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  1. HI my Username is Spartanmas.II and i was trying to log on and it keeps on saying password incorrect so i requested a new one and it never showed up so i contacted Habbo on Customer Support about 2 times and they kept on asking for my information and i give it to them but i never get anything back afterwards please Help me get my account back im not sure what happened.

    Thank you,


  2. Everything is gone and my password was changed except my email. I got hacked like 5 times and i dont know if my name is still the same or not because someone signed in as my habbo and changed my password immediately so i couldnt sign in. My habbo name is valentine123 and i missed her so bad. She had VIP, 200 credits, alot of furni, so many friends and i missed her. My friend got hacked 8 times and they took all his furni. The last time he signed in his password was changed. Please I need help!

  3. Hey i was playing and then it kept signing me out then i got in and almost changed my password then habbo went to maintence and now someone hacked me and changed my password please help me get the password back i purchnged over 100 dollars on the game and everything my email is @comcast.net and my name on habbo is and my pass was but its changed and i had so many friends some where babezopain and rainbowzerbra and a lot more please thats some pruff its my account and im vip just refiled couple days ago and i miss it it makes me mad and please help me by telling me the pass or try and get on btw i checked my email it said thanks for signing up on habbo for something but idk what the f it is and please help me get my account back thanks 🙂 please send me a message as soon as you can

  4. all my stuff is gone from my room, my name is gangstermolly, @hotmail.com. i am a VIP, and i used 30 or more dollars on habbo. i opened aother website,than when i came back online,all my stuff that i pursed was GONE !!!!!!!! please help me get them back thank you 🙂

  5. please unban me i spent oer 400 dollars on habbo hotel and i didnt open anything thats my lifes work i get over 100 a month on habbo please unban me haleyb is my name on there email is @yahoo.com

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