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  1. Dear History Book Club: I’m being billed for a book that I have yet to receive. I contacted you all before and you said that you were sending another one so “keep a look out for it”. I still haven’t received this book “Erasing Death”. This is the second time that this book hasn’t arrived. However, I’m billed $26.79 for the book. Well, I can’t pay it until I receive it or receive a cancellation from you all. This is getting ridiculous. Please let me know what is going on. Thank you, George Howe

  2. This is the 4th week I’ve tried to get my money back on two orders that I sent back to you 4 weeks ago. They are ( refrence no# 2469216A30017TPQ1 and 2469216A30017TP7L). I would like to know why my money has not been put back in my credit card account. This is very up setting. Also I’ve got another order that I didn’t want, I even called and gave you the promo and said I didn’t want. I WILL be sending that back tomorrow. Iam NOT PLEASE WITH THIS SERVICE. I’ve waited almost 20 mins. on the phone to talk to someone and still no one answered. NOT HAPPY!!!!

  3. I’m 76 years old and may not live long enough waiting on hold for Customer Service to take my call.

    The History Book Club charged my Pay Pal account for books that I refused and returned.( as per instructions from the History Book Club) It has been well over a moth and as yet no credit.

    My account number is

  4. You keep sending me e-messages showing the newest featured attractions, but when I try to respond

    that I want to skip that month’s credit, I am told that my computer cannot establish contact with y’all.

    I thought at first that the problem might be with my laptop, but after reading the many complaints

    from frustrated former members of the History Book Club, I realize that the problem is with the HBC.

    I have belonged to the HBC for years but am now ready to quit.

  5. I have been trying to reach history book club but can not get them. iam not able to tell them every month that i do not want these credits to cancel these. it has not worked. i did call my credit card company and told them not to except anything from history book until i say so. i had just recieved a email saying that they could not place the credits on my charge card. they said they will try again next month

  6. I have been a member for years but recently I have been getting the automatic shipments even though I respond by the deadline each month that I do not want the books. What has happened. I am sick and tired of taking the books back to the post office and mailing them back. I am going to stop my membership.

  7. Paid using Paypal. HBC didn’t bother to pick all of them up. Sent a check (cashed by HBC) to cover a portion of bill not paid by Paypal. They refuse to acknowledge either. Unbelievably bad service.

  8. I have tried numerous times to upgrade my account on the website but when I go there the page doesn’t come up. I have sent emails with no reponse. Do you want my business or not? I’ve been a member for over thirty years and have never had the problems I have now since you got rid of the fliers sent to me. How about a response? member no. 921495129

  9. After reading the responses on this forum, I realize it was a serious problem with History Book Club. I have been asking for a refund since May for a book I returned Refused- return to sender. I was promised a refund after several emails. I have yet to receive a refund! what is wrong with this company?

  10. Disgraceful service. The worst I have ever experienced. I’m still waiting for a refund for the books I sent back 6 weeks ago, and this is the second time it happens!! Canceling my subscription for sure! Reporting them once again to the Better Business Bureau.


  11. I thought the comments listed couldn’t be correct. However, I was wrong. The customer service at History Book Club is essentially non existent. No one answers the phone number after 30 minutes of waiting and e mails are not answered. After 20 years, it is time to cancel my membership

  12. I have been having problems ever since HBC changed its computer system. I do not get emails on featured selections and have been going on line to check and decline each as it appears. I have sent back two sets of featured selections that I did not order. Both were credited to my card within 30 days. I sent each of these with a USPS tracking number rather than just refusing delivery and returning them to the mail carrier. This ensures that one has a record of the actual delivery of the returned books something that simply refusing delivery does not provide. Today I received yet another set of unordered featured selections. These too I will return. My next step will be to cancel my membership.

  13. History Book Club–I have notified you of my husband’s death and returned all books received and today I get a bill for outstanding shipment charges of $55.46. ALL BOOKS HAVE BEEN RECEIVED and ALL OFFERS HAVE BEEN RETURNED MARKED “DECEASED ON 10/15/2013. Who must I contact to get your records updated for account 056657237???? The book was returned same day received by the post office and your bill will NOT be paid!

    Mary Ann B.

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