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1-800-386-5550 User Provide Phone Number for Premium Accounts
1-866-381-5910 User Provided Phone Number
1-800-386-5550 User Provided Phone Number

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  1. Hi for the past two days I have not been able to get into my Hotmail account can some one help me please. I have had this account for the past 13+ years. This is a real set back to me as I use this account for many different reasons.

  2. I am locked out of my account also, it told me to create another one and I still can not get in, has anybody been help out with this problem???

  3. I received a verification email from hotmail that I owned my hotmail account. It also said another email was sent so that I could reset my password. I never did get that email. Icannot get a hold of hotmail either by phone or online. Help!!!!

  4. Can someone please help me recover my Hotmail account for last couple of months I have been trying to log in but nothing happens. I just keep getting these messages which says ” someone using your account” I filled in all the details that were asked & have been told that it will take approx 24+ hrs for someone to get back to me. I need my e-mails for work. Please help me fix this problem i need this account working. Since its an old account I don’t remember much of details asked in questionnaire.

  5. I am locked out of my hotmail account and there is no one to talk to. I have been trying to get help for the last 24 hours. I have a time sensitive document that I need to address and the system is not working. If you are not a Premier customer, you are toast.

  6. cant sync hotmail to my mobile. Had it once – now it keeps telling me “unable to connect to server”. Spent half an hour on phone today with o2, one hour and a half with Samsung; and nearly an hour with Virgin – nobody can understand or help. Its a revolving door. I am ready to hang myself from the chandelier. Whee else can I go for support?

  7. HI. I was told the account does not recognize my account, and I had to change my password, but now I cannot get in, I also thought that maybe it was not smart to have my birth year in the info box, so I hanged it…. to 2013 as a joke, then it got immediately closed due to that I seemed to be a minor, and they wanted a parent to sign in to approve…. what do I do? I need my account back!

  8. Dear Hotmail,

    My hotmail account was hacked into over the weekend and I cannot receive or get into my email account. I have had this account for over 10years and need information from my email account. Please help me get back into my account.



  9. This seems to be a huge Problem with probably thousands of Hotmail users having the same issues since the link with Outlook. I have attempted to obtain a customer code 5 times and they just do not work. I cannot understand why Microsoft do not accept the problem and either announce they are working on it or admit that they are trying to Close down Hotmail accounts. The implications are very serious for small Business users who have lost contact with customers and suppliers.

    Perhaps the issue requires more visibilty and notification to National organisations in key countries. Over time I intend to adandon Microsoft in favour of other Service Providers and I hope many others consider the same Action.


    Mike Stephenson

  10. I have been very frustrated with the frequent changes made to complicate my accessing and management of my email. I have used a hotmail account for over 10 years. Now I can’t access my email because of a security code. I need an email service that is available according to time and schedule. I’m angered the when I needed to check important information in a hurry, the new code blocked me out even with my password. I hope my new account with yahoo.com will be more user friendly.

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