Hickory Farms Inc.


It all began in rural Ohio, more than 56 years ago, when Richard Ransom, founder of Hickory Farms, first gave people a sample of the genuine, uncompromising taste of quality that would soon become the company’s hallmark.

Richard began by selling cheeses he had hand-cut and wrapped himself at local home shows. These cheeses carried such a rich, full-bodied flavor and irresistible aroma that people began demanding more.
Richard’s cheeses really filled a niche and soon he was adding more unique kinds of cheeses, as well as their now famous Hickory Farms Beef Stick Summer Sausage.

By 1959, Hickory Farms had opened its first retail store outside Toledo, Ohio. This proven retail concept was so successful that other Hickory Farms stores started appearing across the United States.
It could be said that these Hickory Farms stores were the first ‘delis’ for many Americans. Most grocery stores at that time simply did not carry a wide array of premium cheeses and specialty meats. People fell in love with these friendly stores where they could sample a variety of specialty cheeses, meats, mustards, crackers and candies before making their purchase decisions.

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4 Replies to “Hickory Farms Inc.”

  1. I agree with the majority of these comments. Your products are terrific but your shipping

    department and your customer service department certainly need improvements. I ordered

    your sausage package and mistakenly reordered same product because your website said that

    I had no orders pending. When I discovered that I had indeed ordered the product twice, I

    tried to cancel the second order by phone. The clerk said that it had been canceled but this morning I received an email stating that it was on back order. I sent an email to your customer service dept and hope that this time the second order will be cancelled.

    As much as my husband likes your products, we will wait until the holidays to buy anything

    else as your website services are deplorable.

  2. I got my husband the hickory garms holiday celabration package it includes two signature beef summer sausage both meat sticks are covered in a fatty gel substance and smell very bad the date says its good until 5/ 01/ 12 . They are not good at all..please replace these as they cost me $20..

  3. My husband has enjoyed the original cheese ball as a child and still gets one for Christmas. I wanted to get him one for his birthday. Your website says they carry Hickory Farms at Target, Safeway, but they only have these during the holidays. Walmart does nnot carry the cheese ball. I call your 800 number and they could not give me a way to order it. How can I order the original cheese ball?


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