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  1. I applied for a job on Holland Amrerica Cruise Line and was accepted. They now want me to pay $475 for DFLC Certificate to a Ambassador, Mrs Fernandez Foster at thhe European Department Foreign Labor, Representative Office Guinea, Employment & Training Administration. Is this correct ?

  2. I just sailed on my first HA cruise and did not like it, on the OOsterdam around New Zealand. We were on the suite deck and it smelled like a sewer for 4 days. Out towels were almost always filthy with make-up and shoe polish or mascara on them. The linens were thin and the mattress not so great. And so it went. I saw them putting the net over the pool one night, without bothering to clean it- and the stuff that was at the bottom of it ( the pool the kids mainly used). I wonder what filth I didn’t see in the kitchen and the food? I have cruised a LOT on many lines, and this was my first disppointment.

  3. On the 07 of jan.2013, me and my girlfrend took a 11 days caribbean cruise on the MS NOORDAM. We greatly enjoyed it. The people either for the food service or room stewards were oustanding. Always very polite and helpfull. It was the same for those at the bars, pool and the rest of the ship!!! The cleanliness throughout the ship was impressive. During the cruise, the captain or cruise director constantly informed the passengers via ship intercom for every day informations about ship destinations or different events. Even while a real emergency happended, the captain told us the truth and reassure us by telling us “how” the ship personnel were taking care of the situation. Now about the quality of the food throughout the ship “unbelievably good”!!! We are thinking about taking a cruise in Europe in a couple of years, we wont forget your cruise line in choosing one.

  4. Disappointing cruise in every aspect. This Mariner is retiring from HAL. You just don’t care as you once did. You pretend to be for the elite but your food and officers not so. Only your Indonesian crew is to be applauded.

  5. Sailing on the veendam April 24 to May 1 2014 We were not advise this ship was in dry dock prior to our sailing. After this cruise I would never recommend Holland American lines again. The crew attitude was a hurry up and get this cruise over with rather than deal with customers. 12 Hour delay at the Dock waiting for the ship to arrive and board and cancellation of our First port of Call. They even had the never to charge Tip on the first Day which we were not on the Boat. Unless you complained and filed a form to get this retracted from your Bill they thought it was totally approapriate. on boarding the ship our orignal Cabin smelled of gasoline and terpintine. And because I advise we were not staying in this cabin They gave us another cabin which after 12 hour wait for this ship was not even made up. No towels cabin bed not even made. I paid for outside cabin and got a inside cabin due to there contruction and changes. I have posted to the guestrelations@hollandamerica.com and so far all you get is a can response saying there looking into it. We paid for outside cabin and tranfer to inside cabin due to the smell of gasoline and terpintine. This ship was still under construction while we were at sea, Nothing was ready, No air conditioning, and the staff seem to be all new to the ship and or not enought staff. I don’t understand how they can keep there 5 star rating, more people should be posting about this as they don’t seem to care about customer service. And they don’t seem to care about compensating customer.

    I have sailed with Holland in the past and this Ship never met any Holland American standard what so ever. Never go on a ship after dry dock cause they rush it and the crew doesn’t care no standards were followed to comply with the Holland American Brand and the Captain of this Ship should be embarrassed and fired for is lack of Customer Care. This Captain Chris seem to avoid guest at all cost and Stood up in front of us at the Captain toast as if nothing was wrong with his ship. Totally discussed with Holland American line. Will advise if I ever get an answer from ther Corp Office as this is where I was directed to instead of the Ship guest service dealing with our issue.

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