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  1. I understand you’re not a Christian organization so I wouldn’t expect you to apply to biblical beliefs but some common sense would be respectable. I do have a heart for homosexuals but to give them a platform where innocent children are being indoctrinated to this lifestyle is , in my belief, wicked. If you wish to continue coddling to the gay community would you at least create their own Hallmark channel. For example, Hallmark Gay. I will be deleting my Hallmark app on Roku until you act appropriately. Thank you for your movies up until now.

  2. I am highly disappointed in you reflection on the military members that you display. You need to hire a consultant before filming any military members. You show male members with goatees, females with long hair in uniform. I spent 24 years in the Air Force as a First Sergeant enforcing the military dress standards and am appalled at your lack of detail.

  3. Hallmark channel had been a favorite of mine especially around the holidays. Unfortunately, I will not be watching your channel any longer because of the adoption of the LGBTQ agenda into your programing. These sorts of storylines are deeply offensive to me and to my family.

  4. Lost a very loyal fan. My husband & I have enjoyed many a night watching the wholesome movies on Hallmark. So broken-hearted that now this channel has chosen to alienate those of us who hold to traditional values.

  5. I have enjoyed Hallmark movies and channels for years. I have considered Hallmark to be wholesome entertainment.
    With your decision to include lesbian and gay characters I will no longer watch Hallmark.

  6. My wife and I just completed “Good Witch” series 5 and found it very enjoyable. One thing I noticed missing from the sets and dialogues was Churches or any references to God. In that respect Middleton is not a typical American or Canadian city.

    Nevertheless we continued to watch because there were many wholesome redemptive stories woven into the segments.

  7. I don’t like your advertisement about back to school. It doesn’t show the kids it is safe to go back to school.

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