Harrahs operates casinos and hotels in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Harrah’s properties include, Caesars Palace, Bally’s Atlantic City Rio, Ballys Flamingo & Paris Las Vegas.

Harrahs Corporate Office Headquarters HQ<

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  1. We were in Ballys today gambling on my birthday…After the lady left I decided to moveto her machine and suddendly I was very wet… think she pied on the seat…I had hit the button and got a small bonus and since I was wet I finished the bonus and went to he bathroom to clean up…Felpe was back with our pizza from JJs so we left so I could go home to take a shower again and wash my clothes. I reported the seat to the cocktail waitress so no one else would have this problem…there were no security present…Thought you should know

  2. When I booked online, I ordered a 3 night package that included the room and $100 dollars worth of spa credit for each day. I got two massages that came out to $330 dollars which means my bill should of been 30 dollars. When I looked up my bill, it said I owed over 600 dollars. So I went down to the front desk, waited in line for 30 minutes just to get to the desk, which is another issue all by itself, and was told by desk agent Michelle that the bill was correct. I told her everything was paid in advance so she went to the back, came out 5 minutes later with a new bill and said our reservations department put it in wrong and your new bill is only 400 dollars. I told her, no its not, try again. She said you got 4 massages, I told her I got two. She went to the back again, and came out and said the salon double charged you and your new bill is 160 dollars. I told her, no its not, and to please get a manager. This time it took 15 minutes for Nisha to come out and say she was going to do me a courtesy and only charge me 80 dollars which is the correct total with room service. I said how are you doing me a courtesy when it was your mistake. She said it was the salon’s mistake not theirs. So we went round and round and not one time, did she even try to apologize, which is all I really wanted, she just kept blaming them and said how she was doing me a favor. I said, I just wasted almost an hour of my life to fix your hotel’s mistake, and your doing me a favor? So I asked for copies of the other invoices to make sure everything was taken off correctly, she told me she threw them away. I said, no problem, just get them out, she refused. So I said, why would you refuse to give me copies of the bill unless you were hiding something. I asked for the hotel manager, she said he was busy. I asked to speak to someone in charge, she proceeded to tell me if I didn’t settle down, she would call security. So let me get this straight, you make a 600 dollar mistake in your favor, you make the guest wait an hour in line, and then you are going to call security when the guest calls you out for it.

    Stay aware from this casino, it used to be the best, but when you talk to the employees, they tell you how bad things are. The pool is great, some of the staff go out of their way for you. The male bartender at the mexican restaurant, the female dealer at the single deck blackjack table, the housekeeping staff were all excellent, but checking in and out is a joke. 30 to 45 minutes to check in, and they act like it’s no big deal. By far the worst employees I met work at the front desk, Michelle, Nisha, and an african fellow who claimed to be a manager as well all showed poor customer service skills and a lack of common sense.

    Joe Reiser


  3. Just received my latest package with the annual offer of a coupon booklet. I come in on a junket and I would like to know why we always luck out with the dates. I’ve been a regular Diamond member and I would like to know why I cannot receive this coupon book. The package says ‘YOU ARE INVITED, TO CELEBRATE THE ACHIEVEMENT OF YOUR DIAMOND STATUS WE WOULD LIKE TO PRESENT YOU WITH A SPECIAL GIFT!’ Well if I am entitled to celebrate my achievement why can’t I do so. I will be in Atlantic City at Harrah’s Aptil 23-25, unfortunately the dates on my invitation is either April 19-20. I have voiced my opinion last year and other years about this situation they told me they have only so many packages, if that’s the case why do they send out so many invites. Is there something I can do in order to get this coupon book when I will be there in April?????

  4. Played at Harra’s council bluffs on Sunday February 3rd– placed 750 rx credit balance in box and still have not been credited.. Please see if totals can be updated

  5. mr basar,let me tell you about my experience with mr chinois. I tried to check in at at midnight on nov 22.i had prepaid for the room on a visa gift card.i had the card and hotwire confirmation in hand and over 280.00 left on the card/dave chinois comes over and laughs in my face,tells me i cannot check in with this card if it had one thousand dollars credit on it. he needs a bank card.even though the room is paid for and i have plenty of cash and credit on visa and my room is already paid for,he sent me out at midnight on a big holiday to find a room.He used profanity and a racial slur about me when his back was turned and he thought i could not hear. This dave chinois must be like fredo from the godfather…connected and or related to somebody.his combination of hubris,ignorance,and arrogance is pathetic in his position.I will never darken harrahs door again.this guy represented himself as the hotel gm…are you serious?

