Hertz is the largest US car rental agency. Hertz rents cars, trucks, vans, and high end cars.

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  1. I have to say that never before have I had such problems with a rent-a-car place. There was a miscommunication with staff and payments received, as I paid cash and the hold (supposed hold on my credit card would be taken off.) I paid cash and went home thinking everything was good, except for the extra charge for cleaning, mind you I cleaned before the car was picked up, spending 8$ at a car was and vaccuming. Long behold 3 days later my credit card was charged again, so I was charged twice. I informed the employee of what happened and she proceeded to tell me ” that could never happen a customer getting charged twice,” that there was a problem with the bank. I went to the bank and the manager at bank had to call Hertz and speak with them, as my word was not credible. The bank manager reassured Hertz that I had indeed been charged twice. I then went back to Hertz, only to find out that nothing could be done that day, and since it was Thursday and the weekend was around the corner they really couldn’t help me. The Hertz employee states, ” I feel bad” well I do too. Overhearing another employee joking with a another client on a phone about taking his credit card number shopping. I was then really angry, because my money had been taken and this employee has the nerve to joke about STEALING money from another customer. This situation had scam written all over it. This place should be shut down. I did call coporate and fax all my information to them, all reciepts and documents regarding being billed twice for a week rental. I hope this matter get resolved soon.

  2. Hertz negotiated a settlement with my insurance company for an accident. Then increased the bill (above my deductible) back to me for nearly $400. When I asked for the receipt for the repairs, I got referred to a collection agency.

    This is the most rude company I have ever dealt with.

  3. I am a corporate gold member client. I trying to use Hertz as my preffered vendor for an executive car. Not only I was given a wrong car that did not feet my needs. After the rental ended (1 days early). I was triple charge on my Credit Card for the same rental and the only reason I leared about it is because my CC declined 5 days later on the simple transaction. Attitude of Customer Server below the lowest I’ve seen in decades. Problem still no solved. I am on the phone with Executive Customer Service and still get nothing done. Very sad. A good company and such poor service. I will go to AVIS next time. This company just can not be trusted any more.

  4. To Whom it May Concern,

    I reserved a car to be used this week and picked up at MCI airport KC. I have paperwork that shows it was reserved 9/18 for Friday 11/16-11/23. Last night, the most incompetent manager told me my confirmation of was not valid. Then he told me it would not take my credit card. As it was near midnight, I asked him if we could call somebody to which his response was “There is noone to call, I am the manager” After an hour (combination of waiting for his slow-moving self and his non-listening skills) I simply walked over to Avis and got a better deal on a car and used my “non-working” credit card. I usually rent from Hertz including 4 weeks ago from the airport in Concord California. I simply cannot deal with incompetence and that is what i experienced with Hertz last night.

  5. I returned the hertz car a day early which was on 9/23/12. The office was closed and there was no drop box. Hertz customer service told me to put the key under the mat inside the car and lock the doors. Monday the Hertz rental office called me telling me that they only had one key and charged me 356.00 plus my 200.00 deposit. They charged me for 5 days rental. Why am I being billed extra for doing what I was told to do. Is this some type of con game you play with their customers?

  6. Today I dropped off my car (8 AM) at an auto body shop for repairs from an accident. I was waiting for Hertz to drop off a rental car since the insurance company told me Hertz would be giving me a rental car. I waited until 8:30 and called Hertz (Since Enterprise had 3 cars for customers and everyone was on their way by 8:10 AM)I was told I was not in the computer (I had my confirmation #)but they would send a car for me anyway. When Hertz finally arrives I am told I have to drive their driver back to Hertz (15 miles away) then pick up my car by this time it was 9:00AM. When I arrive at Hertz I am told there is 1 car available but it had to have an oil change. Waited another 25 minutes and finally was given a dripping wet chevrolet (by this time I would have taken a horse and buggy)I get into the car and it is completely empty absolutely no gasoline in this car. I go back to Hertz to tell them the car is on empty. Someone takes the car and fills it with gas brings it back to Hertz and I am on my way to work at 10:10 AM. WHAT WONDERFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!I am sure this will not be a schock to the BBB when it is reported.

