Huawei is a leading telecom solutions provider base in China.
Huawei Corporate Headquarters, U.S.A Address:
1700 Alma Drive, Suite 100 Plano, TX 75075 USA
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
Bantian, Longgang District
Shenzhen 518129, P.R.China
Tel : 0086-755-28780808

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  2. We have recently purchased two HUAWEI 8800. Very satisfied.

    We need to know >> will our 8800 be completely Handfree compatible

    including Voice Dialing with the Jabra Freeway Speaker Phone ?

    Our gratitude .. Casper n Jenny

  3. I like my Huawei U8100 but the problem is that it is unable to start wifi.

    when i click to turn it on it gives an error “Unable to Start Wifi”

    Please tell me the solution….


    the customer

  4. i have tke huawei u7519 it is the worst phone ever this phone keep telling me that no sim card is found i only had it 2weeks what do i suppose to do HELP PLEASE

  5. i need some help here,. i have a problem with my modem

    when i want to start connection to internet there is a sentence that I do not understand.

    the sentence is

    “the software activation has made ‘224’ unsuccessful attempts over ‘wwan’ bearer type.

    the software will be block for ‘wwan’ connection after ‘776’ more failed attempts.

    contact your system administrator for more information”

    i need the answer as soon as possible

  6. ihave ascend2 m865, and it completely died wont take a charge it wont fore up without battery, please help.where can i take it in to get it replaced.

  7. Huawei Ascend M860. Absolute piece of junk. Phone is slow, screen freezes constantly and, shuts off and on a few times every day. Is there anything that can be done, or am I screwed? Cannot wait to get rid of this frustrating poor excuse for a phone. Going to buy a real phone from a legitimate company, like Samsung, or LG.

    Had this thing less than a year.

    Huawei, you truly without a doubt suck. Pathetic!

  8. please help is there something i can disconnet. when I diconnect from a call my phone will immediately call that number back with out me prompting the phone to do so. The phone I have is an insurance replacement although that is the reason i took back the first phone. My daughter has the same phone and her phone doesnot call people back so i am hoping it is just something I have to diable. my phone is huawei m865 I have cricket service thank you

  9. sir ma huawei wollon ne hafiz center lahore display center lagya hua hai ma na waha se poocha huawei ka 4g lte kon sa set low price ma hai. unhoon ne kaha k huawei y6 pro hai 4g lte ma na wahan shop se purchase kia aur muje huawei waloon ne 16 gb memory card b gift dia jb ma ghar aya warid ke help line pr call ke unhoon ne bataya ye 4g sported nahi hai 3g hai. box k ooper b 4g lte likha hua hai. 4g supported nahi hai to phir likha q hua hai.

    mai company k khilaf case karoon ga ye frad kar rahi hai.

  10. Company rating of one star because at least my G7300 worked until the warranty expired! Worst company to deal with – contact via the web page contact coupon is not replied to unless you keep hammering, and then they don’t reply to your problem – they go off on an entirely different subject. Somebody there in customer service needs to be fluent in English. Does anybody have an email address for complaints? Can’t find any info for contacting other than a useless telephone number. I have promised to drive a 6″ builders nail through the screen of the G7300 and mount it on the wall of my business with a sign saying “Ask me about Huawei quality products” and their reply was “thank you for choosing Huawei product”. Something desperately wrong with their understanding of my problem. PURCHASE ANY HUAWEI PRODUCT AT YOUR PERIL.

  11. I cannot open any internate explorer i tried goole,googlecrome, evreybody saing i require upgrading . i am not

    so much computer savy. please do needful

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