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  1. Will you ever bring Frasier back in the evening? I have waited so long for it to return. I see, it is back at 1am! When I am sleeping? Those constant romance stories have been on for months. I see no end in sight. why is that?

  2. Today is January 4th 2019 and STILL you are showing Christmas movies! It gets very tiresome! Two PLUS MONTHS of Christmas movies!! FYI, Christmas is December 25th. You start looking at these movies on October!…..Christmas charm is GONE by the 25th of December. What is wrong with you!!!!!! I have not tuned in to Hallmark, which, by the way, I like very much when normal, for all

    1. I agree!
      Sick of this constant romance stories. They are all alike! I have been waiting so long for Frasier to return in the evenings. Now I see its on at 1am…when I am sleeping? I am so disappointed in the 2019 lineup

  3. I watch your Christmas movies and notice a pattern: small snowy towns, ice skating, hot chocolate, snowball fights, boy/girl meet at beginning of story fall in love and see their love interest with someone else and leave the small town, but with minutes left in the movie they find each other and talk into each other’s arms. I would like to see a new story line. Loved RETURN TO CHRISTMAS and A SHOE ADDICTS CHRISTMAS. Need more like this.

    1. I totally agree. I love how they are taking some classics and making a part 2 like winter proposal and Unleashing mr Darcy. An idea would be to have viewers vote for which Christmas movies they would love to see a part 2 next season!!

  4. I understand that one has to use some imagination when watching a Christmas show, but people dressed in winter clothing with spring/summer leaves on the trees in the background, snow falling from a blue sky with not a cloud to be seen, layers of cotton disguised as blankets of snow on the ground, vehicles that are spotless after driving miles and miles on wintery roads, falling snow that never seems to touch the anything, plus the poor script writing and even poorer acting is a heck of a lot to ask of an audience. As if that is not enough, you make it even worse for the viewer by alternating 5 minutes of show with 5 minutes of commercials for a solid 2 hours and you don’t even fade between the two! Sometimes it takes a little while to determine if what’s showing is part of the movie or the commercial. To add insult to injury, you run ads at the bottom of the screen while the show is playing. Could it be you are trying to distract the viewer from noticing all of the flaws I mentioned at the beginning of this letter? Why is it that stations, like yours, shows no consideration nor appreciation to the audience who is watching your programming? Your movies are all the same. Only the cast, at times, is different from the show before. I guess I should thank you instead of complain, because along with yours and a number of the other networks, I’ll be saving a lot of money by terminating DirecTV! Thanks!

  5. Please for my sanity, could you come up with a Chanukah movie once in a while. Not everyone is Christian and you are slowly converting my wife to Christianity. We belong to a temple not a church. Very disturbing. Do you also go door to door trying to convert us to watch Christian based movies. I have no problem with them nor does my wife but the month an a half of these movies is giving me a migraine. Keep up the good work. Blah blah blah. Lol. Merry Christmas, happy quanzah and happy Chanukah.

  6. I have discontinued watching the Hallmark channel. The primer Christmas movies are so boring with little true meaning of Christmas. Thank goodness other channels air old favorites families have always enjoyed. Hallmark is missing the approval is once enjoyed.

  7. Hi…..I love Hallmark Channel. I’m on cable and recently I noticed the CC (closed caption) on your channel is no longer working. It’s not my TV or the cable company. I get CC on all of my other channels. Is there any way you could rectify this, Please? I’m hearing impaired and depend on closed captions and I love your channel, but can’t watch it if it’s not closed captioned. Please, fix this this. Thank you.

  8. Hallmark, Last night my husband, I, and our staff went to see The Trans-Siberian Orchestra, based on part that Hallmark had associated its name with the program.

    While the 1st half was Christmas music, the second half caught us completely off-guard. We all started to look at each other when it became evident that it was very satanic in nature. No joke. We left amidst satanic images being shown on the screens and the repeated chorus, “I am Satan and so are you.”

    The brand that you have built so hard to build is profoundly damaged when your viewers go to see what they anticipate, based on your name, will be a wonderful Christmas program, only to find that the true basis of the show was to expose the audience to a very demonic message.

    I believe it would be in your organization’s best interest to stop showing the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “The Ghost of Christmas Eve” program so as to not be associated with the TSO and its true message.

  9. I love all your movies — always have; always will — but I’m not thrilled with the fact that the techs and all who are in charge of their actual broadcasts pay no attention to the one very important detail: the voices and lip movements are very out of sync and have been for over 5 hours now. Yes, it’s a binge day and is becoming more and more frustrating. You should appreciate that people have to pay a service to see your movies, unlike network programming. This is especially not the time of year to be so negligent of such detail. The split is far too long b/t the lips and sound. Please fix this ASAP. Thank you.

