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  1. I just had a good experience with a representative who was courteous and fixed my probelm immediately. The number worked for me, Hearst must have heard and rectified the problems. Thank you very much for this service.


  2. I did not order the House Beautiful magazine but after recieving an issue I decided to subscribe. I’ve paid in full & ZERO magazines have come. Zero!

    And there is no way to contact these people.

    We should all write to the attorney general in your home state. They do investigate complaints and if enough people write then things will change. Save everything from House Beautiful, especially if you recieved a mag. in the mail, etc..


    3000 Ocean Park Blvd # 2012, Santa Monica, CA 90405 ยป Map (310) 664-2870

  4. Does anybody have the number for customer service…I need it. I ordered the digital magazine and Im getting a paper magazine and bills bills bills….


  6. Hi, I’ve just ordered a subscription with house beautiful and been charged a completely different amount to what was advertised. I notice a few of you managed to get a contact number whereas I’ve had not been able to find one and our Australian international directory assistance does not even have a contact number!!! Would appreciate it if anyone could provide a contact number for the house beautiful customer service.

  7. I too have had an impossible time trying to get hold of anyone. When House Beautiful emailed me to confirm my subscription ( Entered contest did not realize) and the web site said “CLICK HERE TO UNSUBSCRIBE AND BE REMOVED Nothing happened! it said ” WE DO NOT HAVE THAT EMAIL ON RECORD” Wait a minute …you’ve just emailed me… and now your telling me you don’t recognze that email address??? I ASK YOU…IS THAT LEGAL??” Someone needs to monitor this practice.

  8. I NEVER ordered this crap, yet I am being billed!! Impossible to get a hold of customer service… SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I finally just found this site and talked to someone named Jeri. I, too, kept entering the contest which meant I was ordering a magazine too. Jeri was very sarcastic and pretty much said I and everyone else who enters the contest, is not bothering to read the entire site.

    I also, don’t like that you can’t find a phone number to call them. Very bad customer service. I, too, will never order again from these people.

    I just called “Jeri” back and told her I went back to my email from House Beautiful and found not one word at the top OR bottom of the site where you submit your name for the contest…..that says you are also subscribing to a subscription. Again she was very sarcastic and I told her I didn’t appreciate it at all.

  10. I finally just found this site and talked to someone named Jeri. I, too, kept entering the contest which meant I was ordering a magazine too. Jeri was very sarcastic and pretty much said I and everyone else who enters the contest, is not bothering to read the entire site.

    I also, don’t like that you can’t find a phone number to call them. Very bad customer service. I, too, will never order again from these people.

  11. I could not find a number on the website or at least it was well hidden. I got an email from House Beautiful thanking me for my subscription request. I never ordered one. I emailed, called a corporate office exec to leave a voice mail and sent letters. I never got a call, letter or email response. Thank you for this number as I was finally able to cancel the subscription. I found out that I didn’t notice that a contest I entered had a subscription to House Beautiful attached to it. I just got a demand for payment and was able to cancel it with Randi directly from customer service. She was nice about it, but the company is sorely lacking in responding to customer requests through other means of contact. This has been going on since November and it is nearly February now.

  12. I had no trouble calling the telephone number of Hearst Magazines and talking to a representative. She answered my question about my subscription to a friend. I have been satisfied with this magazine for years.

  13. Am incredibly frustrated with the difficulty of attempting to contact you re: my subscription issue. Have not received ANY HB issues since July and your online “customer service” (that’s a joke) doesn’t make it possible for me to report this. They offered two back issues and then told me none were available and offered to extend my service by 2 months. I have lost 5 months of issues so this is not acceptable.

    Does anyone at HB read these comments or care? As others have mentioned I am a long-time customer and love the magazine but am frustrated and disgusted by the incredibly poor service for customers.


  14. DITTO DITTO DITTO to all the above comments!!! If the Hearst Corporation continues to use this unprofessional method of maintaining their circulation, it will only increase more irate cancellations!Roni

  15. I ordered House Beautiful through Publishers Clearing House (I haven’t ordered magazines in years). PCH sent me the invoice, I paid it and now House Beautiful continues to send me invoices for the $15 annual subscription I ordered and paid for through PCH!! I have emailed customer service (no response) I sent them all of the evidence of my payment on November 7, 2011 (including the bank statement) and I received yet another ‘payment due’ via email on December 2, 2011! There are NO phone numbers to call; I clicked the CS email link today and got an “oops experiencing difficulty” but when I hit the ‘payment’ butter, voila–THAT works just fine! Coincidence? This time, I’m writing yet ANOTHER letter to House Beautiful and I’m sending it ‘certified’. All this for a $15 magazine that House Beautiful offers through PCH! House Beautiful needs to run down their payment with PCH. What a way to make thousands or millions of additional dollars from people who may not be paying attention! I will NEVER order anything through PCH OR House Beautiful ever again.

    Nancy / December 5, 2011

  16. I have to say, it was so hard, next to impossible to find customer service phone number. I did and the customer

    service person was wonderful and helpful and I took care of two subscriptions on the phone. It was very

    confusing as I was getting different subscription rates in the mail. It was all done, very easy. House Beautiful

    used to have the phone number listed for customer service in the magazine and I think they should put it in again.

    I think many of the negative comments would stop. The number I used was 1-800-888-2665 and told recording

    the magazine I wanting to discuss. They started asking for acct number and I just said customer service and they

    were immediately on the phone.

  17. House beautiful magazine. I paid my subscription back in January of this year, 2016. I then received another offer for $7.97 for a year subscription when I paid $19.97 for two years subscription I had asked for a credit to my account but instead I am receiving a letter stating they are canceling my subscription for nonpayment. I sent in a letter with a copy of the canceled check. I too would like my subscription canceled if this cannot be resolved as I will not be paying twice for a subscription that the customer service cannot even match up to a check but I even sent the copy of.

  18. I just got off the phone with a very nice agent named Anna the number is 1-800-888-2665 . I told her I had sent in my letter of cancellation back couple mths. ago and I was still getting magazines and I will not pay for them . She said it did not show that I had canceld!!! Anna canceled me right away and gave me a cancelation for conformation . Please called the number I gave you they were very pleasant .


  19. I am trying to find out the runners up of the Name This Color contest for November 2015. We

    are told to go to a website…..I can’t find the winner nor the runners up Can you please direct

    me on how to find this information. Thank you so very much.

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