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  1. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but I woke up yesterday to find that I had been banned from HuffPost. Of course, I emailed them to ask why, and of course, I’ll get an electronic response telling me they’re looking into it but that will be it.

    I said nothing insulting, nothing threatening, nothing…nothing!

    It’s so insulting! And wrong! And now I just hate em and want to find a better place to read and respond to news. Anyone with any suggestions?

  2. Well said, lots like you and i have commented true facts but they dont count, we live in a “Nice dictatorship” where you can say what you want as long as it agrees with the people running this country, and no!! its not any of the 3 stooges, the Royal Shakesperian commons is where all the Drama is, thespians each and every one, the house of lords(sleepers corner) is where the thespians take themselves when there jaw aches to much with telling porkies to the general public, i have been banned many times for telling the truth, once you silence that you will start slowly to build up hatred towards all politicians of every party, people are now wising up to the real people who gag us and stop our right to free speech, they now realise that these so called leaders follow orders themselves, 58,000 men died in one day!!! at the battle of the Somme in WW1, lions led by donkeys, the offspring of the donkeys are still here and up and running, have a nice day

  3. To those who have been banned from the Huffo Post as i have, the secret of not being banned is to keep your comments short, which i didnt, the computer picks you up on certain words like sweJ (mirror)to name the most important one, these people own everything worth owning especially the media, all of it in the western world, they backed pinocchio Blair in the lies about chemical weapons, and were the masterminds behind the mass immigration of between 15 to 20 million immigrants, plus 1 million illegals on the run (treble that its a government figure)in the name of multiculturaism, (Cheap labour) the unemployment figure is 2.5 million, lets say 1 million immigrants are working, (Many cant for 3 years), i would then say the invisible millions of immigrants would make that figure 12.5 million, and that is only a conservative figure, if we believed the Government they would say the ones not working live on fresh air, have pockets full of money and sleep on air beds, just floating about until everything gets better, millions of long term whites fought for the freedom that we are being stripped of, have a nice day.

  4. Report the REAL, IMPORTANT news not a drunk son — the REAL question is WHEN are you going to report important new AND facts? If you choose to continue reporting the crap mistakes news — then please report on your Demo friends sins & mistakes

  5. Even with a Facebook acc’t I am still unable to sign on. What really irks me is that I have always used my ” real” name when posting and never hid behind a nom de plume. This affiliation with Facebook is yet another attempt to reap profits from HPs readership and has little do with their claim of wanting ” civil discourse”

    I have written HP a dozen times telling of my inability to sign on and their response is the perfunctory reply that is erroneous. They seemingly could care less whether or not you can post to the site. This having to use Facebook tells me all I need to know about HPs need for greed and what once was an independent place to post your opinion has been swallowed up but yet another corporate giant trying to turn a profit. Shame on Arianna for duping her readership at the expense of free exchanges of ideas and opinions. The almighty dollar wins yet again.

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