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  1. I received a post card informing me my HGTV magazine subscriptions would be renewed if I did not cancel. I did cancel and I was billed $34.97 days later! I have called back numerous times, only to be on hold for 15 plus minutes at a time and no one has picked up the phone.
    I will be filing FRAUD charges against HGTV magazine.
    I am a 63 year old grandmom, who works 50 hours plus a week, just to try to pay my bills. There is NO WAY I can afford this!
    SHAME ON YOU, HGTV!!!!!!!

  2. I just received an email stating that I subscribed to your HGTV Magazine. I did not subscribe to the magazine nor do I want the magazine.

  3. PLEASE CANCEL Subscription# 1273988327! I did not order your magazine or agree to any subscription!! This is my second request for you to stop mailing bills to me for a magazine I did not request or agree to receive.

  4. please cancel subscription. you also took out money before subscription end which was Oct. 2018. I am not sure which number it is but here are most of the numbers on the label. HGTV1597077336/2# 00009 Oct18 8026

    1. My name is Vicki Theobald, Please also issue a credit on my credit card, as I did not authorize another subscription to HGTV magazine, but I was charged $34.97, my acct # is HGT1123008243

  5. I keep getting invoices for acct. 0038009106 but paid this on 2/7/18.

    I think somehow I received an extra

    subscription but don’t need it.

  6. I look forward to my HGTV magazines every issue. It is such an inspiring work of ideas for my home and I have put many of them to use. I am happy with this magazine beyond words! What an awesome read!

  7. I just called 800-840-8056 and spoke with an HGTV person. Explained I signed up for the newsletter for their contest and not for a magazine subscription. I told them I received an invoice for a year subscription. The Spokesperson said she saw that i cancelled the subscription and I wouldn’t be receiving anymore invoices.

    She said a lot of people got sent subscription notices.

  8. Please stop sending me threatening letters. I did not ask to renew my subscription to your magazine and do not wish to continue receiving it. I am appalled that you presume my non response to your letters asking for renewal is consent to renew. I subscribed for 1 year to see if I would like it – I do not. My non-response should have been sufficient. I believe you owe me an apology and please do not contact me again unless it is to apologize. My account number is 1345711210.

  9. My subscription was ordered 7/18/2014. I received two notices recently that my subscription renewal was up. I do not intend to pay for a subscription in March 2015 when I still have three months remaining on my current subscription. Good try to try to get double payment. Just cancel my subscription. Period.

  10. Received postcard notifying me that I will automatically be renewed. I do not approve of auto renew and especially that you have kept my credit card info on file. My intentions are to not renew ….. contents are repetitive and do not address all types of decorating ….. I, and probably a large majority of subscribers, do not decorate in bright primary colors, but prefer more subtle, neutral. I am very disappointed and have kept subscribing hoping this trend would change or at least cover a wider range of ideas. Further, I am more than dissatisfied with HGTV and DIY networks with nothing but real estate related shows and constant repeats of old shows over and over again. What happened to the HGTV Stars who were supposed to get their own show with decorating tips … NOT buying and selling? A hands down favorite is Fixer Upper and as much as I enjoy it, hers is still only one decorating style. Give us back some of the old type shows with easy and inexpensive decorating tips. I will be canceling my subscription by phone as instructed but feel there should be ability to cancel online to have a paper confirmation. You guys need to get it together and pay attention to the complaints.

  11. I never recived my free magazine and is been closed to a year and I cancel because no magazine arrived but the keep sending a bill for $18 dollars for what? Check your company I read all the reviews and the all sound like me this is really bad!!!!!!!!!!’ Please listen to the customers and cancel when the ask you when no magazine was delivery and go to the reviews more often and read what the customers shout about it!!!!!!!

  12. Got a bill for the magazine. Never order it. Not sure what’s goin on but I hope you don’t send any magazines I won’t be paying.

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