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  1. Join the crowd…….I don’t have a facebook account to verify my Huff.Post account.!

    emailed them over 6 times no response..They suck big time..

  2. Huffington now requires those that want to post to identify themselves as a real person by requiring confirmation to each persons Facebook page

    The reason given for this it keep posts civil.

    Huffington allows posters to click a box to report posts and also has site monitors. Compilation of unacceptable posts by every poster is possible……..then set thresholds…..and take action.

    And what about those that do not have a Facebook page.

    I am seeing the possibility of posts to Huffington appearing on Facebook…….

  3. 12-11-13 tried to comment on an article in HP this morning and was sent to a Facebook page to “verify your account”. I have NEVER had a Facebook account and the name that comes up associated with my screen name is foreign (I am in the US) and I noticed that my “likes” have dropped over 50! Who knows what this person is posting under my screen name?

    Have not been able – until now – to find a site or phone number for HP and I will call the number this morning.

    Why should anyone HAVE TO HAVE a Facebook account for HP? Unless HP is making it easier for the NSA, the FBI and other governmental agencies to see what we are posting? And now someone else is using my screen name – but without the two capital letters!!!!!!!

  4. I’ve also emailed HP several times & they never respond. As of today, you can’t post any comments unless you have a facebook account to link it to. I don’t have facebook & don’t want one. They’re cutting people off when they already have your information.

  5. I’ve been totally cut off from any posting for over a week. The “Submit” tab is not highlighted at all. I’ve emailed HP 8 times and still have no response. I’m extremely angry that there’s no response. I’m emailing them daily.

  6. Like all the media here and abroad it is run by Jews, thats why you get banned, they run the Western World not the 3 wise men, they along with the labour party in this country from 1997 under Pinochio Blair polluted this country with immigrants from every country in the world in the cause of multiculturaism,(Cheap labour). the real reason is to wreck the wage structure of this country and have the long term white British whose ancestors worked hard and died in 2 world wars for what is being stripped off us now by mass immigration of millions of people on Benefits, (most can not work for 3 years)and there was no jobs in 1997 never mind now, the real unemployed figure is 15 million, (and thats a conservative figure), what does it cost per week to keep that amount of people, times that by 52 not forgetting this has been going on for 15 years, AOL bought the Huffo Post for 315 Million, both are in Jewish hands, i used to wonder why?? about nasty things that happened many years ago, i have stopped wondering now,

  7. A contact number where I can rech both Arianna Huffington and Marlene Moses would be greatly appreciated because your website doesn’t cater for that and nobyd bothers to return my queries!?!

  8. why does it take forever to download? I have AOL and it freezez and then I just go to something else and pick it up later. The only news I get that does this.

    Or the mouse goes in circles- or I just don’t read.

    Can’t receive emails from aol for about a month-can’t get help to find out why. Can send 🙁


  10. Whatever possessed you to change your web format to this bulky juggernaut? You used to be fun to access. Now I’m bored before its even finished loading. It’s prettier, but so limiting. Also, why can’t people who don’t have email use this access to comment? Why would you need my address? Are you gonna send me a birthday card every year?

  11. Every time I try to down load something from you it takes forever and messes up my computer. Just sits and the cursor goes in circles. Why?-I don’t have that problem with others. I get you mostly on AOL.

    All this talk about children starving. Stop having babies. I know they get paid to have more and then the fat asses eat most of the food. look at them. Why does nobody ever say anything about all these unwed mothers having baby after baby. Get yourself fixed the way we do animals and ahould be more. Abortions. If you didn’t want those babies stop spreading your legs. I’m sorry nobody talks about this, but that is the solution. Poor kids, most are unwanted.

    Let’s see if this gets on. The media sucks. The only fair and balanced is FOX. The media needs to tell the truth–

  12. You said in your article today that, the petition regarding Adam Swartz prosicutor reached the 25,000 mark on feb 8 . You are wrong it had over 50,000 on that date. Don’t be Fox News ! How can you expect the White House to respond if you can’t even report the fact that there are more then twice that amount.

  13. What do you expect with a comment like that ? And actualy your WRONG . Because HUFF discriminate against EVERYONE . And also only show what THEY want you to see ! I’ve been A Victim of Online Abuse for MONTHS now and they have done F ALL about it . Many others suffer it too . HUFF needs CLOSING DOWN and NOW !


  15. F YOU WEBMASTER. You think for a second anyone believes that crap you call news?/

    Bunch of bought off aholes.

    You make this Country FD UP!

  16. I don’t know how you can call yourself a ‘news’ service. You are one of the LEAST objective media outlets (worse than Fox and MSNBC) I’ve come across. Opinions are fine – but they belong in the EDITORIAL pages, not strewn throughout all of your content and masquerading as ‘news.’ Don’t any of you know what a journalist is? He is not a lapdog of the left or the right but strives to be objective.

  17. Since I’ve never commented on the HuffPost, I’m guessing their online member (antispam?) policy is swatting-aside freemail addresses, or those without SMTP authentication. Reminds me of The Newsroom, s1e6 “Bullies” (from “Upset with the lack of quality and transparency in the Internet comments featured on the show, Will has Neal institute a system that will verify a commenter’s real identity”…

  18. I have had several post removed, and usually they are in reponse to someone insulting me, or threatening me because of my response. I addressed an issue about obesity, today, not directed at anyone, but, in relation to an earlier post by someone one a child’s mother being arrested for letting them play outside, and the comment being we need to do that because there is to much obesity..(this by the other person), the point being, are we in America or not. Not all comments are nice I agree, and frankly some of mine have been very to the point. But, I am beginning to think that the ability of some to remove comments has gone to far. Please look into this and I would like a response back. I am shocked and convinced more and more that we are definitely losing our right to free speech in America. And, please do not answer with the comment, it has to be what you want to here…that should not be the basis for this censorship…

  19. I am having the same problem as every one else with HuffPost. Censorship and a lack of freedom of speech seem to be HuffPost’s policies. I have never used foul language or made deroggitory remarks. HuffPost should be investigated. I strongly suggest that no one use it and don’t beleive what is posted on it. AOL should look into this problem as I will stop using AOL also.

  20. please spare me of he dozens and dozens of wedding pics and stories on news feed. It takes up all my personal mail,so sick of seeing these weddings of strangers,who cares about them,you must be paid big bucks to publish them,but people who don’t know them don’t give a hoot!!

  21. huffington post is racist. huffington post will allow white people to post all kinds of stuff about other races but just try responding back to a racist and wham you’re banned. Huffington post should be banned from and if not soon I am switching my home page to one other than aol so I won’t have to read one sided comments posted

  22. huff post hates anyone that isnt white why dont they answer there phone well for the same reason goerge bush doesnt come to gop rallys KKK and 9/11. the only person responsible for killing all of our americans for his own personal gain. Just step out side goerge we’ll take care of you . jerk

  23. What is wrong with this HP website? It takes forever to load and I can no longer post comments. I have contacted HP on several occasions to report these problems yet nothing has been done to correct them. I NEVER had these kind of problems when AOL provided their OWN news service. In my opinion AOL needs to resume providing their OWN news service again. Huffington Post SUCKS!!

  24. I have been permanantly banned too. Boooo Hooo, all because I was critical of the jihadist muslim dick-tator in chief. Bunch of fascissts! Only a matter of time before I unleash some more sock puppets from proxies!

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