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  1. I own a fan that the remote transmitter stopped working. The receiver P/N is UC7058R. I need the remote that match the receiver. Wonder if it’s possible to replace the receiver with an SKU838 956 kit?

  2. Hi. Help. How do I change the light bulb in my ceiling fan it has 5 blades and a metal cage over the glasses globe. I can remove the cage but not the voiceover the bulb

  3. Hi, I am looking for a Hampton Bay Bercello Estates 52″ Volterra Bronze ceiling fan,Home Depot is out of stock and I can’t find anywhere to buy it. Are you still making them, please let me know thanks Mike

  4. Hampton Bay is crap! Spent over $200 dollars on a ceiling fan 13 months ago – and I get a “return the motor at my expense,” are you kidding me. Never, ever again!

  5. If you want customer service help, you have to go through Home Depot customer service at (877) 527-0313.

    The Hampton Bay web site is a joke. It gave me an e-mail address that I could use to get help. I sent an e-mail to that address and it was rejected. I went back and reread the web site’s customer service text and found out that I had to register with Hampton Bay’s customer service before I could use their e-mail address. I could not find no link or information for registering with their customer service center.

    I checked my ceiling fan’s user’s guide and found a phone number, that number put me through to Home Depot’s customer service for Hampton Bay.

  6. I have the Chatham Cheshire II Ceiling Fan and it keeps coming on by itself. Seems worse in the Fall and Winter and at night. I talked to Lowes, where we purchased it and they said it was probably TV controls or garage door openers and to change the rods and it might help. My son took the fan all apart and changed the rod positions. He was gone over 15 minutes and it came on. It is terrible in the winter because it is so quiet you don’t know it is on until you get up and the livingroom is freezing and the furnace is running like crazy. We, also, found there is a ham radio operator in the area about 1/2 from my house.What can we do to stop this, I love the fan and don’t want to change.

  7. I have the same light, and mine quit working too. I called the phone number on the ballast ( 800-345-0542 } told the guy I had the light 1.5 years, he sent me a replacement for free.

  8. I purchased several Hampton Bay 52″ Sailwind II bronze ceiling fans. I am in need of one WITHOUT the light fixture…is that an option? Model No. AG908OD-ORB

  9. I have 2 Ceiling Hampton bay fans in 2 different rooms. Prob is that when I turn on one fan with remote the other also turns on… Please advise….

  10. Hampton Bay Lighting – I purchased a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan for my kitchen. The lighting in my apartment isn’t great and I wanted a well lit kitchen. No where on the box, for my Hampton Bay Clarkston Fan, did it say that it only took special light bulbs. They were small 40 watt bulbs, that aren’t giving off enough light. Plus it’s more expensive to purchase. If only the lighting was 60 watt regular bulbs I would love this fan. Hampton Bay why did you do this?? This ceiling fan is going back.


  11. I recently purchased a Hampton Bay Vanity Fixture (bathroom light) SKU 237 489. I am trying to install it myself, but know only a little about electrical work. I have some old wiring in my bathroom where a previous light was installed. There is one red wire and one black wire. On the new light, there is one white wire and one black wire on one side, and two black wires and two white wires coming out of the other. There is also one white wire and one black wire that not directly connected to the fixture itself, but are connected at the end caps. My question is — how do I connect the existing red and black wire to the new wiring system in the new lamp? and what do I do with the seemingly loose single black and white wires on the new lamp? I have a rough idea, but would like specifics if possible. I thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

  12. We have 4 Hampton Bay ceiling fans. 2 operate by remote control only. Both remotes operate the downstairs fan in all modes so I doubt we have a remote issue. Both remotes also operate the upstairs fan in all modes EXCEPT speed. The upstairs fan only operates at low speed with both remotes.

    Judging by some posts I’ve read the upstairs fan needs a new speed switch. But unlike the switches I found elsewhere on the Internet the 2 fans that came with remotes operate only by remote and DO NOT have any type of string switch that can be pulled. I don’t know the models of the fans but I do have the remote model numbers.

    The remote for the upstairs fan (which is the unit with the speed problem)is: U07078T

    The remote for the downstairs fan is UC7078T (not sure this remote model number is of any help since this fan operates well but I thought I would include it anyway.)

    If I have diagnosed this properly and you agree that the speed switch needs to be replaced would you please send me the part number, price and a way to order the fan speed switch? A link would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance for your time and effort.


  13. I purchased 24 of these lights, All but 2 work and I love them. I returned the ones that didn’t work to home depot. If you know where I can get more please let me know.

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