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  1. You have the nerve to send me a notice saying my subscription will automatically renewed and payment required. I place the letter that was sent to House Beautiful with CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION written on it. I did that and still getting this magazine ., can you people not read. !!!!. STOP MY SUBSCRIPTON NOW as of TODAY DO NOT SEND ANOTHER MAGAZINE . I will NOT be responsible to your payments either and if you turn me in to a collection agent you will LOSE !!!!! Aug. 17, 2016


  2. How dare you renew with my permission……. and to automatically take it out of my check account! It has taken me weeks of going though the internet and the magazine to try and find a number to cancel and when I have there is NO affirmation of cancellation. I get an email thanking me for my update on my email address!





  3. I just called to make a credit card payment. Your system is so bad, that I am now going to cancel! The automated device aggravated me to the point that I am cancelling! When I said #3 to cancel, this device asked if I would consider not cancelling if they offered 2 free months. I said, “No.” I am now subscribed for two additional months!!! I don’t like to give credit card information over the internet. There are so many different sites online that I am not sure one or more isn’t just a scam. In the first place, I had decided not to renew. then I got a notice in the mail that I am in danger of losing my good standing with them. Now I’m just angry!

  4. I am trying to cancel a magazine I ordered by mistake I want the veranda magazine but don’t want the other. I just did this about a half hour, please credit the 5.00 to my account thank you

  5. I have paid my bill, and yet I continue to be billed, now for more than I originally paid. I am not going to pay for tech service, an amount more than the bill. There is no label on my magazine; therefore I cannot handle this online

    Please cancel my subscription, IF YOU CANNOT RESOLVE THIS.

  6. HOUSE BEAUTIFUL…..I canceled and they continue to try and charge my credit card…..the phone number listed above is an FAX number…the website says you can cancel when you log in…but there is not a site to do it….what a pain…I will probably have to cancel my credit card to get them to stop…what a pain….my plan of action in the future is to never subscribe to ANY magazines.

  7. I do not like the evergreen policy on your subscriptions. I find it very inconvenient , annoying and presumptuous!, it is one of the main reasons, I am cancelling! Why don’t you put a very visible number, so it’s not so hard to cancel. Are you afraid too many people are unhappy being continually billed for these magazine?

  8. I cancelled my subscription because of the strong-armed renewal tactics [“When we billed you for the subscription, we fully believed you would send payment upon receipt of your invoice..”] and their “automatic renewal” policy which they claimed I sought. Too bad, because I liked the magazine. I’m now subscribing to Architectural Digest – where they don’t play games. Customer service was very nice, however and I am rating the policy, not the representative.

  9. This is the worst magazine I have ever tried to get a customer service number for!!!! Just put it in the customer service box. Very few people in this world do snail mail anymore. Make it convenient for the customer to talk to someone for a change of address. You are busy enough when you are trying to move. Thank for the number!

  10. I was so very excited to receive my first issue of House Beautiful magazine in June. As I was thumbing through the pages I noticed the House Beautiful/ Name This Color contest and was so excited. I love writing and color and spent

    two days trying to find the site on my computer. I called customer service at 1-800-624-2946 and was told I could not enter because I had bought a discounted subscription to the magazine. I became very upset at the idea I was

    blocked on my computer from entering the contest. I feel all they are doing is looking for new subscriptions.

    I read the rules and it looks legal for them to do this as I bought at a discounted rate. Thank you House Beautiful for killing my JOY! What a TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE company!!!!

  11. talked with Amanda, I had sent payment for 26.97 and the same day received a notice for a trade discount rate

    she made a note in file that when payment was received it would now be for three years subscription instead of

    one year.

    thank you for the help

  12. The magazine should have a customer service telephone number in the magazine. AND, the magazine should not send out a renewal notice when the customer has a subscription lasting to 2017. However, once I talked to a representative, I was able to make a change of address easily.

  13. I have missed issues since last November…the automated voice could help me on two of the issues by extending my subscription…I guess they don’t have back issues to send out which is what I wanted. I love the magazine but the customer automated service needs to go. Where are the humans?

  14. I elected not to use automatic renewal and notified you. However the magazine continues to come. I am NOT responsible for this. Please be advised!!

    Mary L. Kitchen

    1473 Leafmore Ridge

    Decatur. GA 30033

  15. I keep missing issues. This is the 2nd time I’ve had to go online to find a phone number. Now, I’m 3 issues behind. if you count November. Will never subscribe to this magazine again.


  16. May 7, 2015 – Spoke with a very helpful young woman about duplication of subscription. Too many renewal deadline reminders caused me to send a renewal check in February, and another in April. I therefore received two copies of May 2015 issue on same day. She took care of that, and my change of address efficiently.

    I always look forward to HB – I will soon be moving to a smaller town, and welcome a publication that helps me to stay current on style trends..

  17. I did not fill out a renewal card and yet received a letter in the mail stating I renewed and because I had not paid my good standing with you was at risk. I called and found this is the way you get you renewal subscription. What a terrible way to get people to renew. I am very glad now I called and canceled my subscription after this nasty letter.

  18. I called the number given; got through pretty quickly. Had to cancel a gift subscription extension which I did not realize had even arrived. They were very helpful and courteous. Not a problem. Hope all have equal luck!

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