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Hancock Fabrics, Inc. is a retail merchant of fabric and related home sewing and decorating accessories with stores in 42 states as well as the website, www.hancockfabrics.com.
Founded in 1957, Hancock Fabrics ranks as one of the leading fabric chains serving the home sewing market. Hancock carries a wide selection of fashion merchandise at guaranteed every day low prices. Hancock shares trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol HKF.

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  1. 10/22/13 I went to the Redlands store along with a group of ten women from the Sun City Stitch & Sew Club in Palm Desert on Tuesday. It was a little over a one hour drive, but well worth the time spent on the road!

    The Redlands store has always been a favorite of mine; the clerks always cheerful and going out of their way to help each and every one of us. They made sure we each had a sales brochure, and reminded us to use any coupons we might have at the check-out counter.

    The store itself was extremely clean and well-managed, and we cannot wait for our next trip!

  2. I live in Huntersville Nc. I went to the Hancock fabrics store today to look for some material for my sister.I do not sew so I approched an employee. My sister was on the phone with me and told me to ask for a knit nylon feeling material. The store had several costomers and this employee said very loadly A NYLON KNIT,she then pointed to about 10 rows of fabric and said all the knits are over there.Before I could turn and walk away she looked at the person beside her and laughed and wispered something about me. Everyone that was in the area was staring at me. I was so mad. How RUDE do the Hancock employees have to be to be hired. This store is well known by everyone to have the rudest employees. I know many many women who sew they just hate having to go in to this Huntersville Location. They say they only go there because it’s the only fabric store there is in our area. This is a good time for a come to Jesus meeting with these employees. I’m glad I don’t sew that way I won’t ever have to go back in there. I told my sister I will help her in the future as long as it does not involve Hancocks in Huntersville

  3. I have been to the Midlothian, Virginia store twice in the past week. It is so understaffed, the clerks are run ragged! When I went Saturday there were 2 employees, and on Tuesday 1. That poor lady was cutting material, cashiering, then running back to help the next person. I’m sorry, but there is another fabric store up the road, and it may cost me a bit more, but next time I won’t be spending an hour in the store waiting to be waited on.

  4. I recently went Hancock’s in Dothan, Al. I spoke with Cassidy. Although the store was busy, She gave me her undivided attention. She was so friendly and informative. She didn’t just tell me where the items on my list were located, She walked me to each item and answered all my questions. She made my visit a pleasure. Before I left I had a few things that weren’t on my list as well…(She’s pretty persuasive).. I will definitely visit the Dothan

    store again.

    Estelle Hoyt

  5. I went to the Hancock store in Rome Ga today to return some items that, I ended up not needing, and to purchase the product that I needed. I waited in line patiently, when it was my turn the woman at the register had a hard time getting the receipt that had the items I was returning to scan. She commented that she did not want to have to put it in manually. I didn’t say anything. She wasn’t very friendly. I went on with my purchase and left. When I got in the car I realized that she had not given me my senior discount so I went back in. I got in line behind a gentleman that was having the same problem. While I waited another lady came in with the same problem, she didn’t get her discount either. When it was finally my turn the employee told me it was going to take her an awfully long time to re-do my purchases and returns and that it would not be worth the small amount of discount I would get. When I didn’t say anything she told me I would only get about 70 cents in discount. I told her that that wasn’t true because my purchase was for $16.28 before taxes and before my credits from the returned items and I said my discount should be $2.44. She just wanted to argue with me so I finally told her that the discount is suppose to be off the entire purchase and that I would take this up with Hancocks headquarters. She told me to go ahead. I have shopped at that store many times, even though it takes me 30 minutes to get there, I am closer to Jo-Ann fabrics. I’ve never had this problem before or been treated so rudely that I was embarassed in front of a long line of people. I had to leave without my discount and when you are on a fixed income the $2.44 discount is a lot for me. I want these comments to go to the main office. If this continues I will stop shopping there.

  6. I have been shopping at Hancock for years in different areas.I have recently

    Shopped at the store in Houston , Tx jones Rd and FM 1960

    It seems the store has changed in appearance drastically . The store

    Is now more appealing and less junky. It actually makes it less stressful

    so that you could shop at ease. There is a new Black woman that

    is a manager there named LaSandra, she is a gem

    always so nice and bubbly, very interested in

    my projects. It’s my first time feeling real comfortable asking for

    help because she didn’t make me and my mother

    feel bad because our English isn’t that good.

  7. I have shopped at least 10 different Hancock stores in TX, GA, MS, CO, and NC and I have never had such a wonderful experience as I did at your Morrow, GA location. (Mt. Zion) The women who work there make you feel like a long-lost friend when you enter. Each guest is greeted, offered help, smiled at frequently, and (something that should make you happy) offered sale items and additions to their purchase.

    Going to the cutting table is a pleasure, as the woman working there will always ask about your project, compliment your idea, and make suggestions for other projects. I usually shop Hobby Lobby – in fact there is one less than a mile from my house – but I have found myself driving the 10 miles to Hancock’s simply because I enjoy the happy, helpful environment.

    These woman all deserve a raise!

