Hertz is the largest US car rental agency. Hertz rents cars, trucks, vans, and high end cars.

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  1. Driving down the road in a hertz SUV, mirror falls off. Hertz wants me to pay for defective equipment saying I’m responsible. With their reasoning, if the engine failed, I would be responsible. Hertz will now lose an estimated $40,000 in rental revenue from me over the next ten years. This for a repair of $158.00. Bye Bye Hertz

  2. I rented a car in Orlando Sanford in nov 2013. The car had brake problems and transmission problems. And then I left my gps in the car and call as soon as my plane landed they stated they would call me back I have never heard from anyone concerning the gps. I fly to orlando every month this is the first time. I have rented from hertz and you can be assured I would not recommend them to anyone I know for a fact that the gps was left in the car I flew out at. 7:00 am and left the car at 5:30 am some employee has taken the gps so saving on the junk of a rental cost me over 200:00 considering the cost of the gps : Think twice before you use hertz rental car

  3. Wow! sorry about all the suboptimal reviews I read. I myself had an awesome experience with Hertz every time I have utilized their services. I wanted to give special thanks to Merritt Smith in Charleston, SC (where I moved from to Baltimore, Md.) Merritt was very helpful and went out of his way to assist me with my moving needs to Maryland. Man needs a raise! Can’t thank you enough. Upon arrival to Md. I encountered a Mr. Scott Kirtland who was very receptive and expeditious in handling the rental return. Very professional, considering it was his first day on the job! I will only deal with Hertz in the future. Good job guys! K Dunn.

  4. Absolutely 100% the worst service of any company that I have ever dealt with in my entire life. I find it very hard to believe that there is not one person at this company who can handle a problem that your booking agent made. We were led on by false information at each turn that we tried to rectify the situation. You can believe that an entire corporation will no longer be using you as their rental company as well as every person that I meet and every person who reads my travel blogs. I was completely unsuccessful in my attempts to get any help from all of your customer service departments as their hands are tied. This is my final attempt to get someone’s attention who might be able to actually act as a responsible party for the company and make things right. I would appreciate a response to this message with a contact name and number.

  5. I rented a car from Hertz 8/20/2013 while my vehicle was being repaired. They were the preferred rental company by my insurance company. I was picked up by a sloppy dressed man in a dirty vehicle that was to be my rental. I requested that they clean it and had to wait while this was done. Upon returning the car on 8/23/2013, my cell phone fell between the seat and the console. I forgot to tell them at that time, so I went back in the morning to retrieve it. I was told the car was rented again and would not be back until the following Saturday. It is now 2 months later and after many calls to Hertz I still do not have it. I am always told that it will be in soon. As I explained to them, the phone itself is not the problem, but I need the business contact information. I find the apparent lack of concern and urgency very appalling. I plan to address this issue with my Insurance company also.

  6. Hello my complant is on the 25th of september my 29 year old nephew rented a car for 4 days and i had to use my credit card so he could drive the car on the 3rd day a woman ran a red light and hit them , no one hurt bad , hertz called a tow company to pick up the car

    and left them( nephew and my 71 year old brother in a wheel chair )and hertz at logan airport said to drive into boston if they need another car . hertz needs to address issues like this because it looks bad for hertz , I do want to thank the NJ. office for addressing this and other issues i had the young ladie i spoke with was very profesional and worked to resolve my problem.

  7. The worst of the worst! I signed the contract to rent a car for a day, it was a 3-day weekend, the next day I returned, the agent closed the office early (there was a note with a phone number to call) due to the long holiday weekend. I then called the number, the agent instructed me to write down the mileage, the time/date then drop everything in the night box. I did so, I then went home, pack the rest of the stuffs and moved out of the state (I took advantage of 3-day weekend to move out of the state). A month later, the credit card billed me for 4 days rental!, I called the credit card to open a dispute with Hertz, Hertz lost the case, the credit card only paid 1 day rental. Now, Hertz turned around and sent the unpaid 3 days, which I never used/driven, to the collection!.



  8. I rent a car in Germany, return the car on September 24th. 4 days later I got a charge of 104.48 on my credit card. i called Germany, they told me there was a few scratches on the hub cap. after calling Frankfurt, customer service told me it could take up to 3 month the problem be solve. that’s bs. I can’t see it I’m back in the USA, they can say anything.

  9. The worst customer service I have ever encountered ther main goal is to blow you off and move on the the next call to do the same thing to that customer. They need to relize the customer is who they collect there pay from.left the tank full ,agent verified tank full,had to send them the reciept for fueling 2 miles from airport time stamped 5 minutes from when they checked car in and still cant get an answer after 3 weeks when i will have $141 put back in my account for the allegedly 13.63 gallons it took them to fill the car. I will never do business with them again and encourage my fellow employees and friends to do the same.

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