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  1. I have a HP computer purchased in early 2013 recommended by Geeks on Site, and it is a piece of crap. $550.00 for it and $800 in work to get it to work; sorta! My first two computers were Macs and they lasted for 15 years! They finally died and there were no more parts for them. We then tried a lap top, named Gateway. It lasted sometime and finally filled up with a memory overload. Next was a Dell and it lasted 8.5 years and finally died. It was shot full of holes and then thrown away. Now, we have your HP and it changes its mind one day to the next. If I want to delete something using the scissors symbol. Guess what, I can’t do that anymore! It has changed its mind one more time! I’ve uninstalled several programs that interfere with the operation of the computer. Norton in particular. AVG and Anti-malware work wonderful!!!! If you want to contact me, my cell phone is 817 201 6666 or you can email me. Tomorrow, I will be going to a Apple/Mac store to take a look or make a purchase. At least they don’t have everybody in the universe trying to sell you their latest version of anti-virus software. The Dell printer is a #V313 AND A Dell monitor. They still work.

  2. .Well, to hell with it. I was going to write to you but since your support is practical non existent. I will only tell you that HP was number one for me 20 years ago but now it sucks on all levels. I have tried to get assistance for anything from PC’s to printer, but was left to my own devices. I have done better with a safety pin than your so-called SUPPORT. I will not follow you into the toilet so I am now buying from other companies/ Thank’s for nothing

  3. i bought a printer from hp and had trouble installing it. when i called customer support they wanted to charge me $79.00 to give me customer support! some customer support! will not buy hp products again

  4. I need a windows 7, home premium hard drive for a pavilion a4316f; do you know anything? staples says they no longer carry such a thing!!!!!!

  5. Want to purchase disc containing drivers for HP Deskjet 1530. Will be used on Window Vista Home premium. Need disc to avoid being caught in this situation again.

    Just got Email am still a bit leery of it so far.

  6. The product,(printer),is of very poor quality as is HP’s customer service.Never again will I purchase an HP product.

  7. our daughter saved her money for years and bought an Envy a couple years ago…she has had problems since she bought it with it freezing on her. we called the customer service and spent hours on the phone (more than once) doing everything they said and it never got any better. also tried other services, but nothing ever improved. she took her laptop to college with her this year and we just had to go out and buy a new laptop to take to her as hers was now literally falling apart and had basically become unusable. this whole situation has been ridiculous and she deserves her money back or a replacement because of everything she has been through with her many frustrations with her laptop. definitely a horrible experience and we will never purchase HP again!!!

  8. On February 26, 2014, I purchased HP Pavillion 20, all in one tabletop computer, model # 206310, from what I thought was a reputable company, Hewlett-Packard, On August 19. 2014, computer read” No boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed”., I called HP , After trying to understand the limited English several persons spoke, I was charged $ 53.04 for the part replacement and the service man they sent out. On August 23, 2014. same computer, would not come on, After several attempts, screen again read, : no boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed”, this time I called back same guy you sent before, this time , he charged me $ 75.00. to fix.. On august 27,2014, more problems, called help desk, because windows update failed., Waited 45 minutes for a guy to walk me through this problem, very difficult understand his limited English. September 4, 2014, again screen reads” need drive replacement. After finally talking to a case manager, I sent back fro relacement, but no, they put a 2nd hard drive in, .I requested a new computer. I feel my warranty is us in a few months, so they just band-aid me to get rid of me, Never again will I buy or tell anyone to buy from Hewlett Packard. World’s worse company to buy from.

  9. I purchased a printer model Envy 4500 on Sept 29, 2013 from Best Buy. I took the printer into the store for tech support. They informed me the copy and scan functions are not working. My understanding is the product has 12 months mfg warranty. How do I get warranty service for this item?

  10. I purchased the Envy 700-216 in February. After spending some time with a tech. online, I have found out that there is no user manual for my machine. All of the guides I downloaded are for other HP products. It seems that HP and their technicians have not considered that most buyers of their products would like to have correct manuals on their products. It’s pretty poor service to their customers. BEWARE. Don’t contact support services for the technicians have no clue.

  11. I just bought a new HP laptop. When I went to install it to my printer, I had to download drivers because my HP printer only supports Windows XP, Vista, & 7. I went online to download the drivers I need under free “downloads.”

    At the end of the process they wanted to bill me $29.95 for the drivers. The simple HP Deskjet 1000 printer did not cost much more than that!

    When I called customer support & told them I did not want to pay for the download, Michael told me that the download was free but the driver had to be purchased. Wait a minute, I buy only HP because I trust their reputation, & now they want to charge me again to make the printer I bought from them compatible with the new computer I just bought from them! That’s not fair!

    I told Michael if I had to pay that much money for a driver to make my 2 HP machines work together, then I would just buy a new printer, & it would NOT be an HP! He told me if I want a driver that works with my computer, I would have to buy it.

