confirmation, communication or the refund from Haband. I am writing a final letter today and filing a claim with the Pennsylvania Better Business Bureau. All for $44.98. What is more aggrevating are the dunning letters sent by “Very Truly Yours” Laurie Loung at Haband Company Inc. asking for payment – then not sending the items when payment is made – then not making good on a refund that is due. Maybe this negative review will prompt the appropriate action from this company.

  2. I ordered cargo shorts in July and had them shipped to my brother-in laws. Two pair fit but he returned the other 3 pair and asked for a different size. He has also called them and still has not received any shorts or info on the return. Although I was the one who paid for the shorts I have not received any word from them about the shorts. My order # 6136151.

  3. On August 21 I place and order, with almost half of it picked wrong. I ordered a couple of the green argyle shirts, since I like the color combination yellow/green/blue. On Aug. 31, the order arrived with charcoal color argyle shirts. I sent the charcoal shirts back on Sept 3, noting on the package slip says green, I still want green, not charcoal. Today, Sept 22, I received more charcoal color argyle shirts with the packing list changed from green to charcoal. I did not authorize any change. Just how stoopid can they be?

  4. My husband ordered two pairs of leisure pants on 9/2/13. Two days later he received a confirmation e-mail with a “web reference number” and was told in the e-mail to check his order status online. Today he went online to check and they say he has no account. When we called Customer Service (HAH), they told him they had not account information for him. When he asked how they got his e-mail address, current phone number and address, they said it was for an account he established years ago. Needless to say, we have only lived at our current address five years so that info is wrong. He didn’t have an e-mail address until three months ago. He was on the phone almost an hour while they tried to find a “supervisor”. The customer service person was rude and kept insisting my husband didn’t know what he was talking about. He finally hung up more than a little mad. DON’T DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY (if it is even a company).

  5. I bought several pairs of your “Casual Joe” elastic waist shorts. I was suprised to see that there was only a snap to secure the waist. The snap is not strong enough to secure the waist and I was not able to wear the shorts! I tried several times but was only embarrassed when the waist popped open. I thought about replacing the snap with a button but it was too expensive. Was this a cheap cost cut? So much for “Haband”

  6. The merchandise was missing pieces and Customer service would do nothing to get it to me in a timely fashion. They are not accommodating. Do not order anything that you really need.

  7. I agree with all the negative comments that have been posted regarding Haband. I have cancelled my account with them. On the phone they tell you one thing and then they charge for things I have not ordered and charge my debit card.

  8. I ordered 2 pair of shoes the first part of June and still have not got them. They told me they were on back order. I got an e-mail on the 8th of August saying they were shipped. Still waiting.

  9. I made a comment, got an e-mail verifing my e-mail address and password, tried to order today and was turned down. The e-mail from them was a lie.Why would they not want my order??? I even gave customer service my account number.Management must not give a —-! I tried to submit this comment and you wanted my e-mail address. I thought you said it didn’t exist. Talk to AT&T!

  10. I have never experienced such an ordeal trying to get information about an exchange I attempted to make. The customer service rep was very rude. I am still in the state of befuddlement!

  11. WOW – what a horrible company to do business with. I ordered Casual Joe no iron slacks for men on 5/9/13. Today is 6/10/13 and guess what????? Still no product. I called this company 6 different times and finally had to ask for a refund due to no product. Needless to say, I am not a happy customer. In error and thru no fault of mine, they sent my order to another customer and are now telling me that I have to wait for her to return the order before they will return my check. Didn’t take them more than 2 days to cash my check. Why do I have to wait longer than the month I have already waited. Even though my name and address on my check DID NOT match where they shipped the order to obviously no one checked that. I was the one that had to figure out what the problem was for these customer service reps. That’s not my job!!!!! Please refund my check to me immediately. My next communication after this is to the better business bureau. Your company has terrible customer service communication skills.

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