  8. I waited and waited for them to correct a price today. they finaly did but then did not put all the items in my bag, i got home and called and was told they had sold the item they left out of my bag to someone else and did not have another one. this was the Decatur HA store. they are hopeless losers IMHO I am so angry there is no excuse for this. I cannot find a phoen number for the dsitrict office or corporate office. I know theya re a francise but obviously a very poo one

  9. I went to Hancock fabric on February 25, 2013. I went to get a seam ripper for my grandmother. I do not sew nor do I frequent Hancock Fabrics. When I entered I was not greeted nor asked if anyone could help me. I circled the store a few times looking for the item I wanted until I found it…still no help. I then proceeded to the register to pay for the item. I waited five minutes before another customer made the comment that I was waiting. Both Hancock Fabric employees ignored her comment becuase they were busy joking with her. I had some candy but decided against purchasing it. As I replaced it on the hook; the same customer mentioned, jokingly, that I was leaving becuase they (employees) had me waiting for such a long time. The “Assistant Manager” responded wit “She can leave!” His tone was full of pure rudeness and malice. At that comment the other employee, an ederly lady, rang up my order. I will NEVER go there again no matter what my grandmother needs.

  10. I went to the Hancock Fabric store in Tyler, Texas. I watched the assistant manager mess with this poor woman’s mind. She kept telling the woman that she had given her her card and this poor woman was confused and though she said,”I don’t remember giving you my card,” the girl kept telling her that she had. I wanted to say something but didn’t. This girl is evil messing with people’s heads like that. We have a lot of elderly here and they do get confused. Who made her assistant manager. This should not be allowed since most of the customers in this store are older people. Besides being rude, she also lies and plays games with these poor people.

  11. Some put of town district mang. Came in the Boloxi ms. Store and FIRED one of the best employees thry could ever have in a store. Supposedly, the store was dirty. The whole store usually has Only TWO people working and thats helping customers, handling the register and cutting fabric. Many time they ate swamped but they always are nice to everyone, helpful and handle the business as if it were

    Their own store. I would like to speak to someone in charge Over that district manager. 228-324-7963

  12. Iwent to the katy,texas hancock on mason rd. This morning and was not a happy customer*. I walked in was not greeted,-I was going to buy some leather or suede to cover my head rest which has two dvd in my Mercedes Benz. I also want to cover the two booster seats withe the same fabric for my grand children. I asked the lady could I have a small corner so I could go outside and match the color to my interior. She tells me it is the policy of hancocks to not give samples unless you purchase 1/8 of a yard. I repeated to her you’re telling me I cannot have a tiny piece off the corner of this remmanent piece off the sale table. But I could have a piece off the large bolts on the back wall. So, I go to the back wall and bring the large bolt to get a snip then she precedes to tell me oh, you can’t have a sample for it. Even though its on sale it is really expensive fabric. (9.99) This is an utterly ridiculious

    Way to treat customers. I and another lady were the only customers in the store, so it wasn’t that she was busy on this beautiful Sunday morning, she was just pure mean and hateful. She asked me was I going to purchase the fabric and I told her no, I will take my business to JoAnn Fabrics or Hobby lobby where they treat customers with professionalism and

    a desire to be helpful. I went to JoAnn’s, I was greeted with sounds of beautiful christmas music, a similing face that said: hello : how are you? and I found the same fabric -it wasn’t on sale but they did cut me a sample and it matched. So,I did,’t mine paying more, because they were giving and kind. Wish I could have written that about Hancocks;even though I have been a prefered customer for over 20 years.

  13. would like to receive monthly sales flyer. contacted customer service was informed it was random and not guarantee to receive due to “saving the environment.” referred to website. Problem is website is difficult to read–plus not every household has a computer. Plus the advertisement is not promptly updated so I miss sales for first week. Can see why your stocks are slipping.

  14. I have recently begun sewing again after a long absense from the pastime. I frequented another fabric store in the area (Davenport, Iowa) before rediscovering Hancock. I have made four trips to Hancocks over the last few months and each one has been delightful. The store is pleasantly arranged, spacious, has a surprisingly diverse selection of craft and gift items in addition to fabric. The staff, though, is what sets this store apart. There have been different sales associates working during each of my visits and all of them have been a cut above. They have been helpful but more. Their warm conversation with every customer makes the shopping experience calm and soothing to the spirit. On my most recent visit, I sought out the manager to compliment her on the quality of her store and her staff. She had a beautiful smile, twinkling eyes, and generous compliments for her staff as well. I hope that she is positively recognized for the important role she plays in creating the environment that makes this a first-rate Hancock store.

  15. Yesterday I was shopping at the Hattiesburg store. There were 5 customers waiting for the 1 employee who was cutting. This employee was also running register where there was a line of 4 or 5 customers. The manager was working on something in drapery. She finally came to assist with cutting, freeing the other employee to work the register. I noticed at least 30-40 bolts of fabric behind the cutting area that needed to be reshelved. What is going on?! The customer in front of me said she has friends who refuse to shop at Hancock anymore because of the poor service. We have Hobby Lobby in town and Walmart has fabric now too, as well as some independent retailers. Hancock Fabrics should be reevaluating their method of operation if it hopes to stay in business in Hattiesburg. My shopping trip yesterday was very frustrating and took at least twice as long as it should have.

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