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  1. I absolutely am unable to watch Good Bones as long as you insist on continually showing the clip of the daughter telling her help on a very cold day to “Put your big boy pants on and suit up!”. Really?? Is that the way you would want to be talked to? And then to have the nerve to show continually show it as a highlight!! Part of me thinks the show should be taken off the air. And why would the producers want to show that? It’s disgusting!!

  2. Please take off that show called FIXER UPPER, and Property Brothers and a few others that are not worth watching. I like the show LOVE OR LIST IT and all the HOUSE HUNTERS AND HOUSE HUNTERS INTERNATIONALLY. The show FIXER UPPER stayed on for the entire weekend back to back. You use to play good shows, but you replaced them with awful shows. If you continue to play bad shows I will have this channel removed. Thank you

  3. I know an amazing couple here that renovate homes,are builders and real estate agent. Would like to send pictures and information to the proper contact . Could you please inform me who would be the HGTV person to send this information .

  4. I was watching HGTV yesterday (1/26/14), and came across your show (House Hunters). The show was based in Atlanta, Georgia. The homeowner had a $40,000 budget, and 3 homes were shown that were practically move-in condition. The homeowner ultimately chose a 2-level condo and secured the home price at $33,000. I am looking to find the agent (name/address/phone number) who found those listings. Can you help?

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