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  1. I recently bought a 6oz. box of your “Famously Thin Peanut Brittle” and was very disappointed with it. Two things wrong: the thin brittle has very little flavor-but it is “famously thin”, and worst of all, the peanuts are very rancid tasting. I could be OK with the brittle lacking more flavor, but I think there is no excuse for rancid tasting peanuts. I know they’re more expensive these days, but for what is charged for the product, to not use the freshest peanuts available and to pawn your product off as “A Pure & Simple Crispy Classic” is not good business.

    Just in case you’re interested the “best by or pull date” on the box is 04/01/2014 and the batch (or whatever) number below that date is 182925 5.

    I rarely buy Hickory Farms products because they’re generally out of my price range. But this time I relented and caved in because peanut brittle just happens to be one of my favorite treats. I’m sorry I did, and will not do so again.

    Maybe you need a more conscientious Quality Control person(s)?

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