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  1. You have no consideration for the buyer, after the sale, when the equipment fails, all your store reps can say is, we have a new one you can buy, or call our help number, that is just a joke.

  2. Absolutely impossible to through . Their system demands you press a number for English or Spanish, which is impossible on a computer call (SKYPE) even thugh they show Skype telephone links.

  3. Where is your customer service???? An employee gave me a false website to go to. I feel it was false advertising in their flyer, as when I got to the store the item wasn’t available and no signs were posted as a misprint, but a similar item, 6 feet smaller and the same price was available and not posted as a replacement. Employee said they couldn’t do anything for me, had to take it up with corporate. Well, where is corporate? Is this their method to get you in the store???? Then bait and switch!!!!! Or just plain false advertising??? Upset isn’t the word! My grandson was very disappointed when I told him it wasn’t available.

  4. I bought!from harbor freight co. south Broadway NH a couple day’s ago a light work vice model#03311. It wont stick to anything I try to stick it to, I have a $2400.00 kithen set nice wood extsreamly smooth and it should stick according to the instructions but to no avail . please help I am disabledyy . I cant emagine you putting a product on the market that dont work . please help me. thank you

  5. jim Went to buy planner at the new store in Rapid City South Dakota, coupon came in the sunday paper saying 3 FREE GiFTS WHIT A PURCHASE GOT TO THE REG AND THE EMPLOYEE SAID ONLY 1 PER DAY. The ad didn,t say that it said 3 free gifts gave it back to the person will not shop their again OTHER PEOPLE GOT MAD ALSO

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