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  1. I have a Holmes Energy Saving Heater that has stopped working. The fan still works, but it does not heat. I would like a replacement as this was an excellent heater for my small room, was very quiet and efficient. The heater was purchased on 10/4/2014,

  2. I ordered filters for my humidifier, because I didn’t want to drive 5 miles to the nearest WalMart store. Big mistake!!! I ordered them on the 9th, and they aren’t expected to arrive (via Fed Ex) until the 21st!!!!! I’ve been tracking them, and they sat at Fed Ex for days before going out, and now they are going all over the country. They are in Wisconsin now, on the 14th, and are expected to take another week to make it to Maine. I will never order anything again.

  3. Hello Holmes Products, I purchased one of your Patton floor fans and I was so impressed with it that I purchased another one. Both fans has a lifetime warranty and one fan was honored for repair a few years after purchase. I really love these fans and are having problems again. Can you help me with replacing the electric cord that has shorted out on one and the other fan runs but then shuts down on its own. I disconnect this fan for about 5 minutes and then it is ready again to continue in producing the comfort I have become accustom to enjoying. I would love to have them repaired before the summer of 2014 if possible. Thanks!

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