  7. I am on the phone again with Hertz trying to get my final bill for the rental car. They set up with the repair shop and one stop service. Drop off your car for repair and pick up your rental in the same place. The problem is that you have to wait for them to contact you with the final paperwork. The individual that answered the phone at the place is Stephanie. Stephanie has put me on hold every time I have called. I sit on hold for 15 to 20 minutes each time. I have been trying to call them for 3 weeks now. Today I asked for the manager and she told me he was not available that she would help me. I have been calling for 3 weeks. She has answered the phone every time I called and not once did she offer to assist me until I asked for the manager. I will never use Hertz service again and will get them removed as a provider from State Farm as soon as I can. I will file a complaint with State Farm, the BBB and any other organization that will take the complaint. This is ridiculous. Now I know why Enterprise dominates the market. I never had an issue with them. This was the first time I used Hertz and it will be the last time I use Hertz.

  8. I rented a car from Hertz in Germany. Everything went smooth and we took off with no problems. The day after while driving we had a blow out tire. We had to wait for 4 hours until we had a new car to use. After returning from our journey, I got an invoice in Italian(…..) saying that I was being charged €500,00!! and an additional €50,00 for petrol which we didn’t use. According to the lady in customer service, I was being charged the petrol because Hertz had to pick up the rental car (which the towing company dropped off at the wrong branch) I’m still waiting to hear what “damage” I’m being charged for….. This was the first and the last time i will be using this company!

  9. Ok so I have a car accident on 08/13/12 and my insurance company sets me up with a rental car with Hertz. Ten days later, I am on my way to flippin gas station to fill up the rental car and I have another wreck. I am already going to have to pay Hertz my deductible and realize they have charged me $227.19 for four days days or rental and a rental adjustment on top of a fuel charge. I can not get ahold to anyone and don’t think I owe them a deductible.

  10. I am facing the same problem from Hertz, where they have charged my card twice and when I call them to refund they give me customer care number and I tried at least 3-4 times and waited for 25-30 minutes but no one responds.

    I am cluless how toget my refund. I rent from Enterprize and dont find atleast this issue regarding billing.

    dont know ehether hertz have any customer care or just make fool while waiting on hold.

    hope Hetz should be hurts in the same way.

  11. Honestly Hertz has the WORST customer service I have ever dealt with in my life! I made a prepayment online for a vehicle and I did not end up getting the car when I got to my location. I spoke with the Hertz representative at the location and she said to call the billing office to get a refund, which I did the same evening. This all happened 7/26/12, it is 08/21/12 and I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY REFUND BACK. In addition to this, I kept calling their billing department where they literally kept me on hold for more than 30 minutes each time and the woman with the nasty tone said I would only get a partial payment because under Hertz policy, after 3 days they keep a certain amount. I was FURIOUS after she told me. Who wouldn’t be, I was on hold for almost an hour for someone to tell me this! That is the LAST time I will never rent anything from this company…if any of the senior representatives are reading this, you should ALL be ashamed of the dissatisfaction your company is known for and should REALLY consider holding weekly workshops on improving your customer service. We are people too and we have bills to pay, we don’t need any more stress in our lives over something that can be avoided. Just give me my money back!!

  12. Hertz is the worst. I am sitting in the waiting area as I type this. Our “reserved” car is not ready and the customer service agents totally domnotmeven care that an angry mob scene is forming outside in the waiting area. Many people are running over to other car rental companies in the area to rent elsewhere. I can’t tell you how much this has ruined our vacation – first trip with our kids to Hawaii. . We are on vacation in Hawaii with two small kids who are tired and wanting to get moving. The soda machine is out of order and there are zero refreshments or even cool water available for the 30 plus families all waiting. We reserved our car in December. Today is August 11 and do you mean to tell me this rental car company can’t get me a car ready in eight months. I will never rent from hertz again and I will make iit my personal crusade to tell everyone I know never to rent with them. Hertz is the absolute worst.

