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  1. Ref Haier Ticket # 17×3.Account # 3xxxx6. Dated 12/13/13.incident report # 131xx2-0175×5.Any idea when the new replacement TV will be sent?? Someone from Haier called and gave me this Tracing # 2123xx375 ?? And I don’t think it’s right. Please Help. Patricia

  2. I bought a Haier smart Tv (LE32N1620W)for my sons 13th Birthday for $400.00. It is only 1 year and 6months old and freezes after 30 seconds. After calling Haier directly they tell me that I need to get it fixed myself. Well that just doesn’t sit right with me!Clearly there is a defect with this product and Haier WILL NOT STAND BY THIER PRODUCT! I will never buy another TV or anything else made by HAIER EVER AGAIN. Terrible product, TERRIBLE SERVICE and a total RIP OFF for the money. STAY AWAY FROM ANY HAIER PRODUCTS becuase they will not have your back. Go to Walmart!

  3. We went on vacation and while we were gone our two month old Haier refrigerator stopped working. The stench of rotted food was unbelievable. We had to go 2 weeks without a refrigerator because the authorized repairman was so busy. I was told that my request for reimbursement for the rotted food was sent to customer service but I have heard nothing back from them. I guess I’m lucky to have the refrigerator working again.

  4. The phone number you provided for Haier (tv) 1-800-200-9999 is not any good. I need a number to inquire about Warranty service on a TV The number given asks for my age then gos to a disconnected number

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