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  1. I bought shampoo &

    Conditioner & when I went home to shower & use them for some weird reason the shampoo &

    Conditioner wasn’t coming out of the cap it was broken I was very unhappy that I couldn’t use them &

    I buy your

    Products a lot & last week I bought the hairspray &

    The nozzle wouldn’t spray out I’m very unhappy cause I’m a great customer that spends a lot of money on your products

  2. I’ve been a reliable customer. For years now.I just spent 20 dollars on you products and was so disappointed in your product.it was real watery and the cap was stuck husband couldnt even open it I’m very disappointed in your products I hope u fix this thank u nicole

  3. Cannot read the minute print o the hello hydration bottles. They look exactly alike and can’t tell the shampoo from the conditioner. Thx.

  4. I bought Tea Lightfully clean cream rinse 4 the 1st time I thought my head was on fire I’m not kidding I never felt anything like it what ever you guys put in it u need to take it out , I hope nothing happens like my hair falling out or I get a bad rash u need to pull it from the shelfs before somebody really gets hurt from this worst conditioner I have ever used I use your products all the time but I must say someone really messed up on this one!

  5. Hello my name is katelyn Mertle and I absolutely love that you brought back the old original shampoo and conditioner. I would love to try more of your products and was wondering if you would be so kind to send me any samples and or coupons you may have available through postal mail. My mailing address is 129 Madison way downingtown, pa 19335. I would really appreciate this. Thank you so much for your time.

  6. I am writing you regarding two products that I purchased from you.. I bought the Herbal Essence conditioner and shampoo and both of my products were really like watered down. This is the first time that my husband and I have used your products and this is UNACCEPTABLE. !!!!! The UPC codes for both are. : 8151901938 // 8151901936. Thankyou. I look forward from hearing from you(((((:

    1. To whom it may concern, I have bought the 700 ml size bottle of Herbal Essence Shampoo Blow Out Smooth for years. I shower everyday so I do use a lot. I usually buy 3 to 4 bottles at a time in the 700 ml container at the Walmart in Penticton BC. I am now running out of my Shampoo Supply and need to buy more. So here is my Dillema. 1. Walmart and every other store only carry the 300 ml containers now and I refuse to buy that size of container due to the amount of times that I wash my hair. I cannot use just any shampoo due to allergies. For years I bought Head and Shoulder until they changed the ingrediance. Then I switched to Herbal Essence Blow Out Smooth and have been using it ever since. Once I have used up my 2 remaining bottles I will be forced to switch again to another shampoo. My scalp gets very itchy so I can’t just use any shampoo. Plus I like the smell it has and mixed with body chemistry it becomes even better. Now I have to start that process all over again with another shampoo.

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