  10. I love watching your Christmas movies but, I am really disturbed with how many star the same female leads! Nothing is believable when you could watch 2-3 in a row with the SAME stars! I wrote about this last year and here we are again! Is there no one else to find for a female lead? Also, new story lines please, mother died when they were six, Christmas was never the same since mom made it so special. Please no more or I won’t even bother next year!

  11. Please do not show the movie, “Christmas at Graceland,” with Kelly Pickler again. It is the worst movie – Ms Pickler ruined it as she cannot act or sing.

  12. Please tone down Cameron Mathison. He continually interrupts segment hosts, (especially) the cooking segments. His interruptions make it difficult to hear any of the hosts, when all he is doing is repeating the guests or hosts instructions. It’s annoying.

  13. I got so excited bc I left a message asking where Psych went, and then it came back on- for like 3 weeks. I honestly thought my request was being addressed, but now I think it might have been a coincidence.
    I am assuming that nothing but Xmas movies are being shown now and until the end of the year. It’s too much.
    Please bring back some regular network shows, like Psych.

  14. I have always thought of hallmark channel as family oriented. Since watching the Christmas movies there has been a shoe dazzle commercial that has been shown that is disgusting. I was shocked the first time I saw it and quickly changed the channel. Unfortunately it keeps being shown. There are other ways to watch Christmas movies without being subject to such things. Disappointing, Hallmark.

  15. There are quit a few of us who look forward to Christmas 24/7 from Hallmark every year. Please don’t stop. Show more. But for right now, fix your station, all I have are colored lines and I am missing Christmas movies on my day off.

  16. Please quit bombarding us with those stupid Christmas movies. We love Frazier, and you remove that show and only show unbelievable and way too “gooey” Christmas romance shows which start before Halloween and end after Christmas.

  17. every time i turn the hallmark channel on all I find is the golden girls not the show that is to be on at

    when did the hall mark channel change its name to the golden girl channel since it is on 24 hours

    1. I enjoy the Hallmark Channel. I would like to see more Signed, Sealed and Deliver Movies and more movies made for the Murder She Baked Series. I am a COX customer in Virginia Beach and can not find the new Hallmark Drama Channel.

    2. Who is picking mattock and old reruns of the same mystery movies everyday is the same crap what am I paying for????

  18. Andrew Walker is cute but—in so many movies!

    What about Ryan Merriman from Elevator Girl and Wes Brown from Christmas Cookies and the guy who

    starred in Novel Romance? We only see these actors once.

    I enjoy romantic movies but they are so predictable. Thank you for Love on Safari and the latest.

    Why do most movies have the star going back to their small home town to find romance? Maybe it’s time for new Writers?

    Thank you

  19. We have directv with about 400stations and watch about 4 or 5 stations at most but we both

    enjoy both hallmark stations till now. The programming is fine but it’s the constant bombardment of these medical commercials with their assortment of every maladie know to men and women. As you should know ( I beleive you do) your demographics show a good portion of your viewers are seniors and we watch tv for entertainment not to be constantly reminded of the problems of our generation but to escape from them for a little while.


  21. We greatly enjoy Sign, Sealed, Delivered. Lots to learn from the fun characters as they learn from each other. Thanks!

  22. I am deeply saddened to see that Hallmark does not care about its viewers who do not celebrate Christmas. I do not understand why these boring, corny Christmas movies have to be shown 24/7 in July. I am about to unsubscribe to this channel. It is unfair to non-Christians to have to see these movies 24/7 in place of the regular programming. When I look at the guide, the regular shows are listed, but those Christmas movies are playing all day and night. I am so upset by that. My family, friends and co-workers and I work at in the evening sometimes and look forward to seeing “The Middle,””The Golden Girls”, “Frazier”, and “I Love Lucy”. Instead we have to turn to another channel to be entertained. Why, why, why do these movies have to be on 24/7???? Please change this programming. PLEASE!!!!

    1. Great concern. Even though I celebrate Christmas i don’t wish to see these shows from now until Christmas. Last year Christmas shows started day before Halloween i thought that was too much. After a while reruns start.

  23. While I enjoy hallmark movements really getting old seeing the same actors marry the same people over and over. Maybe you needs some fresh faces. I think aloe the actors have matriarch observers times . Over and over. The stable needs to be restocked.

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