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  1. I have bought my last HP product. What a pain in the neck every one of your products has been. The last straw is this piece of s*** Envy 5530. Loses its connection every 5 minutes. Paper jams for 45 minutes at a time. Goes through ink like nobody’s business. I’m done with you.

  2. HP obviously just sells a computer, pockets the money, and doesn’t care from that point on. NEVER have I been treated so shabby in my life!

  3. I have only owned HP computers since1998. I did have an issue with my All-In-One in 2014, but it was resolved promptly once I was given a case manager after 3 calls to help desk. They sent a box for me to return the PC to them and 2 days after they received it, informed me that I was getting a new PC and a 2 year extended warranty. This April, a friend of mine ordered a tower from their website. It arrived in May and I went to help set it up. From the beginning, the PC did not work properly and calls were made to HP. Every one said they had the “fix”. NONE of them worked. It took 5 months before I was given a case manager!!!!! Finally they sent the box. We sent it back. It arrived 9/13/2016 with a note that the motherboard was corrupted and replaced – problem solved. NO WAY. Problem still exists. Calling case manager – voice mail is all you get. WILL NEVER BUY HP AGAIN. Would rate minus 5 stars if possible.

  4. I have a Windows 8 Hewlett-Packard laptop purchased a year ago.. I have never been as disappointed in a product as this laptop. It has been repaired both by Best Buy, where it was purchased, and by an independent service tech many times over the course of the year Needless to say, my next laptop will NOT be a Hewlett-Packard.

  5. I’ve tried to get a refund for a double charge erroneously made on 7 /14/16. For two weeks(twice) I was told that I would get my refund within 48 hours. Every time I call I get an outsource, with promises they were working on the problem. I already notified my credit card company. I’m very disappointed with the attention given to me since a bought: printer, computer and other merchandises. Your treatment of your most loyal costumer is very poor… to say the least.

  6. Wow! Seems like HP has some explaining to do. I can promise you I will never buy nor recommend another HP product as long as I live. My father and I both purchased an HP laptop stream, one pink, one blue. Well….you get what you pay for I guess. The memory is absolutely horrible. I have practically deleted everything from my laptop and I still can’t back my iphone up to itunes because the computer keeps telling me there’s not enough memory. I can’t even uninstall programs from the computer for some strange reason. The computer won’t even install updates and my father’s laptop does the same exact thing!




  8. Please tell me how to get my “Outlook” without having to sign in .

    I have a HP Laptop & Windows 10.

    I am 82 & know how to use but not a technical wizard. Thanks for your help.

    Ms Tommie

  9. I own a HP 6450b 14″ Laptop Core i5-M520 2.4GHz 4GB Memory 320GB HDD. I have already the adapter once. I got up this morning expecting to work on my laptop. Within 5 minutes of turning it on the AC Adapter made a crackling sound and started smoking. The last cord ran hot, as did the current cord. I placed it on a pot holder to keep a constant airflow around it.

    Has there been a recall on this part. If not there should be. This cord is going to end up causing a customer’s house to burn down if it hasn’t already done so.

  10. I have tried for several weeks to have HP replace two leaking printer catridges – after 4-5 phone conversations (wasting over an hour of my time) still no sign of the replacement cartridges. Phone calls seem to be sourced to a foreign country (guess HP can’t afford USA workers) But seriously for such a huge, profitable company your customer service is horrible and I am very disappointed you don’t handle these problems IN THIS COUNTRY!!!

    Now another day has past and I finally spoke to a supervisor and was told that the replacement cartridges would be mailed in 3-5 days. We shall see.

  11. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! I was trying to order a replacement power cord and the customer service agent was very rude and wouldn’t even allow me to verify the part number. He told me that he knew all about it and there was no need to question him. All I was trying to do was to make sure I was ordering the right part. I had looked up the number prior to calling but I was unable to place the order online due to some technical glitch. I won’t ever do business with this company again. AGAIN, REALLY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE! Also, the cost for the replacement cord was ridiculously expensive. This company rips people off BIG TIME!!!!!

  12. Service has become virtually non-existent for Touchsmart computers. My 320-1030 is now obsolete with WIN 10, but HP neglected to tell me until really pushed. I’ve been an HP fan for over 20 years, but no more. I don’t mind the need to replace a computer from time to time, but HP has just stonewalled all questions. They can’t even be bothered to recommend a newer model.

  13. I bought an HP notebook a few months ago. It really IS garbage. When it isn’t running v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y, it freezes up. Periodically there is a sound like a short in it. Hasn’t been dropped or abused. I haven’t had this many problems with a computer EVER.

    Just absolute garbage. Don’t waste your money.

