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  1. I have always thought of hallmark channel as family oriented. Since watching the Christmas movies there has been a shoe dazzle commercial that has been shown that is disgusting. I was shocked the first time I saw it and quickly changed the channel. Unfortunately it keeps being shown. There are other ways to watch Christmas movies without being subject to such things. Disappointing, Hallmark.

  2. There are quit a few of us who look forward to Christmas 24/7 from Hallmark every year. Please don’t stop. Show more. But for right now, fix your station, all I have are colored lines and I am missing Christmas movies on my day off.

  3. Please quit bombarding us with those stupid Christmas movies. We love Frazier, and you remove that show and only show unbelievable and way too “gooey” Christmas romance shows which start before Halloween and end after Christmas.

  4. every time i turn the hallmark channel on all I find is the golden girls not the show that is to be on at
    when did the hall mark channel change its name to the golden girl channel since it is on 24 hours

    1. I enjoy the Hallmark Channel. I would like to see more Signed, Sealed and Deliver Movies and more movies made for the Murder She Baked Series. I am a COX customer in Virginia Beach and can not find the new Hallmark Drama Channel.

  5. Andrew Walker is cute but—in so many movies!
    What about Ryan Merriman from Elevator Girl and Wes Brown from Christmas Cookies and the guy who
    starred in Novel Romance? We only see these actors once.

    I enjoy romantic movies but they are so predictable. Thank you for Love on Safari and the latest.
    Why do most movies have the star going back to their small home town to find romance? Maybe it’s time for new Writers?

    Thank you

  6. We have directv with about 400stations and watch about 4 or 5 stations at most but we both
    enjoy both hallmark stations till now. The programming is fine but it’s the constant bombardment of these medical commercials with their assortment of every maladie know to men and women. As you should know ( I beleive you do) your demographics show a good portion of your viewers are seniors and we watch tv for entertainment not to be constantly reminded of the problems of our generation but to escape from them for a little while.


  8. We greatly enjoy Sign, Sealed, Delivered. Lots to learn from the fun characters as they learn from each other. Thanks!

  9. I am deeply saddened to see that Hallmark does not care about its viewers who do not celebrate Christmas. I do not understand why these boring, corny Christmas movies have to be shown 24/7 in July. I am about to unsubscribe to this channel. It is unfair to non-Christians to have to see these movies 24/7 in place of the regular programming. When I look at the guide, the regular shows are listed, but those Christmas movies are playing all day and night. I am so upset by that. My family, friends and co-workers and I work at in the evening sometimes and look forward to seeing “The Middle,””The Golden Girls”, “Frazier”, and “I Love Lucy”. Instead we have to turn to another channel to be entertained. Why, why, why do these movies have to be on 24/7???? Please change this programming. PLEASE!!!!

    1. Great concern. Even though I celebrate Christmas i don’t wish to see these shows from now until Christmas. Last year Christmas shows started day before Halloween i thought that was too much. After a while reruns start.

  10. While I enjoy hallmark movements really getting old seeing the same actors marry the same people over and over. Maybe you needs some fresh faces. I think aloe the actors have matriarch observers times . Over and over. The stable needs to be restocked.

  11. The way Mark Steines was abruptly removed from “Home and Family” seems to be directly opposed to the family values that the Hallmark Brand is suppose to represent. He was a key member of the cast who brought humor and integrity to the show daily. His humor was never hurtful or at the expense of another person. He always showed his love of family, respect and compassion for everyone he had contact with. Too bad he wasn’t given an opportunity as a professional to adapt to whatever change you thought was needed. He and Debbie were a great team! What a loss for the show!
    Barbara Paisley

  12. I just watched Royally Everafter this weekend. The main character is supposed to be a girl from New Jersey. Specifically Passaic, NJ. And she mispronounced the name of her town. I ought to know as I was born in Passaic General Hospital, City of Passaic and County of Passaic in New Jersey. It is not pronounced like “mosaic”. It’s a Lenape word meaning Peaceful Valley and it’s pronounced “P-say-k”. No “ic”. Ever. And no self respecting Jersey Girl would ever mispronounce that word! Just thought I would pass that on for future reference.

  13. It looks like you’ve eliminated Diagnosis Murder from the HMM station. Please bring it back weekday mornings.

  14. If y’all are going to produce movies set in Georgia, please take the following simple steps:
    * make sure the tea has ice in the glasses as well as the pitcher.
    * cars in Georgia do not have a tag on the front.
    * make sure y’all know how to pronounce the names of the various cities in GA.


  15. I know this will at best be ignored if not deleted but I’m going to say it anyway.

    WCTH was my favorite program and the only reason we kept the Hallmark channel in our DirecTV package. I also bought the first four seasons on DVD, but you can be sure I will not be buying season 5.

    The way they ended the 5th season was beyond disappointing, it showed a complete lack of respect for the many fans and viewers.
    Killing off one of the main characters in a show that is expect to be up beat and with a happy ending without any warning is arrogant at best. Viewers should have been warned what was coming so they could decide what was best for them, to watch or not watch.

    In the live interview on fb they talked about how hard it was to keep the secret for a year. Why keep it a secret at all?? Actors leave shows all the time. Daniel Lissing is a very talented actor and smart to move on before he was typecast in the role. What I have a problem with is the way the whole thing was handled.

    There was no mention in the live fb interview about simply ending the show this season with a happy end for Jack and Elizabeth which would have left viewers with wonderful memories of show. Instead we are left with a grieving widow expecting a baby and that is suppose to “not disappoint” us? To be honest I have to wonder how stupid they think people are to buy into the whole spin they were giving for why they did what they did. It was excuses and damage control

    Season one of this show was excellent, Erin Krakow and Daniel Lissing did a amazing job of bringing their characters to life and the supporting cast is also very talented. But season four and five have been a huge disappointment. The story lines were so far out as to be ridiculous. Brain surgery in frontier town?? Pastor Frank leaving to work a children’s hospital? Although there were children’s hospitals at that time you can be pretty sure there wasn’t one anywhere near a frontier town. Having the church burn the day before the wedding and it gets repaired in time for the wedding? And why wasn’t Jack’s mother and brother at the funeral? Why was Elizabeth in Hamilton?

    The acting in the final episode was especially disappointing. Erin Krakow is a talented actress she proved that in season one, but she she was stiff and not believable in the roll of a young widow. The write this season was awful. This once wonderful show has been turned into nothing but a soap opera, a wholesome one but still a soap opera.

    And the idea that a TV show can show people how to grieve?? Who do they think they are???

    In the end no, I will not be watching season six. I also will not be picking up Hallmark’s other two movie channels which my husband and I were looking at. Instead we will be dropping the Hallmark channel. Hallmark has always been billed as family friendly, but this time you dropped the ball completely and you won’t get another chance with me. In end we all know this was not about caring about the fans and viewers, it was about money.

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