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  1. I have received no messages from Huffington Post about deleting my email In fact I got an email today.

    However I have been unable to Reply to any comments for three days?

    When I try to send a comment, my screen goes dark, not black. When I click elsewhere, it returns to normal.

    If you are banning me from commenting, please let me know, and the reason.

  2. Remove Huffington Post from my computer. It is communist and anti-christian in nature. Failure to do this will result in a national law suite.

  3. Huffington Post is a biased website and is self serving. It is communist in nature and is certainly anti-USA in its’ falsification of news events.

  4. I registered on HP, received a confirming email. I attempted tp log on and received a ” your account has been deleted” response

  5. I too have been permanently deleted without cause or explanation. It would be nice if someone answered my request for tech follow up. I tried sending another today and for some strange reason it wanted me to verify the two words in Chinese characters. How can I do that being on an English keyboard. I am an avid hp reader but may. Ot be if my ability to give opinions and share articles on FB is not supported.

  6. I just received notice that my email address was “permanently deleted by Huffington Post”. I have no idea why, but that is just bizarre. Wow. As a First Amendment scholar who cares deeply about this country, with very strong credentials, for this so-called politically aware so-called organization to be such a filtering voice, gross. It is disgusting. The really weird thing is, I really don’t have any disagreement with the things they put up, and no idea why. The remedy should be more speech, not less. How disrespectful and how odd. Re: the above comments, I just have to say, no, it is not your content, it is some strange agenda that is being propagated by some sort of want-to-be quasi-fascist regime. A one-way street that purports to be a voice. It is truly horrid. I have Secret Clearance and a law degree. Watch out, things are going to get rough in this country, that’s all I can say.

  7. Why does HP never respondd? I sent a letter twice in the last 2 weeks to HP chief Editor Ariana Huffington-thru different e-mail addresses yet no response. How is it that the Chief Editor does not have an e-mail address? I am a writer specialized in the ME and wish to write for the HP a one or two articles/week but have no way to contact the Chief Editor or thr editorial board!!!

    Pls provide an e-mail address so I can send my letter directly.

  8. I have never posted a comment on a Huffington Post article but for some reason my email has been permanently deleted. Thanks! I’ll go find my news elsewhere.

  9. I am a Catholic and the fashing of Catholic on HP was sick I the Catholic Church as well as the Pope/ allowed poster to call the Pope Hitler a Nazi a pediphile, hINDING LITTL BOYS UNDER HIS CLOTHES. A few poster who were Jewish posted about Our Pope have little boys for breakfast. Catholics were referred to by Jewsish posters as Devil druggies etc. HP allowed this. I in 3 weeks had 129 fans and friends after the insults and bashing on ongoing cyberstalking by 3 posters of HP to me. Sick of them saying Jesus is a myth joke eyc all i posted was your Mom is in a bar only upset. The Catholic Bashers the Jewsih people were mpt deleted just me. This is unfair and no phone numner to call also as soon as I posted a list of Jewish Rabbi’s Sodomey on little kids raper etc I am deleted. HP I fell was unfair to me and to you on this board who are banned. Why can Jewsih people bash insult slander the Pope and My Catholic Church HP is ok, A comnet about your Mom in a bar after weeks of Catholic Bashing it appears like a dictatorship my opinion and I thought HP was fair to Catholic and Jews I guess not

  10. I have been unable to post on HuffPo/AOL for 3 days. “Undefined” comes up where text should be when I post a comment. My profile is still in existence, however. I did go on a rant. Should I abandon efforts to reinstate my posting capabilities?

  11. I have been deleted from Huffington post. I have never posted anything that could be regarded as offensive. I assume some hacker was using my email address.

  12. I have been permanetly deleted from the huffington post and I feel like I was reliving a time and place in Hitlers Germany. I am a retired Police Officer and a veteran with two honorable discharges. If I don’t qualify to exercise my political views than who does. It’s a hurtful thing to be targeted and don’t know why. I am a staunch supporter of President Obama and the First Family. I am a democrate and I am active in my church and community. So what is the real reason for being discriminated against. It was enough to endure it as an African American, but to endure it as a citizen of these United States and have my freedom of expression just taken away without notice or cause is unconscienable and un American.

  13. You comments have called trump a lyer you are the lyer for protecting who is a continual lyer murderer in the middle east would destroy any nation to get a one world government where our civil and religious freedoms are gone. Right now we don’t have a free or truthful and we are going to suffer greatly. When trump said he would not make a first nuclear strike she did not open her mouth. She has made a mess in the middle east supporting is sis with weapons and laughing when gadoffi got killed she is pure evil and trump is far more safe in leadership

  14. I just recently read an article about women’s sexual anatomy. I found it to be quite disturbing.

    Included with it were illustrations of several “vulva’s”. Some of them with tampon strings hanging out of them. Others dripping blood! Are you serious right now? I know it’s a natural thing, but it does not have to be illustrated for all to see. Masturbation is considered normal as well. Do you wanna see that as well?