  13. Hertz, has gone down hill the customer service is absolutely terrible. I rented a car on line in Birmingham I got off the plan they didn’t have the right car I had paid for the car on line , insurance and all. I had to leave a 200,dollar deposit, that was ok. But upon returning the car lm running for a plan and they charged me an extra 267.00 for a car that had already been paid for. In trying to contact the manager of the Hertz was next to impossible I had to call the cooperate office and made to hold for a half hour. It’s a shame for such poor service from hertz

  14. i rented from hertz one way, the reservation was for $91 after tax, they didnt have the car when i got there, made me come back a n hour later, thereatened if im not there within a half hour i will lose the reservation, AND THEN HAD THE AUDACITY TO CHARGE ME $155 BC I “PICKED THE CAR UP LATE”

  15. We have had a terrible experience with Hertz and will NEVER rent a car from them. We rented a car to use in Germany but rented from the US company here. We did this in case we had any issues we could deal directly with a US company. We’ve had mutiple issues and communicating with them has been frustrating. When we turned in the car they pointed out a small scrape on the bumper that we were unaware was there. I’m not denying we caused it but we just don’t know how it happened. We later recived an invoice from Hertz in Germany for over $800.00 dollars in damages! We tried talking to someone here becuase we were so shocked at how high they were but they referred us to their people in their England office since they handled that type of thing. We have gone back and forth for a couple of months now via email and phone calls to no avail. The invoice came in German and we don’t understand German so we have asked them to translate the charges so we can see what we are being charged for. However they have told us since we rented in Germany they would come in German. OUr response was “we rented in the states so we could deal with them here in the case an issue came up” They basically told us that was the way it was and said we weren’t being charged for more. The English agent we last spoke to told us they had to remove the bumper to paint it. We were shocked since here in the states you would not remove a bumper for a small scrape/scratch to repair it.

    They had upgraded us since we had waited a good time for a car. However, they upgraded us to a class of car our insurance didn’t cover and they failed to inform us of that. Now we are stuck with paying for an expensive lesson…but we won’t be renting from Hertz and we will also tell everyone we know about this.

  16. DO NOT RENT a Hertz rental car from Orlando International Airport. They do not afford you an opportunity to look over your vehicle before you drive off with it. I just got a bill in the mail for damages that I cannot honestly say were there, but I was held responsible. I get a letter in the mail to call Hertz immediately. Left numerous messages, with no call backs. The letter says failure to contact us within to days may result in your Hertz rental cal priveliges being suspended. I have already suspended them permanently. Not to mention the staff is very rude and hard to understand. They need to hire people that speak english. This is the USA, we speak ENGLISH here.

  17. Hertz has stolen $189.00 out of my bank account and for 3 weeks has given me the run around as to where my money is and why they can’t give it back. Corporate is just as sorry as the scumbags that work in the Longview location. DO NOT rent a car from this company whether it be vacation or auto accident!! They are liars and thieves!!

  18. I rented a car from hertz to take out of town. Being on the highway 20 minutes into my trip, I had a blow out. I call road side assistance and they wanted to charge me $80 to put the spare tire on the car…yes it was hertz road side assistance!! After putting the spare on myself, I drove back to take the car to the airport to exchange it for another, there was no way I could make the 3hr trip driving on the spare tire! Once I got to the AIRPORT I was told there were NO CARS available and to call customer service. It is now midnight and of course no one is at customer service. I was transferred from someone from reservations to another dept that told me the computer showed the airport had 36 cars on the lot!! WTH!! The guy at the counter told me there were no cars, I thought it was odd considering it was the airport. Now I am a day behind on my trip and have to wait until morning to have my car exchanged..stay tuned, im sure the plot will thicken. 🙁

  19. Well first let me say Hertz. Is the worst comp in American to work for for. 1.they charge. There customer double. What they should. THEY. Don’t care anything. about me there employees. I cantell from diary hand. Long hours with no pay. THERE employees BOSSES THEY MUST HAVE FOUND THEM SWEEPING STREETS. THAT’S WHY THEY ARE THE 5worst th worst comp to work for I cantell

    F hertz.

  20. Oh that is exactly what I plan to do!! And I will hire people to wave signs and banners, boycotting Hertz and telling the public about there thievery, anywhere I know there is a Hertz rent a car.

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