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  1. To Heineken

    I am and have been drinking Heineken for over 30 years.Today when I opened a few beers after work drinking a few of your beer’s. I was not satisfied because there was this white gross unknown gooey residue in this one bottle.To my understanding beer is not supposed to have any floating stuff in a sealed beer bottle.

    I was so happy I didn’t have a buzz going on. Also I was in a well lit room before I opened this Heineken beer bottle.I would like you to send me a paid return box to send this bottle back to your company for your own Quality Control. I am very disgusted and probably will not be sure if I will continue drinking Heineken beer.I might filed a personal lawsuit if this is poisoned beer.Please tell me how I can forward a picture of this gross Heineken beer bottle.

    Thank you very much,

    Bottle #3190528K2132



  2. Embarrassed to drink your beer now ….order one or bring some over .. “Oh I see you drink heinikin .. Do u want to flip my meat ?” Get rid of your marketing team now .. Make a real beer drinking commercial… and you may recover in 7 years…

  3. Your ad with Neal Patrick Harris requesting to flip the grillman’s meat is very offensive to me, therefore, it is politically incorrect and must be discontinued immediately. Congratulations – you just blew off another Heineken beer drinker.

  4. I have seen an add on tv abought girls calling men!! drunks???? were have all the good men gone ???? that is not a good add!!!!!!! are you calling me!!! a drunk??? and all men??? drunks??

  5. 2month ago I bought the kegel beer from a store and after we finshed the kegel ,I heard something rolling.i opened the kegel and found a white plastic bottel(looks like white baby bottel)im just curios what is it?I can provide pic too upon request.i have some idea where its coming from ,but I wanted to know from you guys.Thank you

  6. Been drinking Heineken in the green bottle since 1958. Last week I was in a grocery store where they only sold

    the beer in a can so I purchased 3 24 oz. cans. I can tell you, without question, it was not the same Heineken

    beer I have consumed for 57 years. In fact, it was so inferior that after just one can, I returned the other two for

    some Warsteiner. I do not understand the extreme difference. Perhaps there is an explanation you could provide.

  7. I will not drink any of your beer after i saw a LGBQ guy advertise it on tv and at the end he states that he doesn’t have any pants on.

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