Hollister Stores


Hollister Stores, A popular youth orientated clothing store. Toll Free Number 1-866-426-1285 for US and Canada. International Customers Dial 1-614-219-5593

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  1. I had the BEST representative!!!! Nancy from HCo gave me the numbers of all the local postal Services that I can reach. If you’re having a problem with shipping its not the company’s fault. you need to check your providers they are shipping it to.

    I just called all the postal services in my area and 3 answered and hung up- one kept going straight to a busy tone- and when I finally contacted the one in my nearest zipcode the lady was a CAPITAL B!She was rude and had no common sense of her own. if you ever have to wait longer than a week chances are those lazy jerks sent it back to hollister like they did to me not once but twice. just have your stuff ground shipped and call and tell them ahead of time to have it ground shipped is the best option. people who work in the postal service obviously hate their job and have nothing good to say when some one is considered about their items being shipped. I have never been talked to and dealt with so rudely and ALLL I wanted to know is why was it shipped and recorded as “incorrect address” if I live in the flippin house? its not wrong its just they dont want to do their jobs and still get paid. Able was unable to do her job successfully.

  2. I have worked for Hollister for about two years with no problems. I came back from school/summer leave to help with the holidays this year. I worked twelve hours on black Friday, and have not received my pay for it yet. It is now February 5 and still no money. they paid me for all of my following shifts but not my Black Friday pay yet. I emailed several parts of the company with no response, and every time i talk to my managers they give me some excuse. I was told by a member of the company by phone to speak to my district manager about the situation. My store manager supposedly asked him about this, but i still have yet to hear from them. Its not about the money at this point, its the fact that they don’t care to fix the problem. I no longer work there, because i cant take anymore of there crap. If anyone has any input that can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

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