  6. I can’t even find a costumer complaint email to let you know how dissapointwd I am with your casino and your hotel. My stay at Harrah’s Atlantic city on August 4 th 2012 was horrible. I have paid $380 for a room which I couldn’t sleep because of some pool party. I have called front desk and ” Gloria” was very rude. She however told me to come down to change the room. I went downstairs and she said they can’t change the room. Ten minutes ago she was saying they could. I asked her to speak to her manager. And some one name Dave Chinioese I hope I spell the last name right was laughing at me. He said there is no room. He was so mean and keep smiling to Gloria making eye contact. I will never ever stay at Harrah’s ever again. This is my last time coming to Harrah’s and paying this ridicilous amount for the smelly room where I can’t even sleep in. There are many other hotels which would gladly accept my money and provide decent costumer service. Never again. I will write about this horrible Harrah’s experience on every single website I find.

    Leman Basar

  7. I would like to have this e mail directed to a corporate VP someone in charge of Desk and Reservations for Harrahs in LV. I have been stone walled for over a year trying get satisfaction for the way I was treated by the hotel Manager. I am 61 years old been going to Harrahs since the 1970s spent tens of thousands staying there and playing and really enjoying my vacations.Well as time goes on I now have a tidy pension can travel but what is different I need to save my money to go on vacation. I might want to mention I am a small share holder for your group.

    Let me be the first to mention I am a pest because I have been treated like crap by your front desk manager and wanted and expected an apology. Her condescending attitude and arrogance were horrible and she needs sensitivity training when it comes to dealing with the public. She may have been having a bad day but when I questioned some charges she treated me like crap turned her back on me and walked away. I have sent many e mails I have been trying to get someone’s attention but she blocks all my (and I must say I have left many many e-mails and they were annoying) but by God I have not received one answer for all my e mails. I will not give up until I have the attention of at least one VP of Customer service contact me. Harrahs is a large casino so you don’t see how many people are not returning because of the treatment they are getting from this Rev. Desk Manager. Please if you don’t believe me just have a person walk into Harrahs meet with her about an issue and let the fireworks begin. She is not stable and should not be in her position.

    I have stayed there for years. I am playing in the main event of the WSOP plus will be here In June to play another WSOP tournament. I arrive June 1 – 6 the . Staying at another resort but in all honesty, I miss Harrahs.

    I know you know a lot of VP in the Harrahs group. I am asking you to send this along to one of them and maybe it can get to the right person.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

  8. Where do I need to file a discrimination complaint to? It’s for Harrahs New Orleans casino. I have tried to talk with people there and no one has been returning any info on my situation. Can you help me please and thank you

  9. Had the worst Hotel experience EVER!

    The room was filthy! Carpet was scattered with debris.

    The nightstand had a standing spill on it.

    Had not been dusted in a while!

    The toilet actually had urine drops on it!

    The shower curtain was covered with mold. How can a housekeeper not take care of these things…mold? Really?

    Am I at Harrahs?

    phone was broken and needed to call security one night for someone kicking my door and screaming.

    They replaced it the night before we left. I have to stop because I am out of room, but there is a lot more!

    I was so disappointed. They have lost the desire to please customers. Seems like the competition springing up everywhere would keep them on top of things. The casino was unkept also. The smoking area provided very few ashtrays and cigarette butts were everywhere. Empty drink cups and bottles were all over!

  10. Stayed at Harrahs Laughlin May7,8,9,10th of 2015. Went to Guy Fieres new restaurant . Food was expensive and he needs to rework the menu. Paid for a wet burrito, $2.00 extra. It came out looked like sauce may have been waved over it but not wet. Ask for more sauce and was told would be an extra charge. No comment cards to fill out they were out of them. The cashier was sorry but could do nothing. Most of the tables that got burritos left them on the plate and removed the contents so they could eat them, Would not return here.

  11. I think the casino industry needs to restructure itself in Indiana to survive.I think casinos should merge with grocery stores where the people go.Grocery stores with casino entertainment inside them would boost the industry in Indiana.A casino donation at fuel pumps at gas stations outside grocery stores would create jobs and boost industry.A high tech arcade,laundry mat,dentist office,medical office,post office,and utility bills office could all in one grocery store collect taxes fore state,fed,and casinos.A bass pro shops,brown county Indiana like gift shops and outdoor store would generate interest by public and serve the public better.Entertainment taxes,and soft drink taxes could rebuild infrastructure and build casino ,and entertainment industry.

  12. I first met Bill Harrah, a friend, with Sammy Davis Jr. at Harrahs, Lake Tahoe in 1957. I have been staying at Harrahs all over the county, multiple times each year, since then ( that’s 57 years, but who’s counting). I was, when I was able to get around better, a diamond card holder but, because you punish long term customers for not gambling enough, I have now been reduced to “gold”. How nice.

    There are many casinos near my newest home and I have choices. You no longer will have my full attention, which obviously is not important to you.

    Thanks for the last 57 years.







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