  12. I am very disappointed with my HP Laptop. I keep getting screen freeze, curser freeze, turns off on it’s own. Always a problem. This is the second HP Laptop and it will be my last. A lot of money compared to the other companies and it’s a piece of crap.

  13. im very disappointed with the thinking of hp .. I had to buy new printer so I purchased one but prior to buying new I had issues and was told I had to pay for technical support which is a joke..also I had bought 63.oo dollars worth of new cartridges for old printer so I installed did not correct the problem so when I purchased new printer bought one tha used same ink cartridges and tried to use the ones I purchased from old printer n the printer wouldn’t work unless I used new cart.. so now im out the 63 bucks that totally stinks why do u do that?? do u think people r made of money some of us r on limited income.. also I do agree with other person cart don’t last very long anymore what a racket.. im sure im wasting time and this will never be addressed but ill think twice about hp products in future..

  14. How can I sign in and order ink cartridges and use the coupon I received in the mail. Every time I enter the address on the coupon form I get an error report, and when I try to access the page for ordering I see the page for a few seconds, then it goes blank. Got any ideas?

  15. They want you to go online for problems. But when your web connection is broken…

    I just requested the escalated customer service. This is my 2nd NEW Slimline in 6 months. The Welcome Desk (Mumbai) said he couldn’t give me the number, and was patched into a closed office. Apparently, they don’t tell them when these offices aren’t open. Second guy was much more aware that he could give me a case #, and told me to call back on Monday so they could patch me through then.

    I’m with everyone else on this: We won’t be buying HP again.

  16. Sucks bought a hp laptop customized it and next day got a virus have done what I was told n it has not fixed my problem piece if crap

  17. My HP Pavilion and HP Officejet Pro 8500A has been nothing but a piece of crap. Every time I want to get on it there seems to be some issue. I’m sick of it. The technical support provided is in Delhi, India 1-880-208-0798 is a joke. I just spent almost one hour and my husband spent 3 hours on the phone with them two weeks ago. The support is nothing but sales pitch for more crap! I’m done with HP and I plan to post a review every place I can find. If you’re thinking about buying an HP product you would be better off just using a pencil and bid chief notebook! At least you won’t need blood pressure meds!

  18. I hate my new printer–so sorry I purchased from HP instead of the Kodaks I used to have. This one won’t feed photo paper, takes forever to copy anything, and fax was impossible to set up. Basically a big waste of money. And what a ripoff thinking I was getting 2 cartridges in the box and finding out HP is charging me for the number of pages!!! Such false advertising–you should be ashamed.

  19. I purchased a two year… ON SITE service agreement with HP. I was told by my incredibly hard to understand friend from India that I obviously had damaged the laptop and I would need to ship it to HP for repair, and for 300 dollars they would replace the video screen. $300 would buy a new computer… are they nuts? I am very tempted to consult an attorney for breach of contract as I don’t think that I will be seeing them come to my house anytime soon. With all the complaints that I have seen on the internet, I am really surprised that HP hasn’t been hit with a class action lawsuit. These con-artists don’t even deserve one star.

  20. I am having a problem with your HP Technical support. My computer is a HP Pavilion, model #500-205T. I have had numerous problems with this PC. At the get go the hard drive was losing information, when I called tech-support I got a run around from your people in India (I think). When I spoke with someone in the U.S. the supervisor listened to my problems and said that she would send me a shipping label and have a box delivered to me to send the PC to a U.S. service facility. She stated that the PC would be shipped back in 7 days after repairing the unit. When I got the unit back I was told that the hard drive was defective and a new one was installed and all of the software I ordered with the PC would be reinstalled along with a back up system in case of a problem. I would also get system repair discs in event of a problem with the backup system.

    Well about December 20th 2016, I had a problem with a Intel Upgrade. The Update would not install and I should reinstall it. When I tried that it wouldn’t work and when I checked Microsoft Update it showed that the update was in fact installed and reinstalling it caused damage to the system and also caused a problem with my printer. When I tried rebooting Windows 7 it would not restart at all. I called HP support and they said I should reinstall Windows 7 from my backup system, which I did, but Windows 7 would not update the Microsoft Updates. I spent about 3 hours on the phone with HP Support. Two technicians later they said to use my repair discs. I said what about the additional software I had purchased when I bought the PC because the repair discs only cover the OS and not the other software that I paid for initially. I guess I am ought the money I paid for the software.

    My Pc serial # is 2MD501OFYN.

  21. My daughter is a young widowed mother of two children, one with special needs. Her only income at present are the social security survivor benefits. She is enrolled in on-line classes to improve her future and desperately needs a laptop computer. Her grant for college isn’t enough to purchase one. Do you offer any programs she might qualify for? Thank you for any information you can offer.

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