  14. I will never buy another hp laptop. less than a year and it has gone to the warrranty repair place 5 times now they are looking at it as lemon. i AGREE I HAVE had other brands and never had problems like this with other brands. everytime it updates then it wont start right and i am froze out. never again!!!

  15. hp is a farce with customer service. all of a sudden my printer stopped printing, makes scanning sounds, want me to save everything I want to a file. no one will help me, but only will accept money for repair information

  16. I bought a hp computer all in one a month ago. It was running fine. I am not computer smart and just bought an all in one office jet 4650 printer which is also Wii fi. I was having trouble figuring out how to hook up the printer to do Wii fi so I contacted tech support for help. I was assured that he get it hooked up for me. Then he tells me that my computer is full of malware that is why I can’t hook it up. I did not understand that as it was running fine and just wanted my printer hooked up

    as I am not to electronic savy. He said I did not have protection on the computer which is not true I had macafee that came with the computer. He said it would be $99 to fix it I asked why as it is still under

    warranty. He said it’s a software issue and that’s not covered under the warranty. Plus I did not have protection on the computer. That’s not true as I have email stating that my macafee is good. I said well I need the printer so go ahead. He really messed up my computer as it will not even turn on now. I had to take it back to the place I bought it at. They are going to totally wipe it clean. I am out of a computer now for a few days as a result of them messing up my computer. I am not happy at all. As it was working fine and

    and now won’t even turn on I refused to give them my debit card as they messed up my computer big time. I never buy another hp product ever.

  17. your products are total JUNK. Was warned by everyone even the sales reps. at Best Buy, Office Depot and the not so dumb dummy at Walmart. I had to learn the hard way.

  18. I just purchased an HP Printer Envy 4520. When I was installing the printer, a name appeared on my screen saying that they would assist me. I assumed it was HP. This person assisted me and even helped finished setting up the printer and then said there was a problem and that they would have to charge for a technician to fix the problem. Then requested that I pay 199.99 which I did. I still had no idea that I was not in touch with an HP technician but a scam was taking place. This was done by a company called Annansys out of CA. I am 83 years old and proud of the fact that I had always been able to detect such a thing. But, I just thought it was a service provided by HP. Needless to say, I am upset that I did not check out the person earlier. I called HP today and told them about this and hope that they will warn others about them and other companies like them. Of course, HP does not charge for such assistance.

  19. My husband bought me new laptop it is windows 8, it is the worst thing ever. I hate it. you should have kept choice because consumers should have the option to buy a laptop with windows 7. this laptop is all messed up, things popping up cant get on internet script error I have always own HP refuse to buy any thing else but seriously rethinking this mistake. sure wish you would send me a new laptop with & and I would send you this piece of crap back.

  20. I don’t have any confidence in HP…bought a laptop and spent almost $800 and in less

    than 2 years we are told the motherboard is gone! You would think HP is a reputable company! I’m not sure I will ever buy another HP product. What would cause the motherboard to go bad! We take extra care with our computers and don’t take them outside

    or in the car, just for use at home. I do not recommend HP laptops to anyone!

  21. ditto bill same problems here spent tons of money with staples plus others when I get computer back have same problems or more

  22. I have had nothing but trouble with this computer since I bought it. HSN touts it as a great bye, a big lie. I do not know where to go with this mess.

  23. I went online and telephoned HP Customer Service regarding my computer not working properly. My computer simply shut down and would not allow me to access via the home page. After hours of interacting with a representative,(Ricky)who barely spoke English. He informed me upon his assessment, that I had somehow cleared my system of its original installation and I would have to purchase the recovery disk to have it reinstalled. I in turn, went to the System Recovery and restore it using a previous date (2 days before) and to no surprise, all of my information as well as the operating system works well. This is an email to advise that the people who are suppose to know what they are doing at HP are not knowledgeable enough to be troubleshooting. I am very disappointed in the services provided and will NEVER rely on their expertise again. Instead, I will take the time to invest in a reputable computer organization that knows what it is doing and can give me someone who speaks English.

  24. I purchased a HP 23 inch touch smart all in one needless to say I will never buy another Hp product. Each time I contacted tech. support they tried to get me to buy something extra to fix the problem I had with the computer.This computer is one week old.They said many of my drivers had stopped and in order to fix it I would have to buy network security software for a small price of $299.If I had been told when I bought the computer I would have purchased the software.Don’t tell me after I get the computer set up and running.I assumed the 4 years of antivirus software that came with the computer was all I needed.I have a hard time believing that HP mmanagement is aware of the poor business tactics that their tech. support people are using to sell people software they do not need.The computer was very nice but I must send it back.

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