  15. Dear Sir/Madam,

    ‘ … for their behaviour outside London’, please, not ‘outside of’, a cacophonous German Americanism.

    Also, in the past we have noticed some spelling errors: ‘cancelLed’ with two ‘ls’, please.

    There is already far too much de-education in the UK.

    Yours faithfully,

    Stephen Nicholls

  16. I too have been banned from making comments. There is a screening process to allow for the posting of comments. You Facebook page must be verified and it goes on and on in circles.

  17. something has happened to the Huffpost webpage. I used to spend at least an hour on the site, now it’s about 20 minutes. Words are garbled together and it is not clearly laid out like it used to be. I really don’t know why they switched. Or is it my getting older computer. I don’t know but I am not enjoying Huffpo anymore.

    Also, when I like a story and want to send it via email it won’t send. What gives with all these changes. I do not know where to put these issues. Nowhere on the site is there a place for technical issues. Huffpost is my favorite news site, or was.

  18. They say they are transparent lol This is such a bogus media device. I refuse to call them journalists because they are the furthest thing from it. I am not sure why they are so pro-Muslim because I can tell you right now not a single one of the women that write on HP or even the CEO would make it 5 minutes in a Muslim country. They will all regret their choices one day because the Muslims hate all of us. They are the sickest bunch of nuts I have ever seen. Scary that they have allowed this. They banned me because I have a different opinion then their leftist loving propaganda. Why do they even have a media site? Why not change their name to Leftist Post? It would be more fitting

  19. Notified that I was “Banned” from HP. Never told “WHY”, and “NO WARNING” etc.! First, I thought it was because I did not have a Facebook connection but remedied that and was apparently allowed back on HP for a short time and do not remember any further comments. Well, received notification again with same results. Have enjoyed my previous time on HP, and if gave as good as received in defending my political side. I am sorry if I offended the HP in any way! However, would have appreciated an explanation as to “WHY” you refused my further participation, that all! Thank you for allowing me to experience the HP, and again sorry for any offence I may have caused your publication.

  20. It says “read more” at bottom of screen. But, does nothing when I click on it. I never get to see the end of the story. How come?

  21. …just have to say that perhaps the commentators would have better luck with their reviews if they could spell correctly. As it is, one must translate their ravings. Would like to have the problem with Frozen Screen, from which only their material suffers, attended to.



    New York, NY – I, Daniel Barani hereby institute a legal action against Mr. John Fiore, Joseph Tremenia, Rick Borgia, Michael Franzoni & ors., employees of FBI, CIA, DOD and DHS for the violation of my civil liberties right. For the past eleven years, I have suffered the effects of physical torture and abuse unjustly meted out to me by the named security agents. As a matter of fact, I was falsely accused of being a terrorist and wrongfully detained because I am Kurdish. Indeed, I was arbitrarily tortured, surreptitiously searched, physically beaten and incarcerated in a maximum security without any due process or justifiable warrant. However, I was never charged with any offence and when I instituted a legal action against the perpetrators of this capricious act meted out to me, my case was denied and dismissed as a matter of so-called “national security.”

    To this day, I have been constantly threatened not to speak out but I refused to be gagged. The extent of damage done to me mentally, physically, emotionally and psychologically has continued to lead my life on a downward spiral of instability. The world need to hear and know the truth as I seek justice concerning this matter because it happened to me, . . . who knows how many people out there like me suffering innocently and being silenced with gag-orders in violation of their constitutional rights. As I speak to you right now, my phone is being bugged and my house kept under 24-hour surveillance in order to supress me from revealing the truth. Even while I was incarcerated, my foods and drinks were surreptitiously laced with a prohibited drug known as lysergic acid diethylamide (CIA CODE NAME: LSD- MK-ULTRA) which the perpetrators used for mind control experiments and manipulations towards their targets (like me) who are profiled as terrorists. As such, I am being monitored and kept under surveillance 24/7 through the micro chip that was illegally implanted in my left hand by the named agents.

    As a result, my health has been degenerating as I continue to suffer multiple forms of harassments, threats and oppression from the named agents insisting that they will destroy my life in order to hide the truth. Without mixing words, I hereby call and seek for the unwavering support of the Press, Human rights organizations especially the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and all citizens of good will to expose the despicable and illegal acts of these public officials to the whole world. I am a living victim – All I want is for these culprits to be brought to Justice! I have already briefed my Attorney and he will be releasing the court summons soon.

    . Please review my press release for further detail:

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