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  1. I visited the store on Orange Ave. Roanoke and the trash and filth that was in the parking lot & the drive-thru window disgusted me to no end. I lost my appetite from seeing that.

  2. I have went to hardees in georgetown delaware and there food was good the fries were lil cold tho but my concerns are for the employees that work there i was waiting for my food for 10minutes and i saw 3workers standing around talking and eating and this african american guy he was the cook walked by me he smelled like marijuana and i want something done with those employees being and acting the way they do! so please the corporate of hardees in georgetown delaware do something about it if not it wont be to many people going there anymore! ! .. thank you!!

  3. Hardees is my favorite place to eat. The 1/3 lb with “fixin’s” is the draw. Your fries are good (not as good as Burger King) but they are often served “warm” and I try to remember to ask for fresh fried. The service in the city of Springfield, TN is above par. This restaurant site made it the place to go for the those on a budget by offering counter coupons. That stopped and that is a disappointment – as our newspaper does not deliver coupons. I see them used plentifully and feel left out.

    The Clarksville site is a good place, too – but they never did offer coupons. What they do do that makes us go to Hardees above other places (or other Hardees sites) is to give cookies in the childs menu. Such a small thing to be such a draw.

  4. March 13th and 14th/2013—Last evening was our second day in a row to be dissapointed on our trip to Hardees with our coupons.Day before last we used the turkey burger coupon for two burgers. They were not as hot as we felt they should have been. Texture was not pleasant. It was like eating a warmed up frozen patty at a highway gas station from the microwave. The frys were not fresh and hot either. We were there at 4:30pm.

    Last evening it was just before 5pm when we used the thick beef burger coupon for two burgers. The shock was the beef burger tasted the same as the turkey burger with only the added flavor of grill searing to the beef burger. We chose to go next door to McDonalds for our fries and a shake considering the dry,cold fries from the night before. Our Hardees in Kirksville, MO had been missed in the past years it was closed. Our newly opened Hardees does not compare to the hot,fresh memories. Prices are outragous compared to other fast food locations. Oh, we also purchased the cod sandwich suggested as a special by the person at the window last night. It was a surprise of odd flavor in the coating on the cod which made it taste like tuna. It was a small piece of fish for the price too. When the outer coating was scrapped off to ceckk the flavor of the fish, the fish itself was fine inside. It was a poor choice of seasoning in the coating.

  5. ImMy visit today at hardees in waverly Virginia. Was very very poor. Manager and two employees where loud and nasty with each other. I wait 55. Minutes to get my order and then 10 to get my food because manager and back employees where going at each other.

  6. i really like the red burrito added to the menu. i go there every pay day to get the 10″ monster tacos. last time i was there, i was told the 10″ monster tacos are no longer on the menu. why would you do such a thing? i really like these tacos. please bring them back. thanks allen

  7. We were in beaufort south caroliona. we stopped in your hardees facility after leaving parris island for lunch, there was 7 people in our party. the service was excellent, the staff was outstanding and the food was cooked fresh, hot and to our desires. they brought the food to our table and even chatted with us. I just retired from over 15 years in the food service industry, finally, someone who gave me service like I gave to others. you should be proud of this crew, please extend my thanks to them from their new friends in baltimore maryland, they made our trip even better.


  8. Many years ago we became acquainted with Hardee’s sausage/biscuit in Illinois — I think — and we thought how great it would be to have these restaurants in Arkansas. Finally they got here and we’ve enjoyed them for several years. Couldn’t leave on a trip without our sausage/biscuit “fix,” which is as American as apple pie. But now we are now shocked and enraged that Hardee’s felt the need to stoop to the bottom of the barrel to dig up the new and offensive ad. We’ll be hitting Mac’s for a sausage-egg- cheese muffin. So sorry! K & J Lynch

    1with the girl spreading herself and especiall her legs that age/v

  9. The Hardee’s in THIBODAUX,LA. is getting so bad it is unreal my wife had a hair in her burger 2 weeks ago then I went their Sunday only because Burger King and McDonald was so packed the radio was so loud the lil girl had to ask mel 2 time what I was getting it took 40 min. to get my order3 people came form drive threw with wrong orders and the best thing was they only had 6 people inside PLEASE TRY AND DO SOMETHING.

  10. i really dont see how yall are still in business. the food is just plain terrible anymore..fries are either hard as a rock or rubbery and your spicy chicken sandwich is so tough u can barely chew it much less swallow it..i get craped every time i order something because i already know its gonna taste like crap and plus the workers are nasty..but u dont have no choice when its the only fast food restaurant in town..i really wish yall would just shut it down because apparently the employees dont take their job seriously and could care less about professional customer service..jobs are very hard to come by and they should be thankful they have a job. they should give it their best and be proud to represent their company

  11. The hardens here in Va are the worst slow as well I went to one today and was in the drive through for breakfast for almost 30 mins. I’ve never seen a slower fast food restaurant in my life. I wish I could give the negative stars

  12. I work for Hardee in Anderson South Carolina an didn’t receive my pay for this period…please contact me asap

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